Stoking Herkimer

When I turned eleven I graduated from the Cub Scouts and moved up into the Boy Scouts. We lived in the southern suburbs of Baltimore at the time, and every year our troop spent a week at a BSA camp in northeastern Maryland. A week of intense heat, mosquitoes, swimming, shooting, nature study — anyone who’s been in the Boy Scouts knows the drill.

Our campsite was medium-level when it came to fixtures and conveniences. In the more primitive sites, the scouts had to dig their own latrines and cook over a campfire. In the more swanky sites there was a little electrified building with a kitchen and a dining room, and not far away a modern latrine building.

Our site was in between. We had a latrine building of sorts, and a big canopy tent with picnic tables and a propane stove for a dining hall. And for hot water we had Herkimer.

Herkimer was a massive thick-walled cylindrical tank that we used as a water boiler. It sat over a fire on four big cinderblocks, and was fed by a water pipe from a well that served all the campsites in the area. I don’t know why it was called Herkimer — for some mysterious reason, that was the boiler’s name.

Herkimer had to be fired up before every meal, because the metal trays we used as plates had to be washed in very hot water. Our troop leaders explained the need for rigorous food hygiene, remarking that a failure to run those trays through boiling water would cause the troop to come down with diarrhea — which at scout camp was not a pleasant experience, even with a latrine building less than a hundred yards away.

So three times a day Herkimer was ravenous for wood. The camp management delivered a load of junk wood every morning that could be used for the fire, but it was never quite enough. We Boy Scouts would be sent out into the woods (which our campsite was in the middle of) to fetch whatever additional wood we could find. We weren’t allowed to cut living trees, but we could take down small dead ones, pick up deadfalls, and gather whatever else we could find. We broke up discarded packing cases and threw in big thick hunks of cardboard. Anything that would burn was fair game — I remember using a shovel to root out a large stump and break it up to stoke Herkimer.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Herkimer came to mind recently when I was contemplating the enormous political and cultural upheavals that are characteristic of our time.

Let’s take a look at the running of that big old water boiler as a process. We could break it down into three parts:

1.   The objective. The purpose of Herkimer was to generate sufficient quantities of boiling water to achieve culinary hygiene. One might devise other schemes for reaching the same objective, but at that particular place and time, a large metal tank with water piped into it and a fire underneath comprised the established system.
2.   The method. One opened the valve to let water into the tank and ignited the fuel underneath. Thermodynamics took care of the rest.
3.   Praxis. Two major components were required for operation, water and fuel. The former was taken care of by a well and a pump. For the latter a horde of grubby Boy Scouts was required. Again, one can imagine other schemes to achieve the same goal — paying top dollar for truckloads of charcoal briquettes to be hauled in, for example. But scrounging for junk wood was the chosen procedure.

There’s a socio-political Herkimer currently operating in Western Civilization. We’ve all observed the continuous onslaught against established religion, traditional customs, and cultural institutions that have been built up over the course of more than a thousand years. New rules and practices that would have been unimaginable a generation or two ago are being forced upon a populace that never desired or requested them. I’ll give some specific examples later on in this essay.

This destructive process is painfully visible in its innumerable manifestations, but teasing out the various strands of its three components is a tricky business. Nevertheless, we’ll give it a try.

1. The objective

What is the purpose of all this unpopular cultural coercion? The ostensible reasons — “human rights”, “diversity”, “social justice”, and so on — are obviously only the cover story. The real purpose is generally occluded, and can only be deduced by observing its myriad manifestations within our society.

The apparent goal of all these actions is lysis: the breaking down of long-established social structures. Lytic agents are being deployed throughout society to dissolve cultural membranes and connective tissue.

In the case of Herkimer, the overseers of the process — the camp management and our troop leaders — established the goal. The overseers of our societal Herkimer are of necessity less obvious. They are commonly labeled “globalists”, but a more accurate term might be “global socialists”, since socialism has always been a major component of the one-world utopias conceived by the visionaries of the blood-soaked century that preceded this one.

