Tommy Robinson Appeals to President Trump for Political Asylum

In the following segment with Alex Jones on InfoWars, Tommy Robinson appeals for asylum in the USA. If he fails to be granted it, he will be sent to prison later this week, where he will almost certainly be killed by Muslim inmates.

There are three or four annoying commercial breaks interspersed between the segments that include Tommy, but you can fast-forward past them if (like me) you’re impatient to hear the rest of what Tommy has to say. I couldn’t find a version in which the commercials had been edited out.

One has to wonder why YouTube hasn’t removed all the mirrors of this clip:

Donald Trump is definitely aware of Tommy’s appeal, since it’s well known that the president (or his staff) monitors InfoWars. President Trump may be willing to insult Theresa May and stiff the British ambassador, but there is very little chance that he will cross the Brits by giving asylum to Tommy Robinson. Her Majesty’s government has made it quite clear that imprisoning Tommy Robinson is the highest state priority. I would expect that a quiet word has already been sent to the Trump administration through diplomatic channels, laying out the consequences should Mr. Trump be so bold as to help Tommy out.

Nevertheless, it’s important to spread the word about this. There’s really nothing else we can do at this point.

Hat tip: Oz-Rita.

38 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson Appeals to President Trump for Political Asylum

  1. Firstly, I think that Trump is the kind of guy who just might do it. Especially if he gets a bit of pressure from Trump Jr., which he might.

    It’s also possible that Trump might do it precisely in order to piss off Theresa May, if that suits his purpose at the moment.

    The other thing that the Trump Administration could do is to invite him to visit for consultations of some sort. Some random excuse short of offering him asylum. Then figure out what to do later.

    All of this assumes that he succeeds in leaving the UK.

    Yet another option would be to twist the arm of a third country into allowing him in.

    I don’t understand why Tommy did this, though. Now they’ll claim that he’s trying to jump bail. His best bet would be to have quietly gone to Hungary and THEN made this appeal. Orban wouldn’t kick him out either way, sticking to the excuse of “EU Mobility” – or maybe outright telling the UK to go shove it. On the other hand, the UK might try to use the “European Arrest Warrant”, so Hungary might not be viable because of that, assuming that Hungary wants to stay in that system.


    • Well at the very least it probably would’ve been easier to go elsewhere from Hungary, but maybe Tommy is prepared to give even the last sacrifice and is just trying to pull attention to it through Trump. I agree though that Trump might go for it because for him it poses no risk whatsoever, while it makes sure nobody can blame him for Tommy’s death (if he indeed did get killed in prison).

  2. Henceforth, my interest is in the ‘royals’ is zilch. They have become nothing but fancy frosting on a manure cake that is the UK today.

  3. Consequences? How dire could any consequences from Britain be? If they succeed at leaving the EU they are going to need us a lot more than we need them.

    • Well, one possibility that comes to mind would involve MI5/MI6 and their extensive databases. They have dirt on a lot of politicians, probably on both sides of the Atlantic. Remember what HMG did to Rolf Harris? They needed a white pedophile to be prominently prosecuted before the first great “grooming” trial, so he was a convenient sacrificial goat.

      They may have incriminating data on half of Trump’s cabinet, for all I know.

      • Maybe Jeffrey Epstein has something on Prince Andrew.

        Perhaps I keep missing it all but it doesn’t seem like the broadcast media are covering this story and I don’t mean liberal media. I am thinking supporting Tommy Robinson may be perceived as a risk for them.

        I have noticed on a wide variety of post many people saying they have emailed the the White House as I did independently. If so many have posted that perhaps that represents a fraction of those who did email the White House.

        • As I recall, Prince Andrew was one of the frequent flyers on Epstein’s “Lolita Express”.

  4. My God !!, where is the world going , , We are living I. The very dangerous times , where civilized people can’t express their opinions about horrific crimes committed by this parasites, third world savages, I’m speechless, it’s not only Britain but all over Western Europe, this countries are finish , sold , it’s very sad , God bless Tommy and His family, He is really the last patriot with a balls , Ho is not afraid for saying the truth, …

  5. I will email the State Department. That is something rather than nothing. I will email the White House. That again is something rather than nothing.

    There is a synergy in this situation, if it can only be effectuated.

    Tommy Robinson and his family are a group of people who actually deserve refugee status in the United States, unlike the cynical rent-seekers on the southern border.

    Dear Baron, I failed to write you after Dymphna’s passing. It was from shock and an embarrassing feeling that nothing I might find to say could do justice to the enormity of your loss. I still falter from that feeling. I hope that you will forgive me.

    I am very sincerely yours,


  6. If the Brits have warned Trump about interfering, I wonder if Trump would at the least put the fear of God into Brits about consequences should Tommy be murdered in prison.

    • Trump and his staff can be surprisingly inventive, so will pray that a safe solution can be found quickly.
      Perhaps it would also be good for us “deplorables” to support the honor of freedom?

  7. I think that Mike’s comment was spot on, especially about Don Jr.

    For the past year I have been writing comments to the effect that Tommy needed to get out of Dodge before the murderous elites could get their hands on him again. The US was my first choice and I still have some small hope that President Trump will help him out. BUT, we are talking a life and death situation here.

    Tommy needs to disappear somehow, and fast. No doubt they will kill him this time. It will most likely happen fast, before he can appeal or do anything.

    And most likely they will get away with it. If ever there was a time when real political asylum was needed it is in the case of Tommy Robinson. May God help him and his family. This is like watching Braveheart.

