The Political Persecution of Michael Stürzenberger

Michael Stürzenberger may well be the most prosecuted political dissident in 21st-century Germany. He was active in Die Freiheit while it was still extant, and that made him a target for the political establishment, both at the federal level and locally in Bavaria and Munich. His weekly demonstrations against Islam in downtown Munich caused him to be attacked by Muslims, and later by Antifa. I don’t know how many times he has been prosecuted for “hate speech” — five or six, maybe? — but cases have been brought against him in Austria as well as in Germany.

In his latest interview with Vlad, Mr. Stürzenberger describes some of the recent legal and kinetic actions against him. He also talks about the left-wing violence directed against the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany).

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for conducting the interview and uploading the video:

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3 thoughts on “The Political Persecution of Michael Stürzenberger

  1. You have to give some respect to the German judges and prosecutors. They openly pull laws out of the air, convict and sentence non-conformists on the basis of those “laws”.

    My logic tells me that the government, in the form of stasi communist Merkel and other collaborators, is the senior partner and the street gang Antifa is the junior partner. In other words, Antifa is the tool of the revolutionary government that provides a bit of deniability when terrorism is used as a state tool to expand the centralized state.

    This is a major reason why the left is so strong on gun control. Armed civilians cannot resist a professional army; even the federalist of the early US who had just concluded a successful war with Britain, knew that militias were no match for a central army. But, the government cannot afford to throw its complete power behind the street gangs, so an armed civilian population makes the victory by street terror very dicey.

    The communists think they are using the Muslims and the Muslims think they are using the communists. More likely, the communists understand the degenerate communist elites better than they understand Islam or the Muslims, so….. you could get a situation like occurred in Iran, where the Muslims and communists worked together to depose the Shah, with the aid of the feckless, clueless, poltroon Carter administration, and the Muslims proceeded to exterminate the communists without even breaking a sweat.

  2. What can i say??

    Sturzenburger is a brave hero, german patriot, but the game is the legal beaurcrats are also bought out, and are traitors, operating to wipe out germany.

    Michael should leave germany asap, live abroad, and continue his expose of islam and german traitors from a safe distant place.

    Outside the eu.

  3. Morpheus, that is what Tatjana did as well as a once well known German philosopher and Islam critic some years ago. The problem is, it appears as if one’s influence diminishes as the square of the distance from the point of origin, that you are trying to save.

    Which makes Michael doubly impressive as he is willing to get Tommy Robinson’d (to coin a phrase) to try and preserve genuine liberty in Germany.

    Definitely he would do better in East Germany though.

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