A new world is being built, and all the components of the old one must be disassembled before the new order can be constructed. That’s what the cultural Herkimer is for.

2. The method

Lysis is administered through mass propaganda organs, the two most important of which are the mainstream media and educational institutions. Earlier models featured newspapers, radio, and television, but the Internet has recently been employed to turbocharge the process. Now that virtually every citizen possesses one or more hand-held electronic devices, lytic propaganda can be administered much more rapidly and efficiently.

Yet the Internet has also provided an opportunity for those who would resist the new global socialist order. It has allowed dissidents to network together and transmit information that the media and the pedagogues would never allow. That’s why the ferocity of the culture wars has increased so much — the New World Order is encountering a level of resistance that it neither expected nor made preparations against.

It’s only because of the Internet that you can read these words of resistance. And I would never have typed them if the old forms of media were all that existed. Nothing that I write on this topic would ever have seen publication. If I had bothered to write letters to the editor, even those would have been discarded as useless crankery.

The Internet is the wild card in the operation of the great social Herkimer.

3. Praxis

In the elaboration of this conceit, what are the analogues of the surly Boy Scouts scrounging through the woods for firewood?

The media are the blazing hot fire of the operation. They are perpetually ravenous for fuel to achieve the goal of boiling away our culture. And, like the scouts, they are willing to grab anything handy that will burn.

Every major controversial issue has been thrown into the inferno to achieve their purpose. Climate change, normalizing sexual perversion, population replacement — all of these are simply fuel for Herkimer. That’s why it’s not a good idea to get bogged down in a long-term fight against any of the particular lytic agents deployed against us by the media and the academy. You can set up your foundation and build a website and fundraise to resist the latest media atrocity, but by this time next month there will be another one to contend with.

The media are uprooting stumps, collecting deadfalls, and breaking up old packing cases to fuel the fires of our destruction. Anything that will burn is fair game for them. It’s better to step back and understand the process rather than become absorbed in all the particulars. If we are ever to beat them at their own game, we need to understand Herkimer.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

If I were to attempt a comprehensive list of examples of the workings of the cultural Herkimer, I could write a hundred thousand words and still not be done. So I’ll limit myself to two.

Mass immigration

Population replacement is not something that the citizens of the West ever desired. They would never have approved of it, but their approval was never requested. It was simply imposed on them. For my entire adult life, opinion polls have consistently shown that a large majority of the public oppose mass immigration. Yet until Viktor Orbán and Donald Trump came along, no significant political leader ever seriously tried to put a stop to the immigration tsunami. You could vote Democrat or Republican, Conservative or Labour, Venstre or Socialdemokraterne; it didn’t matter — you got more mass immigration. On the hustings Tweedledum or Tweedledee might utter fine words about controlling immigration, but once the winner was safely ensconced in office the sausage-making began and the immigrants continued to pour in.

That’s how we know that a supra-national oligarchy is pushing for population replacement, and making sure that compliant puppets keep getting elected to implement the objective. If our Western political systems were truly democratic, mass immigration would never have taken hold. Someone with a lot of money and power has gone to great lengths to manipulate the system to make sure that the desired outcome is achieved.

The media have been tasked with collecting the fuel for multicultural Herkimer. That’s why they invented (or acquired) “racism”, “diversity”, “tolerance”, “discrimination”, and eventually “Islamophobia”. Each catchphrase is pounded into the heads of couch potatoes until they feel wicked and ashamed if they don’t hold the correct opinion about it.

The mass importation of foreign cultures is perhaps the most effective way to dissolve the traditional structures of Western Civilization and render it impotent against the imposition of new structures — all for the good of mankind, of course.

Sexual perversion

The normalization of various forms of sexual perversion has accelerated over the past fifteen years or so. Readers who are old enough to remember are asked to cast their minds back to the mid-1990s or thereabouts, when the mass acceptance of homosexuality got up its first head of steam. The initial push was for “civil unions”, which was all that was being asked for at that point. The talking heads assured us that anyone who suggested that this would lead to homosexual marriage was paranoid or a demagogue — what a ridiculous idea!

Well, that was then, and this is now.

