No Pork For German Kindergartners

Two kindergartens in Leipzig have removed pork from their charges’ diet so as to avoid giving offense to the families of Muslim children who attend the kindergartens. Note that one of the kindergarten directors says that the presence of even one Muslim in his kindergarten is sufficient reason to yank the offending meat for all children.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below are excerpts from a Voice of Europe article (hat tip Reader from Chicago) about the jihad against pork in Leipzig:

German Daycare Centers Under Police Protection After They Ban Pork to Please Muslim Children

Plans to no longer serve children pork or gelatin-containing products like gummy bears at two daycare centers in the German city of Leipzig prompted a wave of criticism online and made headlines across the country.

The Bild newspaper first reported on the daycare centers’ proposal, saying the decision to make the changes came from consideration for two Muslim children.

“Out of respect for a changing world, only pork-free meals and snacks will be ordered and served starting from July 15”, read a letter sent to parents, according to Bild.

Video transcript:

00:00   Two kindergartens in Leipzig are banning pork for all children!
00:04   The parents from the Rolando-Toro-Kindergarten and from
00:08   the Confucius Kindergarten will be informed in writing about the plans for the new menus.
00:12   Also, no more candy made with gelatin will reportedly be offered [very popular in Germany].
00:16   Gummi bears are being forbidden with immediate effect.
00:21   According to BILD News the change in the menu is allegedly
00:25   caused by taking into account [the presence of] two Muslim girls.
00:29   So the caterer is bringing in veggie-balls with rice.
00:37   Kindergarten director Wolfgang Schäfer: “Even if it were only one family that considered
00:40   the unclean pork a negative influence on the health of their child
00:43   for religious reasons, I would still be enforcing now this new rule.”
00:46   Each kindergarten cares for 300 children.

15 thoughts on “No Pork For German Kindergartners

  1. Seems like a proper response to this would be to demand dietary changes based upon multiple religious observances until nothing would be allowed to be served in the school. Fight absurdity with absurdity, so to speak. Maybe some parents could claim they follow Hinduism, so no beef, and maybe some parents can claim they are Pastafarians, so only pasta to the exclusion of all other foods may be served. And create a new religion, say Gaiaism, that worships plants as sacred, so therefore the eating of vegetables is considered haram. Continue until every possible dietary choice is removed out of fear of offending some crybaby.

    My natural inclination would be towards a targeted beating of the kindergarten director or burning down his house since peaceful methods of protest no longer seem to work, but the rot is not far enough advanced in the Fourth Reich for that to be an available option yet.

  2. Will the presence of one Non-muslim child mean that there will never be halal meat?

  3. The world isn’t changing but I hope to see Judeo Christian tolerance abating rapidly before our civilisation is exterminated

  4. To be honest, I don’t like pork neither. It is the cheapest meat, and it stinks. The Bible says it is an abomination to the Lord.

    …and it takes a lot of effort, salt and spices, to make it tasty and delicious, unlike the other meats on the menu, beef or fish, that smell nice as you put them raw on the grill.

      • I love southern pulled pork.

        Notwithstanding what it says in the bible, I think westerners should make a show of eating pork specifically because it is offensive to muslims. Let them go back to Somalia and the other anuses of the Third World if they don’t want to see it eaten.

        I suggest a pork barbecue cookoff/swimsuit contest/koran burning/mohammed drawing event & gunshow to celebrate our First and Second Amendment rights.

      • No, I am from the Schnitzel country in the middle of Europe, I was brought up on pork, and I hate it.

        That is why I never liked the “they don’t eat pork but we do!” sentiment, I prefer cows, and fish. Or venison when its available.

    • All due respect, BS, but the rules around kosher and halal food (similar, but not identical), whatever their religious sanction, are designed to prevent food poisoning in a hot climate (the Middle East) in an era millenia before refrigeration or freezing. Pork and shellfish go off quickly; so do some other meats if not drained of blood before slaughter. All such rules are, from a practical point of view, pretty irrelevant now.

  5. But gummibears are already halal certified . . . They haven’t contained pork gelatin for decades.

  6. One muslim person/group complains about some minor thing in their host country and the host country bends over backwards to accommodate them. This is how sharia gets implemented with a low level of pain. One small thing at a time. Like the frog obliviously boiling away in the pan. It’s just a tactic in the grand strategy for conquest.

  7. The tail is wagging the dog. Will Germans awaken before their imminent slaughter–real, physical slaughter–is upon them?

  8. Poached from somewhere, but good articulate points.

    1) immigrate

    2) infiltrate

    3) ingratiate

    4) inculcate

    5) insinuate

    6) indoctrinate

    7) instigate disharmony

    8) agitate for Sharia

    9) exacerbate

    10) exaggerate

    11) instate mandatory Sharia

    12) intimidate (with terrorism) and finally

    13) exterminate both kafirs and their civilization.

    (all signs of “jahiliyya” [previous history] will be removed.)
    So enslavement, dhimmis have no hope in the future, so no rebellion, but may change to enforce islam in becoming muslims, if lucky.
    Janissaries was another version of this too, and doubtlessly great pain to their biological families.

  9. i drove by a restaurant with a neon pork outline with the name of the restaurant inside and it warmed my heart. i will definitely drop in for bbq.

    And I’m just a worker who always think the grass is greener on the other side – trying to do something else, such as opening a restaurant. I will put a reminder in my smart phone to have a pig neon sign for my restaurant. It’s a quick way to grab some money from anti [muslims] and christians, sorry. 🙂 But I think I’ve finally found my purpose.

    Pork and ducks are tasty because of the fat. They’re both cold hardly creatures so they use fat for insulation.

    My pork recipe is tasty and efficient. Start out with cheap pork (manager special) and very little water, bringing it to a boil because steam has higher specific heat. Drop the pork in let it cook in steam. Drop celery, carrots, mushroom (for unami taste), onion, cauliflower, tomato. Keep it boiling in low temperature so it doesn’t burn the pork but still cook at high steam temperature.

    Heat up small quantity of water in microwave and keep adding until it waters fill up to the brim. Turn up flame to maximum on occasions to keep the water hot. With boiling water fill up to brim, let is go for 5 more minute then turn off heat and let cook and leave on stovetop overnight.

    In the morning, bring it to a boil and let cool. What you have is tender pork and vegetable broth mixed together.

    DO NOT add seasoning or you would stink up the house.

    Only add it after the second cooking while it’s still hot.

    I recommend Tom Yum sauce. It’s tasty and have nice dark yellow color to your masterpiece.

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