One Man, One Border

The mandate for a multicultural society necessitates the removal (or at least the neglect of) national borders. Since citizens are no longer protected at the national level, they must protect themselves at the individual level — creating, as it were, tiny borders around themselves by various means. Women in particular must take unusual measures to guard against rape, sexual assault, and other forms of violence perpetrated by culture enrichers.

In the following video, Vlad Tepes has compiled a useful and thought-provoking selection of these “tiny borders”:

10 thoughts on “One Man, One Border

  1. Leave it to the Germans to create a technological “solution” to a problem that they were instrumental in creating. They already have a perfectly good technological solution called a “Walther PPK/S”. With proper training and usage, that technological solution ensures that culture enrichers who try to share their culture by force will no longer have that problem or be a future burden upon the German taxpayer.

    Since the Germans are so good at creating technological solutions to problems which they created, perhaps they can apply their mechanical genius to creating an artificial spine for their menfolk, and an artificial brain, with emphasis on practical application of common sense and equipped with a male bovine excrement detector for both sexes.

    • While your second para has a certain humour, the gung-ho first is fruitless. The Walther PPK can be chambered for 6 cartridge types but I believe the maximum size of clip is 10. Not exactly a machine pistol.

      Believe me, the typical street encounter in dar al-harb with male MENA elements aged 12-25 features being outnumbered 5, 6 or 10 to 1.

      You either quickly swap pavements if possible (on a busy road with no traffic lights for pedestrian crossing?), climb meekly into the gutter as symbolic jizya, or take it on yourself to burst through that pack of sunflower-seed-chewing Swaggerati occupying the width of that pavement. This is of course infidel disrespect and shall be punished.

      Now German gun laws could be aligned with those of Czechia or some “concealed carry” US states.

      But then, legally carrying a semi-automatic like the Walther PPK would still not ensure the one-off killing and wounding you apparently propose.

      Because the level of training, accuracy and mental toughness needed for your Walther PPK solution is not going to be achieved by normal civilians.

      There is the small matter also of the cost of such a weapon and (unlike in Switzerland) the relative lack of a gun culture and hence government-funded shooting ranges to learn how to use them ( I leave out here the difference between mere gun range accuracy and tactical shooting accuracy under stress) : as always, the import by Capital of low-wage debt slaves in the guise of colourful multiculturalism, compassion and empathy hits the indigenous poor the hardest.

      But the poor in Germany have no spare cash for weapons and munition.

      Do you imagine an 80-year old lady in her wheelchair who never did Army service (and even if she did?) is going to shoot an African enricher lurking, as does happen in cemeteries, when visiting her husband’s grave with flowers?

      The political dissolution of the nation states of longstanding indigenous Whites in the EU and recently-indigenous Whites in the nation states formed after they colonised other places (USA, Canada, Australia, NZ, S. Africa) needs a political solution.

      • Ok, this is more than black…

        Why a PPK?
        First of all, according to german gun laws no normal citzen, forbid a patriotic citizen can get a gun, let alone a permit for concealed carry.
        But according to certain rumors, Claudia Fatima Roth from the Green Party carries a loaded Revolver in her purse.

        No, why don`t we go back to the good ole days of Germany?
        Then all this discussion about cost and hitting a target and magazine size are absolutely redundant.

        Why not give every citizen a vial of non-lethal VX / Tabun with a vial of Antidote?
        The german chemical industry is – if you look at certain, of course totally, baseless accusation regarding deliveries to Ghaddafi, Assad, Saddam etc, capable of producing such stuff in such quantities that we Germans can supply all of Europe with such stuff.

      • Reconquista:

        A Walther would be quite effective as both an implement of self defense, and a deterrent. Even with just a six-round magazine (not a clip).

        I bet Frau Merkel trained with a PPK when she worked for Stasi in the former East Germany. In fact, I bet Frau Merkel could still fire-off a full magazine and reload a fresh mag in under 10 seconds, just like in the good-old days.

    • ” The Germans ” didn’t create this problem. The New York based UN, the United States government under President Obama and the Vassal State government of Frau Merkel did that. The German people are the ones suffering in this situation.

      • I respectfully disagree.

        Every chance the German Volk received to show their displeasure at the ballot box, they chose in overwhelming majorities to allow those problems to metastasize. At some point they own what happens to them by their tacit agreement of allowing it to continue.

  2. Lost in an increasingly lost world as security becomes a thing of the past. Feminist ladies and Muslim men pillage and plunder while they can.

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