Tommy Robinson, Bellwethers and Belmarsh

Below is Seneca III’s more detailed report on Tommy Robinson’s new digs in southeast London.

Tommy Robinson, Bellwethers and Belmarsh

by Seneca III

There can be little doubt that whether he lives or dies, the Star Chamber prosecution and persecution of Tommy Robinson should become the iconic bellwether to lead us all out of these dark days. Hopefully, as far as his immediate safety is concerned, his imprisonment in Belmarsh Prison will be the deciding factor, possibly working in his favour because Belmarsh is not a single prison but actually four prisons within one.

The main unit is in fact two circumscribed units, a category ‘A’ High Security prison with another Ultra High Security unit inside which houses the most dangerous prisoners (it used to be known as the Guantanamo of the UK). Both the main and High Security units have very strict routines, high level structural design and seriously well-trained staff to prevent prisoners escaping or attacking guards or other prisoners.

Outside of the main building but still within the outer perimeter are two separate units — the HMP Isis Young Offenders Institute and a local prison. The function of the latter case is to accept and process different categories of prisoners from primarily the Central Criminal Court and Magistrates’ Courts in South-East London.

As far as Tommy’s safety goes, everything will depend on which unit he is assigned to, and to which regime. As he will be serving a sentence of circa ten weeks, it is unlikely that he will be moved to another prison within that time frame, and may spend it all in the internal local prison or within the security of the main unit.

Further on the upside, everybody is watching. Lord Pearson has written to the government demanding they explain what provisions are being made for TR’s safety. No doubt this will come out fairly soon, because the Government is desperate to keep a lid on the growing protests and corrosive anger of a significant percentage of the now-defenestrated long-heritage indigenous demographic.

There is also much to be read into the sentence itself and how and why it was determined by the judges — unsurprisingly it turned out to be a desperate compromise on the part of the Government and the Judiciary in order to try and dig themselves out of a hole of their own making. At the end of the day, whilst it satisfied nobody on either side of the ideological divide, sending him to Belmarsh may just have saved TR’s life by keeping him out of other loosely-controlled and poorly-managed lower-category institutions such as the one that nearly got him killed last time before his successful appeal released him to safety whilst awaiting his retrial.

All that said and done, this whole debacle has exposed the root cause of the situation we and TR find ourselves in, that cause being the unfettered immigration of barbarians, primitives and inherently backward criminal cultures and all the destructive ramifications thereof.

Thus, the long-term civil and moral breakdown we are continuing to experience and the consequent loss of social cohesion and public safety have become the defining issues of our time. Their tendrils are entangling and defining the political and ethnic future of many democracies around the world, not just in the UK.

Until the problem of ‘immigration’, both legal and illegal — or invasion, if you will — is resolved one way or the other, there will be neither peace nor a beneficial restructuring along traditional and secure homogenous ethno-tribal lines, which together will in turn bring about a return to strong, patriotic, democratic governance and the ancient rule of One Law For All.

Seneca III — in Middle England as the Four Horsemen approach on this twelfth day of July, 2019.

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32 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson, Bellwethers and Belmarsh

  1. For years I followed the British Royal Family and their traditions but suddenly they make me sick. They are like gaudy frosting on a manure cake that is UK 2019. And as they play that role, they are COMPLICIT in the destruction of their own nation.

    • Indeed, a very realistic picture.

      She is Ninety years old. I am sure she has read the history of the Pirate’s age of conquests and endless invades. Has SHE not learned any lessons from history: namely invaders will never stop until they subjugate their dhimmi subjects after decimating most of them.

      Lesson: It was very difficult for Scots, Irish, Welsh, English — to live side by side. Why would it be a diversity utopia living with invaders?

      • The Queen is a mouthpeice. She has no real power and is told what to say and think. Once the Multiculturalists are confident in their power, they will destroy the Monarchy. This was always their end game.

        If Corbyn gets in then the process will go into top gear and all private property nationalised to house the replacement population. I know this from my student days and a one time member of the Labour Party.

        • Taking from others to give to themselves, a fine English tradition that dates back to Elizabeth’s knighting of Francis Drake who was nothing more than a freebooter who preyed on the vessels that sailed the Spanish Main, not to mention taking Ireland, Wales, Scotland and even attempting to take America from those who had risked their lives in settling the lands and making them fit to live on. Now they use a foreign people as a cudgel to beat their own into submission as there is nothing else left to take. Same old, same old.

