Edwin Wagensveld Arrested in Eindhoven for Having Bricks Thrown at Him

Edwin Wagensveld is the leader of the Dutch chapter of Pegida. Last weekend, when they were preparing for a demonstration in front of a mosque, he and his colleagues were pelted with eggs and bricks. In the end, however, it was only the Pegida demonstrators — including Mr. Wagensveld — who were arrested.

Long-time readers will remember Edwin Wagensveld as the man who was arrested three years ago for wearing a pig hat at a demonstration.

Many thanks to C for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:04   Pegida supporters were arrested during a protest Saturday afternoon in Eindhoven.
00:11   [Arabic/Amazhigh shouting] Before the protest started, opponents pelted them with eggs and bricks.
00:18   Who’s in charge here? Is Mr [Mayor] Jorritsma in charge, or are the muslims in charge here?
00:22   It seems, time and time again, that muslims are in charge, and everybody looks on and does nothing.
00:27   And Mr Jorritsma thinks he solves it this way. No, he only makes things worse.
00:31   As long as he doesn’t show he enforces the law, we’ll keep coming.
00:35   We’ll keep coming. Time and again, we’ll keep coming.
00:38   You now, eggs don’t bother me that much. I just laugh at that.
00:45   I’m waiting to file a complaint, because we’ve been pelted with stones.
00:48   You’ve seen eggs were thrown, and now
00:51   you want to arrest us for protesting, it’s getting crazier and crazier. Things are really crazy.
00:56   I guess you’ll show up again next week, right? —Next week, absolutely.
01:00   Even if he pushes me in the car ten times.
01:03   You’re under arrest. [Crowd goes wild]
01:09   He’s gone! Hey, he’s [?]
01:18   They’re taking me away, taking me away. —[crowd:] Take him away! Take him away!
01:22   They’re taking me away. —[crowd:] Police! He has to be taken away, police!
01:27   Bye! Bye!
01:31   They have to be taken, too! They’re with him, too. Deport those three!
01:35   Throw those three in the cell!
01:50   …there with him.

4 thoughts on “Edwin Wagensveld Arrested in Eindhoven for Having Bricks Thrown at Him

  1. Makes me feel sick to see these gloating vile “things” as normal Pegida protesters are arrested. When will the rest of the Electorate say “Enough!”? Dear God I despise and loath the “Left”. The EU and its mass migration policies are a catastrophe. Why are we still doing nothing to rid ourselves of these Socialist demons and their Mohammedan “pets”.

    London is now a violent low IQ sewer full of them as well and it shows. Gangs of feral migrants now attacking people at random on the way to work and even seen clinging to outside of trains at Waterloo to escape paying fares.

    Do the “Elite” think they are going to be worshiped as the new “gods” by these illegal incomers and colonists. What a mess!

  2. Thanks for keeping us updated on the horrors that are constantly being inflicted on us by the forces of Darkness, the Children of Satan, aka the Commie/Left/Progressives. It seems only slightly worse in Europe than it is in the USA, but we’re catching up rapidly.

    Here in the People’s Republic of New York, the Dems have had complete control of our state Legislature since the beginning of the year and all hell has broken loose. The only way you can get elected in this godforsaken place is to have a “D” after your name and swear allegiance to all that’s unholy including infanticide, unlimited immigration/invasion, unlimited taxes, etc. etc.

    The new taxes and restrictions on our civil liberties are coming fast and furious. I live in the suburbs of NYC and wouldn’t dream of wearing a Trump hat or T-shirt, nor would I dare to put a Trump bumpersticker on my car. No matter what the Commies do to you, whether it’s spitting, throwing a brick, burning down your house or church, assault, the cops will just walk away. Unless of course you’re a member of the protected class, i.e. a transgender, Muslim, ANITFA or other Dem leftist. Then and only then will the cops do something.

    • You’re not alone. Out west in Colorado all our state offices and legislative branches are D run. Cannot wait till the over 400 bills signed take effect; taxes might be higher than CALI!
      Proposing next session to cancel TABOR. Sigh….
      West used to be big sky, property rights, and leave your neighbor alone. Now it’s windfarms, bike lanes, and red light cameras.

  3. Western Europe is finished…they have no freedom of speech (can’t criticize islam) and they have no means (no firearms allowed in most European nations) to defend themselves from their traitorous government…the only thing that will stop an eventual muslim takeover of the USA is US born citizens freely exercising their second amendment rights.

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