The process began with a push for tolerance and acceptance. When I lived in England in the 1960s, homosexuality was a criminal offense. Prosecutions were rare, but it was still against the law.

In the late ’60s and early ’70s the laws against homosexuality began to be repealed. With the help of the media and the schools, ordinary people became “tolerant” of sexual perversion. After another generation of relentless propaganda, a general tolerance was transformed into a mandate for civil unions, and then marriage. Anyone who frowned upon such practices was shamed into silence. And now, in Anno Domini MMXIX, the disapproval of homosexuality can cost you your job or get you suspended from school (in the USA) or arrested and prosecuted (in Britain, Canada, and Australia).

In just two generations a cultural norm that had existed for thousands of years was completely reversed. This did not occur spontaneously among the general population, but was imposed on them. The Powers That Be set the goal, and the media went scrounging for fuel to throw on the fire under Herkimer.

As soon as the last barrier was breached — after homosexual marriage had been enacted, and homosexuality made normatively better than heterosexuality — then the battle lines were drawn for the war over the tolerance of the next perversion: pedophilia. I had always thought bestiality or incest would be next in line, but it appears the child molesters will have the first go.

Making sexual perversion normative is second only to mass immigration as a lytic agent against traditional cultural forms.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

A brief word about the Frankfurt School

The processes described above (plus many other lytic agents) were devised by the founders of the Frankfurt School in the 1920s and implemented in the decades since by their ideological heirs during the Long March Through the Institutions. The origins of the cultural destruction that is unfolding today is an interesting historical topic, and well worth studying.

However, it doesn’t really matter where it all came from. I’m more interested in the process of its implementation in the here-and-now.

Next week I may learn that it was the New York Yankees rather than the Frankfurt School who came up with all this pathology, but that won’t make any practical difference to my work. Whether Adorno and Marcuse or Mantle and Maris thought it up, it’s still the same old Herkimer.

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  1. The question is, will the unexpected factor of the internet (think of the Mule in Azimov’s Foundation trilogy) be capable of disrupting the Planned Disruption?

  2. Each catchphrase is pounded into the heads of couch potatoes until they feel wicked and ashamed if they don’t hold the correct opinion about it.

    But first, the vegetable hordes (you and me) had to be softened up at the meta-level. As Theodore Dalrymple noted in one of his essays years ago, even the most abject of prisoners in his charge prided himself on his “tolerance”. Ergo, “intolerance” becomes the capital sin, replacing Pride. It underlies all the terrified screams of RAAYCIST, BIGOT, etc., that thrown like bombs against those who refuse to go along to get along.

    Not that I blame the latter, especially if they have families to protect.

  3. It beggars belief on this and other alt right sites that the lysis referrred to is said to have socialism as the end goal. This hallucination can only be due to legacy Redbaiting.

    At no time since 1800 did socialism, however construed, mean class war from above:

    debt slavery to commercial banks after leaving college and otherwise; pollution of body and mind with profitable pharmaceuticals; compulsory eating of degraded agribusiness food; lifetime debt to private hospitals for medical treatment; school fee gouging of parents, desperate for unislamicised education, by private schools floated on the stock exchange for the shareholder benefit of the Happy Few, etc.

    In actual fact, what also beggars belief is the refusal to read the various documents of the last 30 years issued by the UN, the WTO and other international organisations on the topic of economic growth (= stock exchange profits) and how to secure it in the face of saturated markets and falling birthrates.

    Not to mention ongoing and past anti-sovereignist statements by senior politicians in all White countries.

    • “Legacy Redbaiting”?

      Indeed. Failing to take global Communism seriously has been a factor in the growth of poverty in the West.

      As for
      the refusal to read the various documents of the last 30 years issued by the UN, the WTO and other international organisations

      consider your sources, sir. Who would take such globalist “non-profits” seriously?

      We don’t proselytize for Soros either.

      Sheesh, nearly every assertion you make is one with which I disagree strongly, just based on the evidence (or your lack of it). Here’s one:

      ongoing and past anti-sovereignist statements by senior politicians in all White countries.

