Matteo Salvini: “They forced their way through the blockade. They will be arrested.”

The following video shows a television appearance by Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini. In it he discusses the migrant-ferry vessel Sea-Watch 3, which recently attempted to force a landing in an Italian port after being refused permission to land by the authorities. Mr. Salvini made these remarks before the German captain of the Sea-Watch 3, Carola Rackete, was arrested. The ship was flying a Dutch flag.

Mr. Salvini rightly identifies the core issue at stake in the incident: Italy’s national sovereignty. If the Italian government does not have the right to decide which vessels are allowed to land at its ports and which are not, then Italy is not a sovereign nation. If its decisions can be overridden by Berlin or Brussels, then the independent country known as “Italy” no longer exists.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   So, Minister, the Sea Watch, you said they have violated,
00:05   they forced their way through the blockade. They will be arrested.
00:11   Late Wednesday evening, it happens to many. It’s happened to me,
00:16   to be stopped at a police checkpoint, urban police, Carabinieri,
00:20   (Police) signal baton — You’re stopped for a check — what do you do?
00:24   Slow down, turn off the car, and stop.
00:28   If, for 3 times, the signal baton says “Stop”, and you continue onward, what do the Carabinieri do?
00:32   They turn on the siren and bring you back, stop you and arrest you, justly.
00:39   And that’s what happens at sea. It’s not that the law is different at sea.
00:43   If there is a law that prohibits you from entering Italian waters.
00:48   If the interior minister, transport minister and minister of defense
00:52   write on 15 June, don’t enter in Italian waters. If the Guardia di Finanza tells you,
00:56   don’t enter in Italian waters, and you do it,
01:00   in a normal country, what happens? They arrest you.
01:03   They stop you, and they take you away. The car, if it’s on the street, the ship,
01:07   or if it’s in the middle of the sea, and the third time that these people —
01:11   Dutch ship, of a German NGO —
01:17   The captain, a heroine of the left, I have seen Saviano, Boldrini,
01:21   this heroine of the Democratic Party,
01:24   stated a few days ago, “I was born, white, rich and German
01:28   I decided to do volunteer work in the Mediterranean”,
01:31   but stay home. If you are born white, rich and German, do volunteer work in Germany.
01:35   Help the old people in Germany. Help the disabled in Germany, but no…
01:39   They arrive in Italy putting at risk the lives of 42 human beings, whom they kidnap
01:43   for 15 days. I don’t authorize any disembarkation. I am not a judge,
01:48   therefore, there will be magistrates who examine the situation. It seems to me
01:52   that the crimes are evident. There is a European country, the Netherlands, which doesn’t care.
01:56   There is another European country, Germany,
02:00   the crew of which has (German) nationality, doesn’t care.
02:04   There is the European Union, which as usual, is asleep,
02:08   and I don’t see why Italy has to take charge.