Home Depot Becomes Halal Depot — Against Its Will

The article below does not mention the halal aspect of the slaughter in the parking lot of a Home Depot in Connecticut. When you see the photo of the “meat store”, however, you’ll agree that the runaway cow was surely slaughtered according to halal rules.

Vlad and I think this “meat store” must have been a slaughterhouse for Muslim customers who brought their own animals. Note that it has been shut down by the authorities since the escaped cow drew media attention to it:

Cow slaughtered in Home Depot parking lot after escaping meat market

A young cow escaped slaughter at a Connecticut meat market — only to have its throat slit in public in Home Depot parking lot, according to a new report.

The gory scene prompted the closure of the Saba meat store in Bloomfield, which kept livestock on its premises to be prepared in accordance with Islamic law, NBC Connecticut reported.

The cow dashed out of Saba on Saturday and ran across the street to the hardware store — with employee Badr Musaed and a contractor Andy Morrison hot on its trail.

Morrison, who was doing renovation work at the meat store and was armed with a bow and arrow, tried to help Musaed corral the cow while the local police also responded.

Dash camera footage obtained by NBC shows the officer trying to box the bovine in with his cruiser — and Morrison attempting to shoot it with his weapon.

“As the cow ran towards the employees, Morrison shot at the cow, however he missed and the arrow struck the wall of the Home Depot,” the police report said.

Suddenly, Musaed whipped out a foot-long knife and slit the cow’s throat as other Saba employees wrangled the animal.

The officer was stunned over the disturbing act.

“You know this is a big — this is a problem. This is not something that can be done,” the cop said, according to the recording.

A Saba employee replied, “We try to do our best, you know,” to which the officer responded, “OK, but you guys get, like, you get a leash … this kid here just watched you slit a cow’s throat.”

“They come in our store all the time,” the worker said.

“OK, but we’re not in your store right now,” the officer answered. “You’re in the back of Home Depot.”

Musaed was ticketed for creating a public disturbance. Morrison was told by police that he, too, would’ve been charged had there been more people in the area when he tried to shoot the cow.

The police report indicated that neither he nor his coworkers appeared remorseful.

Soon after, Saba was shuttered for various violations after local, state and federal agencies investigated.

No one answered the door at Saba when NBC knocked for a comment.

Neither Morrison nor Musaed responded to calls from the network.

Hat tip: WHJ.

14 thoughts on “Home Depot Becomes Halal Depot — Against Its Will

  1. GO HOME. We do NOT want your barbaric, sick ‘religion’ in our country.

    • Not the way it works. Wherever the lay their filthy hats that then is their home. Oh, they lay low and quietly multiply like roaches in a wall until one day, you decide to hammer in a nail.
      Islam considers YOU the interloper.
      It is a death cult cooked up by Satan himself. And our societies are (willingly??) weakened by marxism and cultural relativism to a terrifying degree.
      Whoever cooked uo this unholy mess did a sterling job.

  2. In Muslim countries it`s not uncommon during the annual “Festival of the Sacrifice” (Eid ul-Adha) to take even little children to the place were all the animals get butchered, to witness the bloodshed.
    Don`t get me wrong, such a thing is part of life.
    And it doesn`t hurt children to learn about it.
    But not in this excessive way and without showing any respect for the animals.

    But that`s Islam, Shiites even have their own special “Festival of (Human) Sacrifice”.
    Called Ashura, with self-flagellation and self-cuting.

  3. “The police report indicated that neither he nor his [Muslim] coworkers appeared remorseful.”

    The writer/s of the report obviously know nothing of the supremacism of Muslims.

    A typical day at Home Depot,

    Home Depot Greeter: “Welcome to Home Depot. Tell me what you’re looking for today and I’ll direct you”

    Customer: Kitchen sinks and cabinets

    HDG: Aisle 21, but you might also want to look in Aisle 23 where there’s a display of cabinets that can be used in both kitchens and bathrooms

    Customer: Where are deck stain and paints

    HDG: Aisles 11-12

    Customer: Is the HD Animal Abattoir open today

    HDG: Go to Aisle 2 where the building materials are located, walk out the big delivery door into the back parking lot. But be careful walking; there’s a lot of blood on the pavement. If you need some Buck knifes, they can be found in Tools, Aisle 9

  4. My thinking is that animal slaughter is never pretty, which is why it’s usually done behind walls, and because animal rights groups periodically bootleg video of slaughter taking place.

    My own feeling is that there should not be a religious exemption for slaughter or for anything else. Kosher slaughter is animals has to be done while the animal is conscious, although the Orthodox butchers say the animal loses consciousness immediately and does not suffer. I would propose a test to determine the level of the natural pain killers that the body produces to reduce pain. If these are not found in the blood of slaughtered animals, the claims will have justification. If the pain suppressants are found, I believe the state laws on the treatment of animals should not have a religious exemption.

    I do have a conflict on that, though, since traditional religious institutions are part of American culture, including, yes, synagogues. Hayim Solomon, a prominent synagogue member, was an indispensable financier of the American Revolutionary war and Washington’s army. I do think religious institutions should have the right to display in public places. But, I do not believe there should be religious exemptions to laws made in the public interest, including laws to protect animals.

    It’s tempting to say the incident in the parking lot was an example of Muslim immigrants displaying contempt for US law, but it’s not really. The Muslim employee who cut the cow’s throat was despicable, but there is no indication that he is representative of Muslims. We don’t know if the guy shooting the bow and arrow was Muslim or not, but he should definitely have been charged with reckless endangerment. An arrow can be as deadly as a bullet.

    • There is another aspect.
      Every year western countries transport a zillion of living cattle over land and sea because in Muslim countries they want to ritually slaughter them instead of just buying the meat.
      Those extreme long transports are really a torture for the animals, and it gets worse when they reach their destination.

    • May I introduce the representative of Muslms? Mohammed: The bloodthirsty bandit with a harem full of underage girls. I believe this is enough reason to exclude Islam from religions.

    • That’s a reasonable point of view, RonaldB. When I was a child in the north of England, I remember seeing animals killed at a local slaugterhouse; the cows were stunned with a bolt through the brain, but the sheep had their throats cut while conscious. Wouldn’t be allowed now…

      More recently, when entertaining observant Jewish friends, I got the meat from a kosher butcher. This seems sort of acceptable, because I’ve seen videos of animals being cruelly abused before slaughter in halal establishments, in Lebanon and the UK, while I can’t imagine Jews doing the same. Maybe your test should be applied.

      • One of the worst things I have ever seen was a video of a US kosher slaughter house. Disgusting, but do not look it up. No better than halal. Next time go vegetarian kosher.

        • Disappointed to read that, Patrick.

          For myself, I’d starve if I had to be vegetarian; since childhood, even the bitter smell (as it seems to me) of green vegetables, chillis, cucumbers, raw tomatoes etc makes me want to throw up; potatoes, pasta & sweetcorn (and cooked tomatoes) are fine.

          Maybe I’m just odd; many have said so!

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