The Chrislam Deception

The following essay is another one that has lain in my overstuffed “to do” folder for more than a year. And — I’m embarrassed to admit — I don’t know where I got it. It’s been so long that I’ve forgotten, and I can’t find an email about it. So if you sent this to me, please let me know, and I’ll add a hat tip.

The Chrislam Deception

The growing darkness and emerging death of Christianity in the church
(Abridged version)

by Danielle T’arna

”I stand amongst you as one who is crying out for you to wake up before what you have dies and is taken from you, never to be seen again.”

In recent years the merger of Christianity and Islam, “Chrislam”, has now reached the level in the UK that it has become part of mainstream Christianity and culture. It is more well-known as Inter Faith in the UK, and fully embraced by the church and state. I truly believe that we celebrated our last traditional Christmas and Easter many years ago in the UK. For many years evangelical Christians have been warning of a deceptive doctrine and growing movement that has been slowly emerging over the last two decades.

Chrislam gradually emerged in the UK when we started to see a mass influx of immigrants and refugees. Where Muslim immigrants and refugees settled and were housed in major cities we started to see multi-faith events and organizations develop along with church-led community groups and charities that tried to promote community cohesion amongst their growing Muslim communities. Chrislam has flourished because of the nation’s fear of Islamic terror attacks, fatwas being issued under Islamic blasphemy laws, and a need to understand a very alien and exotic ideology and religion. We have seen these terrorist attacks and threats from Islam used as a tool to enforce cultural changes in many Christian countries such as Canada, Sweden, Germany and France.

Chrislam infiltrated the church on many levels, including theology, community organisations and projects, the use of churches for Islamic worship and prayers, charities, the inclusion of Islam in church services, worship, prayers, sermons, music and arts festivals,[1] and changing the names of Christian festivals such as Christmas and Easter to ones that accommodate Islam. I personally have seen Christian schools promote the reading of the Koran (quran) and take their pupils for regular visits to their local mosque. I have seen Christian schools cater halal meals for Muslim pupils while enforcing halal food on the rest of its pupils. I have seen the merger of both Christian and Muslim festivals in schools and in community-run projects.[2]

I have only just begun to scratch the surface of Chrislam in the UK with this article. I have only named just a few of the many government and non-government organisations involved with Chrislam. It is a well-funded and corrupt machine paid for by the church, the government, Islamic foundations, Islamic countries and the European Union.

My immersion in the world of Chrislam

There is one question that I have been asking myself: “Why is the church inviting overseas missionaries to come and work in the UK?” Surely it can’t be for the evangelism of a Christian nation? I can answer this with my personal insight and involvement with one such missionary couple from 2014-2017.

In late 2014 I was invited to a community peace meal in the Winson Green area of Birmingham by an Australian couple who are overseas missionaries. Ash and Anji Barker had recently arrived in Birmingham after working as missionaries in the Klong Toey slums of Bangkok. Anji had been invited to work in Birmingham by the UK Christian charity Oasis Trust[3] and to coordinate community activities in two of the charities, Christian-run Oasis Academy schools in Winson Green. When Ash and Anji moved into a very large vicarage called Newbigin House they quickly got to work establishing a charity called Newbigin Community Trust[2], of which I was a founding trustee. Newbigin Community Trust is just part of the many projects run from Newbigin House.[4]

During my time alongside Ash and Anji, I would observe how they worked with different groups of people in the community and how they would link with churches, work with local authorities, businesses and NGOs. Ash is a very laid back, loving and calm person. Anji is very very active, encouraging and enabling, didn’t stop talking, and never thought about what she was saying. We were working with many Muslim families who had come to the UK as refugees and migrants. We started to adapt our work around the physical and emotional needs of local Muslims. We installed special washing facilities for Muslims when they have finished using the toilet. We started to get halal-only produce and set up cooking schools run by local Muslim women called “Flavors of Winson Green” for “dumb white Christians” to attend.

The main part of Anji’s work centred on the Oasis Foundry community hub where she would run daily classes and groups for mainly Muslim women, and many of the Muslim women would also get involved in community-run events after school hours. I started seeing Korans and Islamic scriptures placed around the house. Anji told me that one of the Muslim women was radicalised and was teaching English classes to other Muslim women at the school and there were concerns that she might be radicalizing the other Muslim women. I thought it was very odd that Anji was allowing this to happen, and when I flagged it up it fell on deaf ears.

