The Women of ISIS Are Looking For a Few Good Men…

…to rescue them and their puir wee bairns from a prison camp in Syria. The following video is in Arabic, but has been translated from the Dutch subtitles by C.

The translator includes this note:

VRT is the Belgian (Flemish) public broadcaster. They’re reporting on a story by a nonprofit called Jihadoscope. Jihadoscope claims this type of video is a new phenomenon, which began earlier this month.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   We send out this message from here in the Al-Hol camp,
00:03   we followers of Um Omara, Um Khadija and Um Aisha.
00:09   Our first message goes out to all our brothers all over the world,
00:16   especially in Iraq and Syria. We ask you: how much longer?
00:21   Go and free your brothers and sisters from the prisons of the heretics.
00:25   Light the fire of jihad,
00:29   and free us from these prisons. We have grown accustomed to life in the land of the caliph,
00:34   the House of Islam. Promise us, O brothers, to bring us back home, to the Islamic caliphate.
00:42   We are so accustomed to it, we can only live like that.
00:46   And you, enemies of God:
00:49   Did you truly think you’d get away with what you did at Baghouz?
00:53   Did you really think we’d forget our dead?
00:56   To you we, the wives of the mujahideen, say:
00:59   You think you have imprisoned us in your cursed camp,
01:03   but we are a ticking time bomb.
01:09   Just you wait and see.
01:12   We shall step on the heads of the apostates
01:17   and crush them one by one,
01:23   God willing
01:27   Takbir! —Allahu Akhbar! —The Islamic State continues undefeated!