Bringing It All Back Home

Earlier today I posted a video made by the ISIS Gals begging to be rescued from a prison camp in Syria. The clip below from Dutch TV news serves as interesting follow-up to the appeal by the Ladies’ Auxiliary of the Islamic State.

It seems that the Kurds have been given the short end of the stick: they are required to maintain a prison camp system for ISIS captives at enormous expense in both money and lives. In addition to the Kurds themselves, the American government is pressuring European governments to accept the return of “their” fighters from Syria, along with their jihad molls and their puir wee bairns.

If the Trump administration is successful, a substantial portion of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant will be dispersed among various Western European countries.

Many thanks to C for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   With us is war correspondent Hans-Jaap Melissen. Hans-Jaap,
00:03   you’ve been in one of these camps recently, where Dutch women and children
00:06   associated with the Islamic State are held. The rumors that the grandfather talks about,
00:12   what seems like preparations for a possible repatriation, are you aware of those?
00:16   Yes, I saw such apps two weeks ago.
00:20   These women themselves claim they’re being prepared for release.
00:25   and they pose with their children; documents have been prepared, which have been passed on
00:30   to another camp, they would possibly be moved to another camp,
00:33   and from there possibly to Iraq, where the Dutch consulate is,
00:37   and as was stated before, once they’re at a consulate, they can return to the Netherlands.
00:41   So that’s what these women assume.
00:44   The official government standpoint is: we’re not going to repatriate these women and children.
00:50   Government institutions that would possibly deal with these people have made
00:53   the proper arrangements. Is that premature, is that how
00:57   I should think of this? —I don’t think it is premature. The pressure from the US is increasing.
01:00   But the Kurds are applying pressure as well. We shouldn’t discount the Kurds.
01:03   They’re running a huge camp that holds thousands of ISIS members. It costs them $700,000 per day.
01:09   There are stabbings. When I was there, an ISIS woman stabbed a Kurdish guard.
01:14   That happened later as well. They’re still making ISIS propaganda videos.
01:18   It’s really a mini-Islamic State, only there’s a fence around it.
01:21   The Kurds would really like to get rid of [these people].
01:24   They expect gratitude, because they fought. Against ISIS, for us, is what they say.
01:28   So pressure from their side too, on the Dutch government for example. We’ll discuss this shortly.

10 thoughts on “Bringing It All Back Home

  1. “If the Trump administration is successful, a substantial portion of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant will be dispersed among various Western European countries.”
    Begging your pardon Baron, won’t the dispersal of the remainder of the ISIS and Levant in Europe add to the existential threat that already exists? Does Trump want to bring down Europe? That is the likely result of such a policy action that exacerbates an already untenable societal condition as the result of the EU’s ordered and enforced immigration polices. Please explain Baron as this is making no sense whatsoever.

    • I agree with you. But U.S. policy is that ISIS fighters must return “home” and face justice there. If it were the USA, they’d get locked up for a long time, except maybe in Minnesota and California. But we know what will happen to them in Western Europe — a couple of months in jail at the most, and then back to government-paid housing and live off the dole while their harems whelp out more wee bairns.

      That’s the way they do it in the “humanitarian superpower”, Sweden.

  2. No sympathy for these women. They made their choice. They should stay in an Islamic country since they love them so much

  3. This reminds me of US actions concerning Israel’s actions to return illegal African immigrants to some African country. The US intervened and agreed to take the African migrants off Israel’s hands. This was in spite of the fact that Israel had already made arrangements for someone or another to accept the illegals.

    Stupidities like these are a direct result of Trump’s negligence in not choosing political appointees who agree with his campaign planks, rather than choosing never-Trumpers. The assumption seems to be that we, the West, are responsible for the well-being and safe landing of every national or card-holder who decides to go fight in someone else’s civil war. It’s akin to the idea that we have to provide comfortable, safe, and hospitable environments for illegals who climb over our fence or run across our borders.

    The Supreme Court just had a 5-4 decision that Trump could spend a measly $2 billion on a wall. This means the vote rested on the confirmation of Kavanaugh, who in turn was confirmed on the vote of a simply senator.

    Get that? The US is ruled by a judicial coup engineered over a period of time by the Supreme Court, in turn selected on more-or-less 50-50 votes.

    The definition of the Deep State is the nexus of bureaucrats, free-rent lobbies, and government contractors wishing to get money they couldn’t get on the free market. Trumpism is a challenge to the Deep State, but Trump himself is just a pebble skipping along the surface.

  4. If the Trump administration is successful, a substantial portion of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant will be dispersed among various Western European countries.

    – What’s the problem? The tax payers of these countries have supported policies and parties that have encouraged the growth of Islam. These are your citizens, take them back.

  5. If the Kurds don’t want them, they should sell them as slaves.
    Hey, it worked for ISIS.

    • I don’t think those harpies would be much good even for practicing procreation. There’s likely a very good reason why they are veiled.

  6. Aaaargh! Western European countries (the UK, at least) have treason laws, which no longer carry the death penalty. Why the (redacted) don’t we use them?

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