          • Now they use a foreign people as a cudgel to beat their own into submission as there is nothing else left to take.

            There’s one last thing for the British aristocracy to take … the bloody shaft!

      • Well said!

        Given that the U.K. is already four countries, what earthly need can there be for MORE diversity?

        • Given that the U.K. is already four countries, what earthly need can there be for MORE diversity?

          Any limp-wristed, hairdressing teapot could answer your question.

          “To color over Britain’s White heirs, of course.”

          • The answers of idiots are what got us here.

            They might tell us that limp wristed hair dressing teapots are just as good as anyone else. Indeed,they might be better than Theresa May whose promised departure cannot be soon enough.

    • I’m coming to the same conclusion.

      You know what I think the Queen should do?
      Issue a pardon to Tommy, on her own initiative, then abdicate.

      That would make the point, wouldn’t it.

    • “For years I followed the British Royal Family and their traditions but suddenly they make me sick. They are like gaudy frosting on a manure cake that is UK 2019. And as they play that role, they are COMPLICIT in the destruction of their own nation.”

      Ain’t that the truth!!!

      • EU pols are, literally, cocks on the dunghill. If roosters could virtue signal, they wouldn’t preen half as much.

    • “Gaudy frosting on a manure cake”, very, very accurate and well versed. and I agree these Buckingham palace types are watching the destruction of their own nation.

      That’s something I didn’t think kings and queens or even princes stood by as it happened before their eyes. What good are they if all they do is celebrate birthdays, weddings, blah blah?

  2. Seneca III

    Whenever I see your essays I jump to read them. As always I find facts. Although no

    consolation because “democracies” — which are worse than dictatorships– are based

    on hourly lies, and adopt islam diktats. Everything in so-called democracies ( banks,

    laws, policies. . . . etc) are geared towards protecting muslims and islam, promoting it

    and enable it to control dhimmis. Without scruples or hesitation.

    Tommy’s imprisonment, on trumped up charges, and the dangers he faces, are all

    done as per invaders’ heart desires. “Hey muslims, look what we are doing to your

    enemies and the country’s patriotic friends. They want to prevent you from

    establishing the caliphate. We side with you against us. You see we are not stupid”

    Now All Europe is Israel, under siege, surrounded by enemies. Deadly enemies.”

    Instead of learning something from Israel, the Traitors condemn it for defending itself.

  3. This isn’t the absolutely perfect place for this comment, but the time has come to point to Orwell once more. Not 1984, but an essay, _England Your England_, written during the war.

    Here’s a link:

    And here’s the part that is relevant:

    “Here one comes upon an all-important English trait: the respect for constitutionalism and legality, the belief in ‘the law’ as something above the State and above the individual, something which is cruel and stupid, of course, but at any rate incorruptible.

    It is not that anyone imagines the law to be just. Everyone knows that there is one law for the rich and another for the poor. But no one accepts the implications of this, everyone takes it for granted that the law, such as it is, will be respected, and feels a sense of outrage when it is not. Remarks like ‘They can’t run me in; I haven’t done anything wrong’, or ‘They can’t do that; it’s against the law’, are part of the atmosphere of England. The professed enemies of society have this feeling as strongly as anyone else. One sees it in prison-books like Wilfred Macartney’s Walls Have Mouths or Jim Phelan’s Jail Journey, in the solemn idiocies that take place at the trials of conscientious objectors, in letters to the papers from eminent Marxist professors, pointing out that this or that is a ‘miscarriage of British justice’. Everyone believes in his heart that the law can be, ought to be, and, on the whole, will be impartially administered. The totalitarian idea that there is no such thing as law, there is only power, has never taken root. Even the intelligentsia have only accepted it in theory.”

    That is clearly no longer the case.

    England is another place where “To my friends, everything; to my enemies, the law.” very much applies. It’s just a question of degree. A bit better than Russia, worse than Canada, but those are details to the bigger picture that the rule of law no longer applies in England.

