I am Curious, But Not Yellow

The following video is a report on what happened on the sidewalks of the Champs Elysées in Paris on Bastille Day, July 14th. All traces of support for the Yellow Vests were systematically eliminated from the scene. Gendarmes and police moved among the crowd, arresting people for wearing yellow clothing or carrying yellow balloons. Watch the action at about 5:25, when a young woman with a yellow balloon is manhandled (personhandled?) roughly by the gendarmes.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:16   “Hide this yellow so Macron won’t see it” [allusion to Tartuffe by Molière] by Serge Faubert
00:20   When the priority mission of the police forces
00:26   becomes the hunt for the slightest scrap of yellow fabric, we say
00:30   that the decline of democratic freedom has reached the peak of absurd and that the rule of law
00:34   is only a shadow of itself. In order to please to the monarch before he reviews the troops
00:37   on the Champs Elysées, the orders were given to the police officers and to the gendarmes
00:42   to confiscate all the objects or garments which might be a reminder of the Yellow Vests,
00:46   and to challenge/arrest the wearers. [chants] we are here, we are here!
00:51   While the Yellow Vests have indeed called for a massive presence
00:55   on the sidewalks, like here, close to the roundabout of the Champs [Elysées].
00:59   I’m not violent; we only want to eat lobster [alludes to fired minister], that’s all. I’m not violent.
01:03   Those police officers aren’t ecologists. If they are picking up those plastic bottles
01:07   whose owners were forced to empty them on the spot, it’s to avoid
01:11   their being used as projectiles.
01:16   The official vehicles are strongly whistled at [disapproval] and the slogans are gushing.
01:20   [chant] Police — everywhere! Justice — nowhere!
01:24   The gendarmes are moving.
01:28   This man in the
01:32   yellow t-shirt is arrested first.
01:45   Then it’s the turn of the group which was around him to be surrounded and arrested.
01:49   Eh, don’t push me! I don’t want to!
01:53   Madame, this is the third time I’ve asked you to move on or I’ll arrest you.
01:57   Arrest? What have I done?
02:01   In the middle of the afternoon there have been 175 arrests
02:06   in the capital.
02:10   It’s at that very moment that the vehicle of the President of the Republic, escorted by the
02:14   cavalry of the Republican Guard, arrives on the level of the demonstration.
02:18   [chant] Macron — step down!
02:30   [chant] Macron — step down!
02:34   On the sidewalks the hunt for the yellow continues.
02:39   They took your t-shirt? —Yes, they took my t-shirt, monsieur, voilà, it’s
02:43   part and parcel of the system! —What color was your t-shirt? —Well, it had perhaps
02:47   a slightly “yellow tendency”, in fact, but it’s not the problem today. —Was it an old t-shirt?
02:51   It was an old t-shirt, absolutely. It’s not the problem today. The problem is on the street.
02:55   Have you seen it? A July 14th like that — I’m a veteran; I’ve never seen anything like that
02:59   in my life! And I’m over 50 years old. Voilà, monsieur. That’s all I have to say about that.
03:04   [chant] Where is Steve?! And always this throbbing question:
03:08   “Where’s Steve?!” in the name of that young partygoer, who fell
03:12   or was pushed into the Loire river, after a police charge, during a music festival.
03:16   [chant] Where’s Steve?!
03:20   The police patrols enter the crowd
03:24   in order to intimidate the protesters. The uniforms especially
03:29   make sure to puncture all the yellow balloons, considered HIGHLY subversive attributes.
03:45   Balloons, balloons!
03:49   They chased me and then they punctured it with a knife. Voilà.
03:54   What did they tell you? —Well, nothing. They have orders
03:58   that the yellow not be visible. They have to.
04:02   I almost had to remove my dress.
04:06   So the yellow is forbidden? —Well, of course! But it’s been forbidden for a while.
04:10   The yellow is scary! —The yellow is disturbing! —They forbid… —Yellow disturbs them.
04:15   Apparently it became fashionable, though. It’s the people’s celebration today!
04:19   In the heart. It’s symbolic. We were worried
04:23   it wouldn’t work, but it worked. —It’s true that among the public there were
04:27   people who were Macron supporters, who could say certain things,
04:32   and I think that in fact they don’t understand what is going on currently in France.
04:35   I think they have blinders, and they don’t understand. —We were celebrating Macron
04:39   “worthily”, I’m sorry: he got the whistles, he got yellow balloons,
04:43   he got flags, he got songs. It was Macron’s celebration today.
04:47   But by the people this time! —Sophie Tissier is here.
04:51   She’s one of rare personalities from the Yellow Vests who is still free at this point;
04:56   Maxime Nicole, Eric Drouet and Jérôme Rodrigues were arrested a little earlier.
05:00   A police officer has just punctured a yellow balloon
05:04   That she was holding. A strong exchange follows.
05:08   [chant] We are here even if Macron doesn’t want us, we are here! —The young woman isn’t intimidated
05:12   She inflates another balloon. This time the police intervention
05:16   is more vigorous.
05:21   But the officials are forced to back off. —Fascists!
05:25   We don’t give up, people! —Contention!
05:29   Contention is a democratic right, OK? It’s in the constitution! —Respect
05:33   the constitution! Third attempt. The brawl is generalized. This time
05:37   the uniforms manage to grab Sophie Tissier.
05:58   The tension has relaxed.
06:02   The Yellow Vests improvise a caterpillar.
06:06   [chant] We are here, even if Macron doesn’t want us, we are here!
06:10   We are workers, and for a better future, even if Macron doesn’t want it, we are here!
06:15   Police let them continue. The parade ends
06:19   and the President gets ready to go to his palace. Already the public is moving to
06:23   the next streets to leave the area. In the middle of the afternoon, while
06:27   police remove the barriers, incidents here and there oppose Yellow Vests and
06:31   law enforcement.
06:35   At 6 pm the police and the gendarmes have retaken the control of the area, but they carry on
06:39   the cat and mouse game. [chant] Where’s Steve?! Assassins!
06:44   [chant] Assassins!
06:52   A little group is surrounded at Champs Elysées
06:56   The gendarmes, however, are nice, and they let
07:00   the protesters leave a few at a time.
07:04   Yes we were surrounded. But the holes of the [fishing] nets are large…
07:10   It’s a trust relation that we have [with law enforcement = sarcasm].
07:13   We hadn’t been her for a while, and it’s always a pleasure to
07:17   to see one another with out friends the gendarmes, who are always here
07:21   to surround us in the best places. Voilà. I was just asking myself —
07:25   I’m still unable to understand the general passivity that
07:29   is here. This government that suspects everything, even the worst.
07:34   Today the majority of people don’t move any more. And today we are
07:38   several thousands, but it’s definitely not enough
07:42   Tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands in every city could really say ‘no’ to this government,
07:46   really say ‘no’ to this entire system,
07:50   which is totally enslaving us. Come! Join us!
07:54   We are here! We are still here! Seven months later! We don’t let go!
07:58   Monsieur Castaner! Monsieur Macron! We will be there!
08:03   Always in your way!
08:07   Here and there the rebels in yellow are being arrested.
08:11   Others are luckier. The luxurious businesses
08:15   are barricading themselves. The Fouquets [restaurant], which was open for July 14th
08:19   is putting its shell back up. The retailers and public powers
08:24   are in fact afraid that the Yellow Vests and the supporters of the Algerian soccer team
08:27   May join forces in looting during the evening,
08:32   creating this way — because of a sport event — a fusion between the ghettos and
08:36   the roundabouts outside the cities [where the Yellow Vests protest]. But at 10pm there will only be
08:41   soccer enthusiasts noisily celebrating the accession of the Fennecs to the African Cup finals.
08:45   The Yellow Vests aren’t there any more.

