Gaza Meddling in Swedish Politics

The following report was published earlier at Fousesquawk in a slightly different form.

Gaza Meddling in Swedish Politics

by Fousesquawk

The article below by Tobias Petersson in Katerina Magasin, a Swedish site, describes how Palestinian activists in Gaza are meddling in Swedish politics on behalf of those Swedish politicians who support their cause, namely Social Security Minister Annika Strandhäll and Foreign Minister Margot Wallström.

Translation by Fousesquawk.

Foreign Influence Campaign for Strandhäll Driven by Anti-Semitic Activist Group

Now Gaza is involving itself in (the fact that) a Swedish opposition party has submitted a declaration of mistrust against Social Security Minister Annika Strandhäll. It is the activist group Ihbid Electronic Army which supports Strandhäll. Ihbid Electronic Army is a Palestinian propaganda network in Gaza which has launched a campaign for the Social Democrats on Facebook and Twitter. This is revealed by Tobias Petersson, an opinion writer against violent extremism and anti-Semitism.

That is what the activist group has written in Arabic on its Facebook page with 35,000 followers. “Social (Security) Minister Annika Strandhäll is being subjected to attempts to remove her by the right alliance and pro-Zionist parties. She is known for her positions in support of the Palestinian cause. She and her party had the courage to make the decision to recognize the Palestinian state, which made Sweden the first European country to do so.”

The activist group has spammed a Facebook post from Parliament member Anders Österberg (S) in support of Annika Strandhäll. On their Facebook page, Ihbid Electronic Army urges its activists to write positive comments in the comment field on Österberg’s post for Strandhäll. “What a wonderful person and wonderful minister!” And “You should fight back and be strong!” people are asked to write to Strandhäll. Österberg’s contributions have received thousands of comments, mostly from the activists of the Palestinian activist group. Currently, Österberg’s Facebook page has been removed or inactivated.

The activists in Gaza have also released a video in Arabic with English text where they accuse Israel of acting like the Nazis in Nazi Germany. To compare Israel’s current policy with the Nazis is anti-Semitic, according to the IHRA’s working definition of anti-Semitism.

This weekend, the “Ihbid Electronic Army” also tried to influence the EU election by urging its Palestinian activists to spam Foreign Minister Margot Wallström’s Facebook page with positive messages. Unfortunately, I do not think it is entirely without Social Democratic involvement that this happens.

The spamming from Gaza cannot be described as anything other than a foreign influence campaign, which was perhaps meant to help the Social Democrats, but which in fact contributes to damaging the image of the party. If the Social Democrats need help from Gaza to run their campaigns, it must mean that the Swedish voters are deserting the party. Of course, this will drag down confidence in the Social Democrats.

— Tobias Petersson

Tobias Petersson is an opinion maker against violent extremism and anti-Semitism.

7 thoughts on “Gaza Meddling in Swedish Politics

  1. Sweden is now a very very dangerous country being run by mostly women feminazi leftists. I lived in Sweden in late 1980s, it was like this then, but now the feminazis and cultural marxists are fully in control, destroying the Swedes, replacing them with muslims.

    Sweden needs to be invaded by US forces to free up the people from the grip of the new feminist nazis who have gotten hold of power!

    Sweden needs to be liberated!!! Like france in 1944!

    • Believe it or not, the US doesn’t unilaterally invade sovereign states.

      You might want to take this up with the EU, of which Sweden is a member.

    • God help me from saying this but, maybe the Russians could invade for they are far more effective in dealing with the muslim problem than we currently are. Frankly speaking, the Russians could walk across Sweden with barely any resistance in a day or two.

    • Sweden needs to take responsibility for its own actions. Or else, if the population is dysfunctional enough to continue supporting Muslim and African immigration, just go down the tubes as a genetic variant unable to adapt to a changing environment. Sadly, any country willing to cede its sovereignty and protection to a global organization like the EU or the UN, is also genetically dysfunctional and in danger of extinction.

      If the US invades Sweden and imposes a government, it’s the equivalent of a welfare state taking resources from productive, stable families and giving those resources to dysfunctional, non-productive, single-mother families that produce non-productive, impulsive, sociopath offspring. The beauty of the nation-state model is that a nation that makes abominable decisions takes itself out of the gene pool, so to speak, and also doesn’t drag its neighbors down with it.

  2. What a karmic morass!

    Is Norway still supporting Gaza?? If so, this is getting positively byzantine with Gaza’s interference in Sweden.

    What’s next? Can Denmark manage to side-step the BDS swamp?

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