    • I can’t ignore one crucial fact that seems to counter that. The child grooming and sex trafficking that went on was known about by the elites (cops, judges, politicians) for more than 10 years, with nothing being done. It was just taken for granted that this behavior by any non-Muslim group would be hit hard, but when done by Muslims simply could not be addressed, period. The girls were all working class, and that’s part of it — it seems that such girls were considered garbage, and nothing need be done. The law has lost half or more of its credibility. It’s horrifically classify, and it gives very special treatment to Islam. I can’t get past these 2 things re the law in Britain now: it grovels before Islam, and it’s brutally classist. How many tens of thousands of girls had their lives destroyed b/c of British elite cowardice and depravity. Britain deserves to suffer for its betrayal of the most vulnerable. Sniper attacks on hundreds of judges and senior cops would not be surprising, frankly.

      • The child grooming and sex trafficking that went on was known about by the elites (cops, judges, politicians) for more than 10 years, with nothing being done.

        Few realize the enormity of Epstein’s reach.

        Oh! Was this about Islam?

        • “Was this about Islam”. Islam being just another tool from the globalist box – albeit that “no stronger retrograde force exists in the world” – Churchill. And 1400 years has achieved no impediment to that.

          Western officials, with specialist advisors and knowledge, have always been apprised of the Islamic disposition and ambition. And have deliberately kept the knowledge under wraps, with govts continuing the lie – even amidst the repeated Tommy furores.

          Labour PM Blair in the ’90s was told clearly by his specialist advisor that admitting mass Islamic migrants to the UK was “folly of the highest order”. The ideologues, including Blair’s wing man, Communications Director, Alastair Campbell – the marxist driver- pushed for the makeover of this sceptred isle. And Barbara Roche, immigration minister from 1999/01, who preferred the term “asylum seekers”, because “immigration is an emotive issue’.
          Over 2,000,000 such arrived during Blair’s decade.
          Not that the subsequent Tories disappointed, with Mrs May’s huge free flowing admissions whilst Home Secretary and PM.

          No – it certainly wasn’t all “about Islam”. But the dangers have made it so, for the forseeable.
          Those actions have proven horrible consequences – and govt officials need to be held personally accountable for their actions.

          • … govt officials need to be held personally accountable for their actions.

            And, most assuredly, they will be.

            Still, the question remains whether Westerners will wake up in time to where executions of the Quislings will contribute to any meaningful change.

            Admittedly, just clearing the chessboard is close enough, but there are too many ways in which that strategy counterproductively converges with those of the Left.

            The key is somehow having their guest termites directed straight into the ultra-wealthy enclaves. Perhaps forcing all political elites to hire domestic help as a percentage of the immigrants they vote to admit might dampen their enthusiasm.

            A central problem being that by the time these imported, Africanized killer Bs (i.e., Beta cultures) have taken down all of the Conservative pillars, it does no good to have a collapsing society finally crush the termite nest’s royal chamber. At that point, totally eradicating the EU’s self-appointed aristocracy will be of no use.

  4. The lower classes are not supposed to speak out, their channel of communications should be through acceptable filter of the ‘Labour’ party. The parlimentary Labour party is mainly comprised of middle class, privately educated politically religious zealots. It has never really represented ‘labour’ and was never really the mouthpiece of the so called ‘working classes’ (the blue collar workers). It was hijacked very early on in its history by Fabians (crypto communists).

    So TR spoke out of turn, his message struck chords of fear which rippled through the estblishment; citizen journalists are supposed stay at the fringes, well inside of the lines drawn for them by their betters, and certainly they are not allowed to commit political-religious ‘blasphemies’ such as exposing the threat that Islam poses to the working class community in the UK.

    Democracy has become tyranny in the West because the media, particularly TV, has been allowed to become the controlling influence, TR bucked the system and exposed the malignancy of the UK mass media – so he had to go – at any cost, and the British judiciary has now shown that they are once more the puppets of the elite. The law is a tool once again, it used to be the tool of the aristocracy, but this time it is the tool of the political elites, avidly aiding them in their quest for their new tyranny, and the consequent droits du seigneur that that tyranny brings them.

    • That seems to just about describe that vile place.

      I’ll bet that you have no regrets having left it.

      I daresay that long-term, you’re safer in Sderot than in the UK.
      At least in Sderot, you won’t get done for what you say!

      • If I wrote in Hebrew it would be noticed, as it is, my writing might be read by just a handful of people in Israel, and nobody who really matters!

