Wir Schaffen Das — In Africa

Now that she has created a multicultural paradise in Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel is ready to apply her administrative talents to the benighted backwaters of Africa. What could possibly go wrong?

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   African countries have their own plans. They have their agenda 2062 and we have to
00:06   align ourselves with that. We can’t just do what we think is right.
00:10   We have to do what Africa thinks it needs, together with their governments and
00:15   their populations. We can stop global warming, we can defeat hunger,
00:23   we can eliminate disease, we can provide these people, especially girls, with a path
00:28   to education and we can combat the cause of population displacement and migration.
00:33   All of that is what we can do!

8 thoughts on “Wir Schaffen Das — In Africa

  1. It is not enough for that hag that she has already destroyed one continent; now she attempts to destroy another? Although Africa is already so dysfunctional it might be beyond even her capacity to make it an even worse place to live…

  2. Let’s hope that Merkel moves to South Africa and finds herself culturally enriched, soon after. Seems “fair”.

  3. We can make pigs fly. Goodness, this woman is certifiable!
    I think she has a neurological disease, that body tremor she displayed is unlikely to be caused by dehydration, at least, it would have to have been dehydration of such an order, she would have been more likely to collapse. What, I wonder is wrong with her?

    • Whatever plans Merkel has for Africa, China has another and is well on the way to implementing it.

  4. Africa is incredibly rich in natural resources (like Canada, but unlike, say, Singapore). If many of its people remain poor (though, it should be said, much less so than formerly) it needs leaders who will ensure that the fruits are more equitably distributed.

  5. She is sick in the head big time , can somebody finally remove Her from the office and power??, what is wrong with this Germans I never understand their minds ..

  6. Africa’s problem is its lack of diversity: these are mostly countries run by Blacks or Arabs. We know that multiculturalism and diversity are the path to prosperity. Hence, we should be moving people there. We can start with Progressives who will be only too happy to escape the toxic “Whiteness” of the West, I am sure. Perhaps Mama Merkel can lead the way!

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