I began to see holes appear in how Anji approached people and work. She would often make negative remarks about Christians being “f***ing dumb”, and she welcomed their being used. She was aware that one of the vulnerable white teenage girls who attended youth club on Friday evenings had an adult Muslim boyfriend who was a taxi driver and would drop her off at youth club and would pick her up later. Anji did not flag this up to the police or social services, despite my insisting that she do so. Her manager knew about this, and so did the head teacher. During this period, whenever there was an Islamic terrorist attack it would not be acknowledged or talked about so as not to upset the Muslims who came to the house.

Near the end of 2016 I started to doubt the authenticity of Ash and Anji’s mission as I saw how young white families were being discriminated against for being white. Despite the young family’s needs for support and help from our charity, our main focus was providing support for Muslim families, some of whom were not in need of any support. They started to offer immersion courses for paying Christians who wanted to gain experience working in a Muslim community in inner city Birmingham. I began to see that Ash and Anji were politically motivated, and that the new progressive Christian movement that had become part of mainstream Christianity was ripe for people like Ash and Anji to introduce naïve Christians to Islam.

The day Britain stood still

On Wednesday 22 March 2017 at 2.40pm Britain changed forever. The Westminster terror attack by a jihadi was an attack on Britain and we were at war. Ash and Anji tried to contain my outrage and anger so it would not upset any Muslims. They tried to compare it to the IRA bombing campaigns on mainland Britain. I argued that it was nothing like the IRA attacks as we knew who our enemy was and that the government were tough on terrorism back then.

I started to see a bigger agenda appear regarding Islam, and I began to not get so involved with Ash and Anji and Gas St church. The days following the Westminster terror attack many arrests were made across Birmingham and in Winson Green. A cold shudder went down my spine as I realised I might have known one of the terrorists or even had contact with them if they had come to one of our groups. It was then that I stopped being part of Ash and Anji’s work in Birmingham.

On Monday evening of the 22nd May 2017 in Manchester arena, 22 innocent lives were lost and over 60 mainly young girls were injured during the Ariana Grande concert. It was the day that changed my life forever. I started to acquire as much information about Islam and what was happening in the world as I could, and I was in for the biggest shock of my life as I realised the scale of the threat that Islam poses to the rest of the world, along with its alliance with political forces that also want to see the end of Western culture. I started to become active in voicing my concerns about Islam. I became ostracised by the church, Christians and all the friends I made in Winson Green apart from one young family I keep in contact with. I found myself on my own campaigning against Islam, and against the way Christians were working in alliance with Islam to infiltrate church culture, teaching and leadership so that Chrislam would eventually become the norm in the church.

I later found out that the charity I had helped start hosted Eid celebrations in 2017 for the community in Winson Green, and many of the Christian women garbed themselves in the hijab.

A bigger picture

During the summer of 2017 I was checking the lineups of various music festivals around the UK, one being Greenbelt, which is the biggest Christian music and arts festival in the UK and in the past helped to launch the careers of bands like U2 and The Alarm. As I was looking through the lineup I started to notice that half of the bill were Muslim acts, teachers, politicians, activists and preachers. I was absolutely shocked, so I investigated who was booking these Muslim acts and why.[5] The Muslim acts were paid for by the Wafic Said Foundation.[6]

As I investigated the money trail I found out that Wafic Said[7] was involved in the Al-Yamamah arms deal corruption scandal, and was one of the people who was paid billions of pounds by the British government so that Britain could secure arms contracts with Saudi Arabia, and made it Britain’s largest export agreement ever. In return Britain would receive 600,000 barrels of crude oil per day.[8] So as the British government and establishment can be brought for the right price, it seems the same can be said for the church in the UK. The more one scratches the surface, the more corruption and collusion from both the church and state are exposed, and even reach to Canada.[9]

Latest news

The latest articles appearing in the British press show the startling growth and scale of Chrislam within the UK church.