    How did the UK get so evil?

  8. Why doesn’t he ask Russia? Probably he wouldn’t be able to work as a journalist anymore – or would be considered a “Putin Troll” if he did -, but that’s better than dying, I’d think.

    • Russia?! Aren’t they known for arresting innocents who speak out against injustice? Oh no, I forgot, that’s Britain!

  9. If a government wished to collude in the Islamisation of a country they would do a number of things, the main ones being the introduction of Hate Crimes and jail time, and most imprtantly, allowing the prisons to be taken over by Islam thus creating terror in the minds of those brave enough to speak out. Clever old government. Evil, wicked, murderous old government.

    • Yes, exactly. What better way to dissuade Islam-critics than by sending them to jails full of the most violent and malicious of the followers of the ideology that the critics dared to challenge? Then, put them in cells near the prison mosque, so that their torment can be increased; allow Muslim gangs to intimidate and threaten; allow hostile Muslims to prepare their food; put them in situations where they are vulnerable to Muslim aggression (remember Tommy and the boiling sugar-water?); make sure to charge the prisoner for any attempt at self-defense; have prison guards fail to protect these prisoners, and more.

      “Evil” is the right word to describe a government that would allow this.

    • And you can guess that most prisons in Western Europe are rules by Islamic thugs.

  10. The cps is controlled by muslims, much of uk gov is already in the hands of the muslim brotherhood mafia, they are aiming at a muslim pm, already is muslim mayor of london.

    The uk is finnished, the enemy is alreadybin power inside the gates, they control also the uk police, tommy should flee under cover, sneak out if uk on a boat, but they be watching him now, 24/7 in case he tries to flee.

    Maybe he should go into us embassy in london, claim asylum?? Trump should help him, but who knows.

    If i was tr, i would dussappear quickly, get abroad, his family can follow later, maybe russia???
    Get to bulgaria, cross the blacksea to rostov on don, claim pa in russia, or hungary?? If i wS tommy id be gone already, hell be murdered or disfigured, tortured, destroyed in a uk prison run by bent cops, and islamic butchers.

    Flee tommy, in the night, make sure u not followed, get on a sailing boat, cross the channel. Asap.


      Not only that, but Tommy should have had plastic surgery while he had the chance and left the UK in the dead of night.

      EVERYONE knew/knows that these bastards are out to kill him. There’s an old saying: When somebody tells you who they are, you should believe them. Tommy is not a stupid man. He knew but sometimes I think he has more balls than brains. (figuratively speaking of course).

      If he has any chance today to sneak away somehow- to get out of his house or wherever he is, to put on a disguise, to do whatever it takes and just freakin’ DISAPPEAR- he must do it.

      He will not survive 24 hours in whatever hell hole they choose to execute him. We do not need another Braveheart. The world needs Tommy.

      If Julian Assange could get asylum, then why the hell can’t Tommy??

      I believe that Ezra is over there today, attending the bogus Free Speech conference that’s being put on by the phony Commies. Maybe he can help and advise? I don’t know, I’m at my wit’s end.

      God bless and keep Tommy Robinson for the next 48 hours please.

  11. I don’t follow Robinson close enough to know the whole story, but the article in the Sun appears to be a smear unlike anything I have seen in formal print. Am I right?

  12. Tommy is showing signs of the extreme stress that he is under. It’s amazing that he hasn’t broken yet, although that’s exactly what the authorities intend. Few of us could withstand the relentless onslaught of state-backed persecution coupled with the omnipresent threat of physical harm to himself and his family by Muslims who object to his criticism of this peaceful religion.

    If he were to be offered political asylum in the US, or any other free country, it might be a wake-up call to the Brits dozing their way through the complete breakdown of their country.

  13. Yesterday I went on the White House Website and pleaded with Trump to grant Tommy asylum.

  14. While we’re speaking of political prisoners and the US, let’s focus a bit on Julian Assange.

    Perhaps a good outcome would be if the US tells UK to stuff it and offers asylum to Robinson, and UK tells the US to stuff it and offers asylum to Assange.

  15. And you wonder why my family left England (Wales) to come to America in 1723, even if it meant being a slave for seven years with questionable chances of survival. England will always be England and we are seeing its true face in how Tommy is being treated. It required America’s Declaration of Independence and Constitution to show England its need for manners and ‘civil’ ization. Follow the story on England’s abolition of slavery to see just how uncivilized England really was, and to a certain extent with its landed gentry, still is. An Angel of the Lord opened the prison doors for Peter and escorted him out of Herod’s dungeon. I can’t see the Lord doing any less for Tommy.


    My prediction is that they’ll sentence Tommy to some longish sentence, but suspend all but “time served”. (However this is done in the UK.)

    They’ll do this because they’re cowards, and they know that they’ll have a riot on their hands if they try to have Tommy hauled out of court in a prison van. The immediate take-away will be “Well, at least they’re not throwing him back in.”

    But… among other conditions to his “suspension” will be that he reside at X address, not engage in Y, Z, etc. They’ll then have some convenient excuse to screw him up and throw him back in when the crowds are NOT there to protect him.

    • I was wrong. Looks like they’re putting him back in for 4 months or so.

      Seeing this, I’m hard-pressed to think that they’re not going to try to get him killed in prison, while they’re at it.

      In Russia, nobody would *expect* better. That’s the only difference.

  17. I’ll add this: the news about Sir Kim Darroch (UK ambassador to US) and his “inept” comments about Trump might just be the thing that makes Trump extend such an offer.

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