Raped in a Meadow by a Culture-Enricher

On Sunday a little girl was raped in a meadow by a culture-enricher in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt. Thanks to alert passers-by, police were able to apprehend the suspected culprit. The following video doesn’t mention that he is now known to be a migrant, but that piece of information will appear in a later video.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript (note — the final video was composited from two separate clips):

00:00   This is the crime scene. An eyewitness explains to us what happened Pentecost Sunday
00:04   after she and her friend observed the alleged culprit with a little girl.
00:08   We knew it was an abnormal situation, and that something wasn’t right.
00:12   As we continued our walk with our dogs, which were leashed, he [the culprit] became more nervous.
00:20   That’s the feeling I got. He kept trying to put her t-shirt back on and at the same time looked over at us.
00:26   Just in that second the little girl was able to escape his grip and ran straight for me.
00:34   I wasn’t able even able to realise what a horrible situation we were all in at that moment.
00:39   During the filming of this report, the victim’s family escorted us at a distance. They thanked the witness, whom they hadn’t known
00:46   before, for her selfless courage in pursuing the alleged culprit.
00:50   We were driving down this street and at some point I saw a man on a bike and asked my friend, “Is that him?”
00:55   Since he wasn’t there when it happened, he didn’t know. Then closer we got, it was similar to a horror movie I’d say,
01:05   because we saw each other through the windshield. He looked at me with huge eyes and I was just as shocked
01:12   looking at him saying, “That’s him, that’s him.” Immediately, my friend pulled over here on the right, cutting him off.
01:18   He got out and told him, “You stay here and wait. Sit down. Calm down. Wait.”
01:26   The police came quickly and arrested that man and he is now in custody.
00:00   The police helicopter circling over Dessau-Roßlau offered an unusual sight this past Pentecost Sunday.
00:07   On June 9th the police were on the hunt for a sex offender. He was caught red-handed by a young woman named Nicky.
00:16   Her life changed from one second to the next. On Facebook, the young mother wrote about her
00:23   shocking experience on Pentecost Sunday. She was returning with a friend from a two-hour walk in Dessau-Roßlau,
00:32   when both saw a small child in a meadow in tall grass, about 30 meters away. The child waved her hands while a man kneeled
00:40   in front of the child and tried desperately to pull something over the child’s head. When the child noticed someone was approaching,
00:49   she screamed like crazy: “Help, help, I don’t know this man. He’s raping me!” The two walkers came closer.
00:58   The man was distracted; the girl was able to free herself. When the young woman shouted, “Come here, come here, very quickly,”
01:05   the girl ran towards the woman. Except for a small top, she was naked, covered in blood.
01:11   Full of panic Nicky ran with the little girl up the steps towards the street. From there a man helped and called the police.
01:18   The witness described — as best she could — what had just happened. Then the police were on their way.
01:24   The young mother looked at the girl. In her report she writes: “The little girl looked at me, crying, and crying,
01:31   showing me again and again how blood-smeared her legs and fingers were, she asked me again and again
01:38   with fear in her eyes, “Do I have to go to the hospital? Will I get a shot now?”
01:42   Meanwhile the perpetrator hightailed it away from the scene with the bicycle, but the police and ambulance were on their way.
01:48   Nicky couldn’t understand how something like this could have happened in an open field.
01:54   “The culprit didn’t even try to hide what he was doing, as if he were putting on a show.”
02:00   After giving her testimony, she went home with her boyfriend: “I had a nervous breakdown, running through the apartment
02:10   and just crying, I remember that I could hardly breathe.” A short while later Nicky and her boyfriend went looking for the culprit.
02:20   And that’s just what they did. A couple hours later he came towards them on his bike. They notified another friend to come
02:29   help by using WhatsApp messages. Her boyfriend got out of the car, stopped the culprit and Nicky called the police again.
02:38   Now the perpetrator has been presented to the court’s magistrate, who issued a warrant for his arrest for severe sexual abuse.

14 thoughts on “Raped in a Meadow by a Culture-Enricher

  1. “Their women [read: ‘girls’] are yours to take, legitimately.
    Allah made them yours. Why don’t you enslave them?”

    Sheikh Saad al Beraik

    • Rapists from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East will be the majority population in Euroweenie land within 35 years.

      It’ll take longer for hispanics to take over the US. And hopefully enough of our illegal immigrants will learn the difference between liberty vs. free stuff.

      Apparently the EU bureaucrats think they will be able to keep their jobs, no matter who they rule over.

      • You will have a very uncivil war far sooner than 35 years my friend, Europeans are slow to anger, but when the pot finally boils over, nobody but nobody does war better in both scope, scale and epic better than the Europeans. These 3rd worlders and their leftist Quislings and enablers really have no idea what is coming, but to their collective horror, they soon will.

  2. Bring them more with open arms , your stupid fools , listen to Merkel: “Wir schaffen das !!“ how crazy and naive people can be , I just feel sorry for that parents of that little girl , pure horror, unfortunately is to late to clean up this mess , this is not the first and last time , just the beginning folks…

  3. Being that the witness is German, the probability that she didn’t vote to allow this madness to happen is only one in ten. And, since she is female I would say the odds are even higher than that against her having voted AfD. Even after seeing firsthand in a most traumatic and disturbing way that elections do have real world consequences, she and others like her will likely console themselves with the bromide that “not all orcs are like that” and continue to pull the lever for anyone but the AfD.

    I have the deepest sympathy for the innocent child, and the unneccesary insult and trauma that was inflicted upon her only increases my fury and lack of pity for the country full of bovine-brained German fools who inflicted this upon her and the rest of Europe.

  4. Another child’s life destroyed by the ‘Welcome Refugee’ idiots.
    It is earnestly hoped that they themselves pay a heavy price for their virtue-signalling foolhardiness!

  5. In history, they seem to careen from one massive extreme to another, without being capable of finding “cruise”. What hath Merkel wrought, for the future?

    • I frankly don’t care what they are up to at this point, I just want them to stop bullying other people into tagging along. They are free to “Wir Schaffen das” as much as they want.

    • Civil war, in which the rising generations of Germans, who have EXPERIENCED these atrocities, will show no mercy at all to the Muslims.

      • What percentage of children in Germany are German both sides of the family these days?

        • Germans still have children? Or do you mean “New German”?

          • Moon, pleanty of German children who are learning that these 3rd worlders, despite the leftist propaganda, that these savages hate them, the hate will soon be returned in spades.

          • very true, G. I taught school throughout decades and the majority of boys, well behaved and peaceful ones, could not stand muslims for their aggressive and provocative ways. There will be no pity for them.BTW, I like the expression “uncivil war” because ” civil war” implies antagonists of one civil origin, which the enrichers are not part of, they are invaders.

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