      That’s why we elected Trump. He is an economic nationalist and that serves our interests well.

      Meanwhile, majority black countries – e.g., South Africa and the rest of the corrupt continent – are such hell holes people are desperately trying to find the door. Name ONE well-governed “non-white majority” country. Maybe Obama’s home, Kenya?

      China is busy gathering all Africa’s mineral rights even now. But that’s racist, isn’t it?

      • Thanks Dymphna or mentioning South Africa . It is really a sad and fearful place to live in despite all its incredible natural beauty . By the way the government is pure criminal gangsters and kill many of their own members .

      • I believe tiny Botswana’s a pretty decent place.

        On the Baron’s broader point, there are many decent people who genuinely believe liberalism or socialism are the most beneficial forms of government; Sweden was a good example before they lost their heads.

      • Botswana and – to a lesser extent – Ghana, seem reasonably governed.

        But they’re the exception.

        Horribly-governed white majority countries are also the exception, unless we consider the “Herkimer” process as the ultimate in bad governance, in which case reasonably governed white majority countries are also the exception.

        Many Asian countries are reasonably well-governed by either standard.

        Why that is, I don’t know.

        • @Mike
          The truth is most Asian countries are generally quite badly governed in most ways.
          Draconian exploitation and irrational discriminatory practices is quite rampant. It is difficult to get jobs even if one is decently qualified.
          Substandard healthcare, substandard living environment, pollution, etc is quite prevalent.
          Victimization and abusive tendencies from big and small organizations/ elites is also quite prevalent.
          Being oppressed by Asian generally intolerant societies are also quite prevalent, if they deemed they have any power.

        • @Mike
          The truth is most Asian places are quite badly governed and corrupt in one way or another.
          Substandard healthcare, substandard living/working environment, pollution, etc is quite prevalent.
          People in Asia also tend to be more abusive, more irrationally intrusive, less tolerant and more exploitive in most ways. The truth is Asia is a horrible place to live.

  4. Terrific, Baron. Thank you. There is one structural feature of H. sapiens that gives us hope: we are so evolutionarily determined to fit in—to culturally integrate into our tribe—that only a small group of leaders can reverse this process and we will swing back the other way toward a less lytic and more conservative pathway. I hope. But, anyway, we can see these rapid changes in history—back and forth on ethics, sexuality, politics…everything—which surely presents to us no one-way trap doors.

  5. Destroy the USA and you destroy the existing international system down to its roots. That’s why so many non-American forces are allied to undermine and eventually implode the USA. Trump is effectively impeding this, while the Democrats are orchestrating and aiding it. Look at how ferocious the reaction has been by cultural Marxists against Brexit and Orban and others in Europe trying to stem this cultural destruction.

    Yet the USA is the lynchpin. As the resistance builds expect to see large-scale deployment of UN troops in the continental US within a few years, tops, and expect the suspension of virtually all democratic rights in the EU within 5 years.

    • expect to see large-scale deployment of UN troops in the continental US within a few years, tops…

      Nope. Not while Trump is in office and his basket of deplorables can still draw breath.
      Ain’t gonna happen, leastways before 2024. After that, who knows??

    • This is why “they” are so angry about Trump, a phenomenon that “wasn’t supposed to happen”.

      Like so many times in the past, American “Deplorables” have turned out to be the thin line – and often the only line – stopping “them”. Nowadays there are other countries on board with the “Deplorables”, but they remain the major force stopping “them”.

      As long as Trump is there, nothing awful will happen. Some day, however, they’ll manage to get rid of him, and then it’ll get really ugly. The only way that this will be avoided is if the Trump Administration manages not just to slow things down, but to permanently change the ship’s course.

      There are also encouraging signs in places like Italy.

    • Stephen, […] they can send in the UN all they like, they will find themselves quickly overwhelmed by those who take such things rather personally, like Vets, hunters and the Patriotic. Besides, who doesn’t need some brand new shiny equipment rarely used and only dropped once?

      This and many other reasons why Americans are armed to the teeth and will not go quietly into that good night.