1.   The Bishop of Bradford urges Christians to go to mosque.[10]
2.   A UK tour of “The Jihad of Jesus” has been organised for dates in March 2018.[11]
3.   Lord Bourne Minister of Faith visits church-mosque twinning programme.[12]
4.   The Christian Muslim forum receives a grant to develop a Methodist-Muslim project.[13]
5.   The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby becomes patron of the UK’s largest Christian-Muslim organisation.[14]
6.   The government funds an additional £1.5 million to the “Near Neighbours” programme run by the Church of England, bringing the total funding to £9.5 million.[15]

See also: List of links to Chrislam organisations in the UK

1.   Christian Muslim forum.[16] Funded by Baptist Union of Great Britain, Church Urban Fund, Communities and Local Government, Community Development Foundation, Diocese of Lichfield.
2.   The Inter Faith Network.[17]
3.   St Ethelburga’s.[18]
4.   Near Neighbours.[19]
5.   Three Faiths Forum.[20]
6.   Touchstone.[21]
7.   The Feast.[22]
8.   London Inter Faith Centre.[23]

Behold the future

It is my belief that Chrislam is but a toy for the rabid dog of Islam to play with. Islam is using taqiyya to dominate Christianity and completely replace it as the official state religion of the UK. Islam is playing a long game, and when the time is right it will by force, bribes, political corruption and numbers dominate the UK and weave its influence and power into every fibre of the fabric of British society. Great Britain has forever changed, with Islam being used as the tool to enforce the destruction of our identity, culture, history, laws and heritage. Once it is lost it will be lost forever.



16 thoughts on “The Chrislam Deception

  1. Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.

    • It is correct practice to show the Bible chapter and verse from which you quoted. (2 Thessalonians 2:3-4 in this case).

      • Well, the churches are going to be turned into mosques, the sheep will have another shepherd, and the Bibles gonna be banned anyway.

  2. A lot of devout Christians rather see a disused church converted into a mosque than into a shopping mall. My mother, who was devoutly catholic said exactly that when a protestant church no longer in use nearby was converted into a mosque. “Well, at least they pray there, don’t they?”

    • Prayers like this, based on the islam’s holiest of sriptures. the koran.

      Ali Abu Ahmad: “Yes, oh servants of Allah – nothing will provide protection from the schemes that afflict the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Palestine, and the Muslim countries, except for a rightly guided Caliph who will rule over us according to the shari’a of Allah and the Sunnah of the Prophet.


      “Yes, oh servants of Allah – this is how the Muslim countries will be protected: by means of a Caliph and a Caliphate. We pray to Allah for that day to arrive soon!”

      Audience: “Amen!”

      Ali Abu Ahmad: “Oh Allah, make the plots of the infidels backfire on them!”

      Audience: “Amen!”

      Ali Abu Ahmad: “Oh Allah, kill all the infidels!”

      Audience: “Amen!”

      Ali Abu Ahmad: “Oh Allah, enable us to kill them!”

      Audience: “Amen!”

      Ali Abu Ahmad: “Oh Allah, protect the Al-Aqsa Mosque from all evil!”

      Audience: “Amen!”

      So they all said “Amen”
      Sadly, so much more for some to learn and understand about the basis of islamic doctrines.

      Even just a basic reading of the koran, in chronological explains a lot, so the truth comes out. Amen,

  3. Gas Street Church, a church in the heart of Birmingham with a vision to be ‘Light to the City’

    Interesting when one knows the connotation of “gas lighting”
    Very devious, narcissistic, controlling, etc.

    One can see that christians can easily be open and susceptible to this, and the further they fall in to this trap, as it would seem that the bible wants them to be even more accepting.

    For me a timely warning, as I note an elder pushing some views of his mission works in the local church.
    It is that I seem to be too much of a skeptic to even be a christian, to work in with churches at 100%. Though I do believe and follow the words of Christ.
    To seek Christ, one must also seek truth.
    So all things are to be questioned, and God raised many questions in society, and individuals, through Jesus.

  4. christianity benefited white/european people by telling them to lay down the sword and think an extra second more, that one second became minutes, days, hours, years and resulted in improvement in warfare tactics and advanced weaponry.

    But it also created dumb christians who think everyone is like them – not especially if they’re [muslims].

  5. Here is what the Manual of Islamic Law, “Reliance of the Traveller” says about interfaith:

    “It is unbelief (kufr) to hold that the remnant cults now bearing the names of formerly valid religions such as “Christianity” and “Judaism” are acceptable to Allah….”

    “This is a matter over which there is no disagreement amongst Islamic scholars…”
    (w4.1 (2)).

  6. Christianity in the UK appears to be hanging on by the most slender of threads. It has become highly political and only in the most remote sense theological. This seems to be an inevitable consequence of having the head of the Church appointed by the government (the Archbishop of Canterbury is a political appointment). This politicizes the whole process and leads to the appointment of faithless leaders such as Welby and his predecessor, the druid.

