Why Big Brudder Will Never Thrive in America

These guys are “Right Angle” – Bill Whittle of Eject, Eject; Stephen Green, aka Vodka Pundit; and Scott Ott, better known to old bloggers as Scrapple Face. They’ve all been around for a long time.

This tripartite discussion is interesting as anthropology if you’re not from here. On the other hand, it’s got a familiar ring if you are from around here. They’re right: this is where the dinky hall monitor ends up in adulthood and he’s still a dink.

We need a laugh, so enjoy.

9 thoughts on “Why Big Brudder Will Never Thrive in America

  1. Snitching on one another? For the benefit of our Overseer?

    What exactly do you think the W-2 and 1099 systems are all about?

  2. Mostly, I agree. However I recall an incident some years back, in the US as it happens, when my brother and I were driving from Vancouver to Seattle. The woman in the next lane was texting, and drifting towards us. Had my brother not noticed, she could have killed us; would we not have been justified in reporting her?

    • Better yet, take a photo and then confront her (kindly) at the next rest stop. So you might have to go out of your way a bit…

      • In today’s enriched environment, you take your life in your hands when you confront a stranger. Would you confront a ghetto black, a Somali, a Muslim refugee from “Syria” or Afghanistan, all proud inhabitants invited into the US by the neocons.

  3. I believe this is what communist countries used to have – it was called something like “helping watch of the police”, and the most active communists could join the hunt for criminals and “help the police”.

    This sort of thing, obviously, attracted the lowliest of characters – those who sook power over people, and it was said that it was better to deal with the communist police than with their “helpers” – for they were the most righteous of all citizens!

  4. I love it when Americans pat eachother on the shoulder thinking some parts of the human nature are somehow absent from their citizens. If that was true you wouldn’t have the whole SJW ordeal, lol.

  5. A middle-aged Mr. Average American tells a guy in McDonald’s wearing chains, his hat on sideways and his pants hanging below his waist to pull up his pants. This is met with compliance by the low pants wearing guy and glances of approval by the other patrons?

    Not saying it didn’t happen, but I want see the video.

    Where do these three nostalgic talking Americans live? I think they’re imagining an America of their youth. That ship has sailed.

    • Both his stories involved events from some time ago in small towns. We roll differently here.

      In the land of DMVs, maybe not so much. But for us, the local DMV is a tire store that contracts with the state for the small stuff. So you can’t ever tell…

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