  6. Very, very good article, Baron, looking at our problems in a different way.

    As for Reconquista’s classification of this site as “alt right,” that is ridiculous. My core beliefs are common sense and common decency and this site has them in an abundance. I have never in my life, and it has been long, encountered a political party or political institution that has adopted either of these principles though many in the past have claimed to do so.

    As for “Legacy redbaiting,” it sounds like one of the old try-ons that the left used to wheel out when claiming victimhood.

  7. You forgot public education.

    Dewey (of the library decimal system) advocated for the industrial model to be applied to education in light of its success in the production of goods and services that by the turn of the 20th century had brought America out of the backwoods and made it a power to be reckoned with. The one-room school house was an extension of the home school with the older children helping the teacher with the younger children. The students were allowed to progress in their studies as quickly as their abilities allowed them to.

    The factory model changed all that. The children were separated by age and given a specific curriculum that they were to master and would remain in that grade until they did. Education under this new system was made compulsory and children who didn’t want to be part of the new model were placed in ‘homes’ for delinquent children. It was not long until political indoctrination became part of the curricula so much so that now you have educational factories churning out culturally compliant children who have never had an independent thought in their life and will blindly do as they’re told.

    The Chinese, of course, copied this system and then ‘improved’ upon it.

    I have had to teach my son at home due to the failure of this system. I have also felt the cold breath of the fascists (I mean educators) who are in charge. This Herkimer is a poorly designed failure that is waiting to implode with such a destructive force that it will bring the rest of the construct down.

    The new mantra that is being foisted by the Elites is being taught to such an extent that the children are being told that right and wrong are outdated concepts and they have been replaced with ‘respect’ and responsibility. The result? On Sundays churches are empty and swap meets are full.

    Go figure.

    • I didn’t forget public education. I said:

      “Lysis is administered through mass propaganda organs, the two most important of which are the mainstream media and educational institutions.”

      I just didn’t spend much time looking into the details on education. That would require another post.

  8. Baron: Excellent analogy and article. A thought-game truly worthy of intellectual engagement. This “turning-up the heat” is an apt description of what seems to be happening, via the media. Every little peccadillo becomes a screaming, yet short-lived sensation. It’s enough to drive a sane person crazy. One antidote is to seek refuge in the timeless writings of great thinkers through the ages. If a work of writing has survived through the ages, odds are, that writing contains more than a grain of truth and permanency.

    As for present-day disruptors, I will add another to the fire: The “Beyond Meat” movement, aka, veganism. Humans have sharp incisors and strong jaws to tear-at meat, as we once were hunters, living off (and in harmony with) the land. Now, the nattering-nabobs-of-nutrition exhort us to eat ersatz “burgers” made from pea protein and to “detoxify” by drinking wheatgrass smoothies. This dietary perversion would have us all become methane-farting ruminants, or, more to the political point, grazing sheep. Not only unnatural, it’s disgusting!

    You are right. The goal is not socialism. It’s something much less appetizing.

    • Yes, properly programmed working human units who do and think as they are told and nothing else, so the elites may enjoy a life of luxury that consists of being waited upon by these human working units. Of course, once robotics has been perfected the humans will be disposed of as they will no longer be needed.

  9. Baron – Although I agree that lytic agents are being brought to bear on our traditional social arrangements and assumptions at an accelerating rate, I have to challenge your analysis on 3 grounds.

    1. “Perversion” is a pejorative term for “abnormal” but homosexuality is clearly not abnormal anthropologically. It occurs at a lowish level across all human populations (I believe) and also throughout the animal kingdom. Edwardian explorers were horrified to find even penguins, formerly held up as a model of proper family life, “at it”…so much so that the particular discoverer (whose name I forget) sent the news back to London in Greek lest it fall into the wrong hands.

    I think there is a sound evolutionary reason for homosexuality – male homosexuality at least – the avoidance of damaging competion for females in the polygynous or harem based societies which seem to have been common in our past and still are today in some parts of the world. If the high-ranking males in the tribe always grabbed more than their fair share of females what were the low-ranking males going to do, fight for them or look elsewhere?