    For anyone who thinks himself a Christian to fall for islam is simple idiocy. Just lay the texts next to each other and compare them. The look at how the faiths are lived. If you can find any degree of compatibility between them, I cannot imagine what it is.

    Continuing Anglican Priest

    • Yes, I find it inexplicable how Christians can equate a religion founded by a man who allowed himself to be crucified and a religion founded by a man who ordered crucifixions.

      A few years ago, as an experiment, I emailed 20 CofE vicars and 20 Catholic priests, randomly selected, asking for their responses to a selection of Islamic texts and quotes. None responded except one vicar who offered me a cup of tea if I was in the neighbourhood. I expect you were not one of the 20.

      I also tried to raise the issue in an internet discussion with a vicar who said he hated Islamophobes, quoting Koran 4.48:

      “Surely Allah does not forgive that anything should be associated with Him, and forgives what is besides that to whomsoever He pleases; and whoever associates anything with Allah, he devises indeed a great sin”.

      I put it to him that it means Allah is quite clear on the subject, if he insists on Jesus’ divinity then he is for the high jump with no chance of mitigation. He just waffled and indulged in the three D’s of Islamic apologetics, Denial, Deflection and Denigration.

    • Fr Dougthy

      We need more voices like yours.
      The silence from the altars needs to be put aside. The people are the faith and the Church, and want leadership we can trust.

      The leaders have already led themselves astray. The prodigal may return, or not.

      The faith is ours to continue.

      Thank you. God bless us all.

    • Disagree that the politicisation of the CofE is ‘an inevitable consequence of having the head of the Church appointed by the government’. The Church of Scotland has no direct connection with any level of government, yet is as ‘cucked’ as can be, and highly political (in all the wrong ways), now being only the Church of the SJW.

      The problems go far deeper, and to this end would recommend (again) Patrick J. Deneen’s recent Why Liberalism Failed, a critique of both modern (l/w) liberalism and of ‘classical’ (r/w) liberalism and thus drawing qualified praise from both Left and Right, l/w reviewers relishing his criticisms of ‘classical’ liberalism but taking issue with his criticisms of modern liberalism, and r/w reviewers vice-versa. Deneen is a Notre Dame professor and whitebread conservative, making his questioning the Whig principles underpinning Western society all the more remarkable:

      Liberalism has failed—not because it fell short, but because it was true to itself. It has failed because it has succeeded. As liberalism has “become more fully itself,” as its inner logic has become more evident and its self-contradictions manifest, it has generated pathologies that are at once deformations of its claims yet realizations of liberal ideology. A political philosophy that was launched to foster greater equity, defend a pluralist tapestry of different cultures and beliefs, protect human dignity, and, of course, expand liberty, in practice generates titanic inequality, enforces uniformity and homogeneity, fosters material and spiritual degradation, and undermines freedom. Its success can be measured by its achievement of the opposite of what we have believed it would achieve. Rather than seeing the accumulating catastrophe as evidence of our failure to live up to liberalism’s ideals, we need rather to see clearly that the ruins it has produced are the signs of its very success.

      (Why Liberalism Failed. Yale University Press, 2018. 3–4.)

      Related is the pseudonymous ‘Mencius Moldbug’ (of modest fame as ‘father’ of NRx) identifying Protestantism with leftism and liberalism, e.g. writing that ‘the line of descent from the English Dissenters to Bill Moyers is as clear as that from chimp to man’ (‘An Open Letter to Open-Minded Progressives’, part 5, Unqualified Reservations, 15 May 2008).

      Maybe we got it all wrong? Politically, the liberal principles that Western society is based on (not least mass democracy and equality), and theologically, Protestantism—perhaps the only Christian path forward is to choose between Rome and Moscow, Catholic or Orthodox.

  7. Traitors who sold the country will be judged for their sins when they will leave the earth. Only the devil could work so hard to bring so many souls to hell.

    “I know that after I leave, savage wolves will come in among you and will not spare the flock. Even from your own number men will arise and distort the truth in order to draw away disciples after them.” Acts 20, 29-30
    “but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved” MK 13, 13

  8. Sorry if I’ve made this point before, but I’m reminded of C S Lewis’ “Narnia” stories; some try to amalgamate the “Christ” figure, Aslan, with the evil god of the Calormen (if I recall correctly), Tash, as “Tashlan”.

  9. The Pope wants a merger between Islam and the Catholic church, on the dubious theological grounds that Allah and the Christian God are one and the same.

    “Grislam” would be a better name for it.

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