Trolling for the Muslim Vote in Denmark

The number of Muslims living in Denmark has grown large enough to have electoral significance. And, as in all other Western countries, Muslims organize themselves to vote as a bloc, usually for the left-wing parties — the Left seems more willing than the Right to adopt policies that attract Muslim votes.

Tania Groth, who translated the article below, includes these remarks:

Four years of leftist socialist, globalist open-doors government spells no end of trouble for Denmark. This election was a watershed moment, and it would not surprise me at all if we have seen the last of any future conservative government (not that the last “conservative” government was any great force in stemming the tide — on the contrary — and the immigration-critical Danish People’s Party did pretty much nothing).

In any case, with the demographic situation and Muslims organizing themselves to vote for radical leftist parties… it is the beginning of the end. Denmark is gaining speed on the slippery slope and, alas, they’re either too dumb to realize it, or too lazy to do anything about it.

I despair for my fellow Danes, I truly do.

The translated article from Jyllands-Posten:

The mobilization of Muslim voters, which led to massive advances in the Radical Liberals in vulnerable residential areas, does not please everyone.

“It worries me, because it shows that there is no separation of the various powers, but instead parties are bonded together not on political grounds, but rather on the premises of Islam. It can affect the very basic uniformity we have in Danish society,” says Søren Hviid Pedersen, a debater and high school teacher with a PhD in political theory.

As Jyllands-Posten reported Friday, in urban districts that are on the government’s ghetto list, there was an organized mobilization of the area’s residents. In Gellerup in western Århus, an electoral group was set up, which in co-operation with a mosque and various associations, recommended that people vote for the Radicals and the Unity List.

Nor does it please the debater and priest Sørine Gotfredsen:

“When you begin with this mobilization, and even stand with authorities in the lead recommending specific parties (to vote for), the parallel society has gone from being introverted and closed and in general completely deaf towards the surrounding society to wanting to enter into the debate in order to change society. The parallel society comes a step further in the struggle for what defines Denmark.”

In Gellerup the Radical Liberals went from a voting share of 5.1 percent in 2015 to 34.2 percent in 2019. The same trend was seen in Vollsmose, Tingbjerg and in Nørrebro, where the Unity List is also strong.

The sociologist of religion Brian Arly Jacobsen, at the University of Copenhagen, does not believe that one should attach too much importance to the imams — or that there is anything wrong with Muslims organizing themselves into special Facebook election groups.

“In a democracy, it is a legal argument that they have used, and in that perspective, I do not think it is a problem that they have mobilized on the basis of certain interests. There are also other community groups that do that,” he says.

The Aarhus councilor Rabih Azad-Ahmad, Radical Left, also sees no problem. On the contrary, he welcomes the fact that more residents in for example Gellerup have taken up democracy.

Hat tip: LN.

12 thoughts on “Trolling for the Muslim Vote in Denmark

    • And you really believe this ? In my opinion, in Denmark are at least 600.000-800.000 muslims.

  1. Democracy is like a tram. When you reach your destination you step off.

    • Erdogan: a man who has one thing that Western politicians don’t usually have… the honesty to admit to his modus operandi!

  2. Allowing the growth of radical Islam in your own country is suicidal for a Western, Judeo-Christian society.

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  4. I saw here some months ago a video from a danish journalist saying that Denmark slowed muslim immigration and because of it would not be a problem in Denmark, and now you publish this text. I am not undetanding anything more.

  5. The only answer is to disenfranchise any group that does a ‘block voting’ in excess of 85% for either side. Disenfranchise, that is revoke voting rights, of any such group for at least a generation (20 years) until said group has been sufficiently enculturated for its voting to reflect national patterns.

    Why does no one mention such an obvious solution? Electoral results now often hinge on less than 2% of the net voting public. Allowing groups to distort national politics based on biases brought from other nations literally invites a democratic state’s ruin.

    • Forbidding voting by anyone taking unemployment or belonging to a household where someone was taking unemployment would probably accomplish the same goal without being blatantly directed against muslims, although it would be nice to see the Danes find their gonads and be explicit about their opposition to muslims turning the country into another islamic cesspool. But if that were the case, then there would not be any need for such schemes to prevent muslims from voting en bloc.

      We are definitely living in a clown world… Honk Honk

  6. It’s not any mystery why Muslims vote leftist, at the urging of their imams, in a democratic country.

    The Islamic war manual,”The Quranic Concept of War” by the Pakistani general Malik, mandates that prior to firing a shot, the society must be demoralized by destroying its institutions and customs and erasing the confidence of the population in the ability of the government to protect them from internal or external threats. The theory goes, once all confidence in their present government and institutions is lost, they will turn to Islam to defend them.

    Almost all leftist organizations use cultural Marxism as their root philosophy. Cultural Marxism has a primary goal of destruction of the present civilization and its institutions. This goal doesn’t have to be derived from any premises. It is taken as a basic premise, without the need for justification.

    This explains otherwise inexplicable behavior: feminists defending genital mutilation, which destroys the feeling of safety Western women have; feminists defending “transgendered” women participating in sports, sidelining all actual female athletes, which destroys the sense of identity and the existence of women’s institutions in society, such as women’s sports. Reform Jews defending the importation of Muslims, which erodes the sense of security of synagogues and Jewish organizations and increases their alienation from general society; radical female rabbis, who serve to break the bonds of identification that Reform Jews would otherwise have with Jewish history and real traditions. The feminists don’t care about women; they are using the concept of women to advance cultural Marxism’s goal of destroying the structure of society.

    So there is a convergence. Of course the imams tell Muslims to vote far-left. The Muslims have every reason to ally themselves with the culture-hating cultural Marxists. For awhile, anyway, until the first goal is accomplished. As in Iran, where the communists made common cause with the radical imams until the Shah was deposed. The Islamist proceeded to execute their previous communist allies. My own opinion is that the knowledge they will probably be executed is not a deterrent to communist collaborators. The very strongest drive they have is destruction of the present culture. The prospect even of their own deaths is secondary.

    One-man, one-vote democracy itself was probably eventually doomed, even without the importation of Muslim identity groups. As the average IQ goes down, a pervasive
    redistributionist government becomes more attractive. But the involvement of Muslim identity politics pushing jihad makes the process so much faster and so much less likely to deviate from totalitarian stasis.

  7. The Left will soon learn that the Muslims will not share power, and that they are nothing but traitors to be disposed of as soon as possible.

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