    As an aside, from this point of view, it is ironic that Islam, with its polygyny, causes exactly that which it disapproves of so much.

    2. I do not see any evidence for a Mr Big, or Messrs Big orchestrating all this behind the scenes, nor any need for him or them any more than, by analogy, I see a need for a Mr Big orchestrating the creation and running of the universe. Those who do tend to come up with unprovable conspiracies such as Bildenberg, the Illuminati, the New World Order, the Deep State or 12 foot lizards…and of course, Satan.

    I do accept that Gramsci’s ideas have had a massive effect on academics and therefore the young, but does that fire need constant fanning by an external party or has it simply spread as a wildfire does and will either burn itself out or consume society totally?

    I suggest that in a population as fundamentally irrational as the human race, that cock-up is generally a better bet than conspiracy.

    3. Also, I do not see any indications that paedophilia is next in line. In Britain some Leftists including Labour MPs tried that 30 or 40 years ago, in conjunction with a group called the Paedophile Information Exchange, but it hit a brick wall of public revulsion and now those involved claim they were in Argentina throughout the whole period.

    Isn’t the latest, and potentially most damaging lytic agent, the attempted destruction of our most basic distinction, that between male and female? Even the Mail refers to castrated men as trans women and the Telegraph is currently running a series charting a man’s progress in “becoming a woman”. If the lunacy can take root there it can take root anywhere. Is the purpose of transitarianism more to indoctrinate us or to cow us by daring us to point out the Emperor’s nakedness and take the consequences? Either way, these days I find myself repeating that line about “those whom the gods wish to destroy they first send mad.

    I seem to have gone on a bit. Hope I haven’t crossed your comment length limit.

    • ECAW,

      I’m not only old, I’m old-fashioned. Until ca. 1970 homosexuality was considered a perversion. As a general rule, I deem any form of unnatural sexual behavior to be a perversion. It’s hard to argue that homosexuality is natural (although I’ve heard people try), because if it became predominant, the human race would become extinct (unless we evolve to the point where we produce offspring artificially in vats, but I don’t want to get into that right now).

      That doesn’t mean I hate homosexuals or want them to be prosecuted. I have a libertarian disposition, which means I think that adults who do whatever they want with other consenting adults IN PRIVATE should be left alone. The “in private” part is important — and, since I think displays of affection between heterosexuals should also be kept private, I don’t even discriminate against those who practice perversion.

      If you don’t think that pedophilia is next in line (after “trans”, that is), you haven’t been paying attention to your own media. I forget which British outlet is running it, but there is a series about “age gap couples”, which seems to focus on men over forty whose female sex partners are VERY young.

      There are other signs as well. Pedophilia is now being referred to as a “sexual orientation”, which places it roughly in the same category as homosexuality.

      Group marriage, bestiality, and incest are also being talked up, but pedophilia seems to have jumped the queue in front of them.

        • Anonymous – I think the article makes it clear that the motivation for this proposal is not ideological but purely practical, “to ease the strain on a creaking prison service”.

        • Child porn involving abuse of real children should of course be illegal. But if it involves only cartoons or animations, arguably this is a harmless “safety valve”.

      • Baron – If homosexuality is unnatural then what is it doing in nature at all? Do you have an explanation? To me “occurring in nature” is a definition of “natural”. To be clear, I am referring to the homosexual predisposition not to the usually accompanying behaviours, some of which I accept could fairly be termed “unfortunate”.

        I have proposed what I think is a plausible explanation for its counter-intuitive passing through the filter of natural selection for, presumably, a very long time. It occurs in our nearest relatives, the bonobos, after all. Admittedly, testing it would require a re-run of human history!

        The argument that it is unnatural because “if it became predominant, the human race would become extinct” doesn’t work. There are many characteristics of the human make up which would be disastrous in large quantities but which are adaptive in small amounts. A society in which everyone was perpetually aggressive would destroy itself. A society in which no one was would be destroyed by its neighbours.