11 thoughts on “I am Curious, But Not Yellow

  1. The French state is worried. Instructing it’s police to stamp on it’s citizens rights in order that the video footage shows a homogeneous celebratory crowd cheering the President. 1984 ! Our civilisation is being destroyed very quickly. The elites bringing this on will not escape the rigours of civil war.

    • The elites bringing this on will not escape the rigours of civil war.

      None of which will stop them from throwing millions to the Islamic wolves if it gives them enough time to spoon down another gobful of Beluga.

  2. If you build a building according to how you would like it to be built in order to serve your particular personal aesthetics rather than according to the laws of physics and structural integrity it will collapse in due course.

    If you build a socio-political edifice according to how you hope it will serve your particular personal desires rather than according to how its human biomass mass wishes it to serve it will collapse.

    If you fill a closed vessel with a mixture of volatile reagents, screw down the lid and turn up the heat beneath it will explode according to both the laws of physics and human nature.

    If you do any of these things also by subterfuge embedded in a morass of lies cloaked in false promises the effects of that explosive collapse will be catastrophic.

    The EU and its treacherous Franco-German apparatchiks, the Macron-Merkal-Tusk-Juncker cabal etc., do not appear to understand these realities or simply do not care.

    Either way they will be the first to be consumed in the inevitable holocaust.

    • If you fill a closed vessel with a mixture of volatile reagents, screw down the lid and turn up the heat beneath it will explode according to both the laws of physics and human nature.

      There are serious detonations attainable without using reactive chemicals. Anyone who regularly works with LN2 Dewars* will regale you with tales of over-confined liquid air throwing, literally, explosive temperature tantrums.

      * – Whose inventor also distilled a rather passable White Label Scotch. –

      Laughable though these chips off the block of Postmodernism’s cryogenically cool fool cesspool may be, a big enough burg (e.g., Portland) can cause some Titanic problems.

  3. Thanks as always for posting these videos. Even though there is more and more repression of free speech by Big Tech and Big Brother Government, we still are nowhere near the extreme fascism of France and England as we see here.

    Imagine that you can be manhandled and ARRESTED for wearing a yellow piece of clothing or even holding a yellow balloon! There is something almost primitive in the way that these simple items have become objectified and filled with meaning.

    Come on guys, give us a break! It’s just a freakin’ balloon and a damn t-shirt!

    It would be hilariously funny if it wasn’t so serious. Meanwhile, the actual criminals and other bad actors like ANTIFA thugs can get away with wearing masks and carrying weapons or weaponized items like butter knives, etc.

    The cops’ priorities in England and France are what we call FUBAR.

    • I forgot to add in the above comment, that I am writing from the US and that we are not yet as bad as England and France.

      • All to boost the overblown ego of the puffed
        Up pompous, ridiculous man child Macron who
        Definitely suffers from little man syndrome.

        The Gendarmes are going to end up on the wrong
        Side of history if they persist in this sort of

        With one revolution in the bag what is to
        Stop the citizens of France going for a

        • With one revolution in the bag what is to
          Stop the citizens of France going for a

          With one big game in the bag, you’d think that no one else wanted to play “Louie, Louie” anymore, but Madame Defarge had best stick to her knitting because this is starting to look like a double header.


  4. Gendarmes and police moved among the crowd, arresting people for wearing yellow clothing or carrying yellow balloons. Watch the action at about 5:25, when a young woman with a yellow balloon is manhandled (personhandled?) roughly by the gendarmes.

    Cowardly French cops take a jaundiced view of any competition.

    It makes a body wonder what would happen to people wearing yellow stars.

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