I Hear My Train A-Comin’

Despite the signs that are mandatory in all train stations in Germany* — telling the public in pictograms that it is strictly forbidden to shove fellow passengers in front of moving trains — culture-enrichers just can’t help themselves.

Below is a list of incidents from the last three years in which despicable German infidels were pushed in front of trains. It was posted at Politically Incorrect, and has been translated by MissPiggy.

Train track shovers with migration background — a list of horror

Berlin, January 2017

A group of young people attacked two men at the Kottbusser Tor station in Kreuzberg on Saturday night and pushed one of them onto the tracks. The 26-year-old was able to climb out of the track bed before a train arrived, the police reported. The young people fled by subway. The two victims were taken to hospital for medical treatment. All suspects — six from Syria, one from Libya — were identified.

Hamburg St. Pauli, January 2017

A 16-year-old man, who probably escaped from Morocco only at the end the previous year, attacked and robbed a woman (34) on Wednesday night. Then he pushed her into the track bed. He was already known to police for bodily injury and violation of the asylum procedure law. Fortunately, the woman was only slightly injured!

Dresden, March 2017

Two asylum seekers known to police from Morocco and Libya pushed a German family father into the track bed, and one of the attackers permanently prevented him from getting off the track bed by kicking them. Parallel to the physical attacks, the suburban train headed towards Dresden entered the embarking area. The locomotive driver acted quickly and immediately initiated an emergency braking manoeuvre. The train stopped just a few metres in front of the injured person. The two attackers then fled, and after the arrest, narcotics (four 5cm pieces of hashish each) were found and confiscated from the Libyan national. Both persons obviously used the S-Bahn trains in question without being in possession of a corresponding ticket.

Munich, April 2017

The already-on-file 38-year-old Csilla H. spoke to the victim, the 59-year-old management consultant Werner M., in a language he did not understand, before she pushed him from behind in front of the subway. Only by a miracle was the subway driver able to brake and stop three meters in front of the victim!

Frankfurt, May 2017

Unknown, according to witnesses probably “Eastern Europeans”, pushed a young man in a railway station in Frankfurt/Main on the tracks and seriously injured him.

Gerlingen, October 2017

A 21-year-old Algerian who fled to Germany in 2014 and had already been on trial in the past for bodily injury and other crimes, beat and kicked his “friend” from Gerlinger. Unable to move, he was then pushed into the track bed of the express train. The victim was seriously injured!

Berlin-Charlottenburg, November 2017

A 28-year-old Iranian ran up to and kicked a 20-year-old woman entering the subway; the victim was run over and died at the scene of the accident. The perpetrator had been known to the police since 2002 and his criminal record is long. At the age of 14 he stabbed a man.

Basel, November 2018

A fugitive “dark-skinned perpetrator” pushed 73-year-old in front of the tram, victim slightly injured!

Nuremberg February 2019

Of the three German youths who were pushed onto the track bed of the S-Bahn by “youths with a migration background”, two were killed!

Blaubeuren, April 2019

Two male persons of the “black African type” without a ticket pushed a railway employee onto the track bed after an altercation that had taken place previously on the train. The railway employee suffered a concussion as well as bruises on her back and thighs.

Vienna, May 2019

A 20-year-old Iraqi pushed the 36-year-old man, unknown to him, directly in front of the arriving train. Despite emergency braking, the driver was unable to prevent a collision. The victim was caught by the train and seriously injured.

Voerde, July 2019

A 28-year-old man from Kosovo, well-known to the police and the judiciary, whose danger to the public had been known for a long time, pushed a 34-year-old mother directly in front of an arriving train! The victim died immediately at the scene of the accident.

Essen, July 2019

A 20-year-old was brutally pushed into the subway tracks, victims slightly injured, by “youths” (according to photos probable migration background). The case is still being investigated.

*   That’s a bitterly ironic fiction on my part — there are no such signs; I made up the graphic all by myself.

5 thoughts on “I Hear My Train A-Comin’

  1. Sadly that list is only the tip of the iceberg, and actually extends back even more than a decade.

    Nuremberg February 2019
    Of the three German youths who were pushed onto the track bed of the S-Bahn by “youths with a migration background”, two were killed!

    This article in the last half, shows how the police, the mayor, that is local government, with the media, with the many definitions they use, to mask, cover up, etc. to hide murder.

    You can literally feel how Chief Censor Prantl leads the way in the process of dressing up the crime.

    http://www.pi-news.net/2019/01/nuernberg-tuerke-und-grieche-stossen-drei-16-jaehrige-auf-gleis-zwei-tot/ I use google translate.

    They collusion shows it is an orchestrated litany of lies, with out a note of truth, to cover for the known wolves murder, stabbings, beatings, shootings, mayhem, threats, etc., on trains and at stations.
    the known wolves stabbings, beatings, shootings, on trains and at stations.

  2. “Over 8 % increase in police-recorded sexual violence between 2015 and 2016” (in whole zeropa). Eurostat as source:

    And who was the person of the year in 2015 for the newspaper of international financial institutions ? the “Chancellor of the Free World”. Why?
    “Merkel’s government threw open Germany’s doors to a pressing throng of refugees and migrants; a total of 1 million asylum seekers are expected in the country by the end of December”

  3. Just imagine the furore if someone so attacked, fights back and throws 2-4 muslims onto the track to be killed instead. Unlikely as these scum only attack the vulnerable as no point in getting to those houris just yet when you can keep adding to the kill number. It looks as though the war on the west has accelerated somewhat and the attrition also but no one say anything as the useless politicians may have to pretend to do something. If only that “red button” actually existed *sighs*

  4. It’s hard to find something to say. Pretty obviously, the government can’t and won’t do anything about the refugee situation. More than likely, if some official should try to take some action, he would be blocked by a court ruling.

    The non-violent way to a solution, in my mind, is to split the country up into small units. The regions could be constituted with culture and race in mind, but by the simple expediency of taking away the political, though not the economic or civil, rights, of people in the wrong areas, they can continue their lives with no disruption. The legislatures would be completely reconstituted, hopefully getting the judiciary firmly under heel.

  5. I have no doubt the “enrichers” will attend a course telling them NOT to throw native Europeans in front of trains at railway stations!!

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