        I do pay great attention to the British media, even the Graun where such things would likely appear first, and never see any coverage of paedophilia which treats it with anything but disgust.

      • ECAW, I’m not an expert, but maybe except for non-human primates, animal copulation is not for pleasure, but for biological procreation. And what is described as animal homosexuality is actually dominance behavior.

        Baron, to add to your argument, the DSM III listed homosexuality as a mental defect. When DSM IV came out in the late 60s, it wasn’t. Like flipping a switch, one day it is, the next day it isn’t. Maybe this points to the (un)reliability of the psychology profession. More likely it points to a political agenda.

        • There is nothing more political than the tinkering done to the various editions of the DSM, not even the choosing done for the pope.

          DSM = Damned Slimy Machinations.

    • ECAW, in terms of your 2nd point –

      I think the term “conspiracy theory” gets a bad rap. There are a lot of bad conspiracy theories out there. But they’re bad because they’re bad theories, not because they’re conspiracies. I don’t think labeling a theory a conspiracy really gives us any useful information about it. Plausibility and evidence are the only criteria that make sense to me in evaluating a theory. Some theories involving conspiracies have evidence for them and some don’t.

      Yes, cock-ups explain many events, but so do conspiracies. People conspiring behind closed doors to advance their own interests seems quite natural to me. We see it in corporations, financial markets, governments trying to topple other governments, even in small organizations you’ll see people plot, scheme and backstab to advance themselves.

      Sometimes people conspire to do good things. There’s a lot of good people out there. But sadly, I view groups of people working in secret to enrich themselves with utter disregard for others to be the default state of affairs.

      What is the Clinton Foundation, or the US “War on Drugs”, or government imposed 0% interest rates anything other than a conspiracy to extract tons of money out of people for the benefit of those higher up on the totem pole?

      I honestly haven’t paid any attention to the theories of who’s running the world. But I don’t think of conspiracy theories as something crazy. I just think of it as people planning for the future and not telling me about it.

      • gjest – All fair points. I won’t argue against them.

        Yes, conspiracies all over the place, I just doubt that there is one overarching one, just because the flock are too skittish and the sheepdogs (or wolves) aren’t clever enough to fully predict their behaviour.

        There is one word that never comes up in all this that I think should…fashion. The people screaming “far-right racism” at everything are very simple organisms at heart. They just want to know who to boo and who to cheer. I suspect if a reasonable contingent of cultural heroes told the obvious truth about Islam and stuck to their guns then the sheep would start going “Baa, he’s got something there you know” at their dinner parties.

        Here is a hilarious presentation of the cognitive dissonance felt by a Morrissey fan after he wore a For Britain badge on stage.

        Not converted yet but I feel his resolve weakening

  10. One more reason why I love and very much appreciate the fine GoV work!
    Thank YOU
    from the land of O

  11. Complete destruction of human sexual order is a logical consequence of Feminism, which was well underway long before these Frankfurt School guys began writing their incomprehensible books that very few people have ever even attempted to read.

  12. Frankfurt School leading de-constructor, Max Horkheimer, should perhaps give his name to that Herkimer, Baron, especially that he already sounds like it.
    I think that the word “Herkimer” might come from Herdeimer which would mean a “stove bucket” , a word that I don’t think exists in today’s German (but I might be wrong) but which perfectly describes that camping water boiler; something I experienced as well, as a girl-scout back in Eastern Europe, in the middle of a forest in the mountains.

  13. Florence Italy had a rapid change in its culture after the plague which began @1348 and the sudden collapse of the woolen industry and a near Europe-wide depression. Everyone was dying (est 40%) and the remaining folks had legacy riches. Investors found that the safest places to put money was in art and sculpture and in finding and reading ancient classical Roman and Greek texts, and focusing on rhetoric-the art of persuasive communication. This, the Italian Humanism and Renaissance movements began…literally out of previous societal collapse.

  14. Nothing more than the tribe in action, working to destroy national sovereignty and wipe Western culture off the face of the earth. All to get their One World Government “utopia”.

  15. So, the important question remains…

    “Who will be our Pinochet?”

    Jeff B.

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