  5. For a real hero(ine) of the fight against Muslim child abusers, read the story of Maggie Oliver, who fought against senior police officers who were terrified of being considered racist:

    Tommy Robinson is no hero. There is no point in confronting alleged abusers during their criminal trial. British law insists that, after a suspect is charged, the only things that can be reported about him are the proceedings in court. The reason is the fear that media reports may influence the jury. When there are multiple trials with defendants in common, sometimes the proceedings of the first trial cannot be reported at all until all the trials have finished.

    This is not a matter of being soft on the defendants, but making sure they get a fair trial. At least one convicted child abuser has appealed against his conviction on these grounds, because of Robinson’s media activity.

    I realise that the USA is much more relaxed about reporting during criminal trials, and I would not like to say that one country is right and the other is wrong. The point is that Robinson is not being “victimised” for his “journalism”, but because he has deliberately and pointlessly broken the law on the reporting of criminal trials – and he understands perfectly well what the law is, because he’s got previous convictions for the same activity!

    If he wants to do something useful, he should publicise criminal activities that the police have chosen to overlook.

    • Looks like he basically got done for reading from the BBC web site, already a public source.

      You might want to check the details before you comment.

      While not agreeing with their law, it’s worth noting that he made every effort to abide by it, such as it is. And got done anyway.

      That’s the real story: there’s no rule of law in the UK.

    • And you really believe there would even be trials of these monsters without Tommy Robinson speaking out? His revealing this to the uninformed British people is what got any of them on trial in the first place. Without TR you would have still been pleading with police to help – to no avail. Your politicians failed you, your police failed you, your city councils failed you, your friends and family were powerless to help you. Only TR has spoken up for you, selflessly and courageously. You don’t deserve it, [ad hominem redacted]. You are [ad hominem redacted]? Surely otherwise you would have read by now that this trial had CONCLUDED. He was asking these creeps how they felt about the VERDICT. In other words, trial DONE. These criminals were convicted and sentenced. They were tried because TR brought attention to the issue. You didn’t. Your family didn’t. No one did. Except TR. Others have since blandly acknowledged that lower-class girls had experienced grooming gangs. Even the term “grooming gang” is a cover up for what was going on. You [ad hominem redacted]. Quit piling on this man. He has done more than anyone to help YOU.

      • Sometimes reporting restrictions remain in place because related trials are still in progress.

        TR had nothing to do with exposing the Muslim paedo gangs. Any fool can say “me too” years after the battles were won by other people (such as the journalist Andrew Norfolk).

        Perhaps when he comes out of prison TR could publicise crimes where the suspects have not already been charged by the authorities – but that would require intelligence, organisation, and painstaking work – and these are not really TR’s strengths.

        • Jim, The question should be asked, what would you do if that happened to your daughter, wife, cousin or mother? Sit there and criticize? Or would you actually get off your duffer and actually do something about it?

  6. It was TR in his role as leader of EDL who first forced the British authorities to admit that there was a problem with Pakistani grooming gangs, he and others exposed the Rotherham situation as it was….

    He has never been forgiven for that, and those public servants who were responsible for the reprehensible decisions are still in place and drawing salaries, it is they who should be on trial and in prison.

  7. I have read GofV for a while now but this is my first comment. I just listened to an interview of Leon Wolf on the Steve Deace show. The subject was Tommy. (There is also an article by Leon Wolf on the Blaze website.) Wolf says that TR was claiming responsibility for exposing the grooming gang involved in the trial. If not for his reporting work, none of the perps would have been brought to justice. Whether deliberate or not, he is completely misrepresenting the situation. Also, I get the impression that he has no idea about the decades-long cover-ups of the grooming gangs.

    Mr. Wolf’s email can be found at the Blaze. A podcast of the interview is available for free (interview date July 16). I do not think Steve Deace has really delved into the TR issue and he will probably accept Wolf’s analysis (especially given that he is an editor at the Blaze). Ironically, the intervew was on a segment dedicated to whether or not an issue is fake news.

    I am concerned about this misrepresentation because there are very few voices in the conservative political media that deal with the issues we read about here. People will accept Leon Wolf’s analysis at face value without knowing the full story. And in the future, anything they hear about the UK will be dismissed.

    Wolf has every right to disagree with TR’s tactics, or be turned off by some of his previous behavior, but the problems in the UK still exist. He seems to be completely ignorant of what has actually been happening in the UK!

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