Update on the Danish Crackdown

Vlad talked to Tania Groth today about events in Denmark, and here’s his report:

A general election was called in Denmark 2 days ago, on Monday. [Elections will take place on June 5.]

Today, Wednesday the 8th of May, is when the arrests took place, one of which, Jeppe Juhl, was a man running for the New Conservative party of Denmark.

A major newspaper in Denmark, Ekstra Bladet, ran a straw poll to see who would win the upcoming election and Rasmus Paludan polled at 24%, the highest amount of any party in Denmark.

Snaphanen [Steen], one of the arrested and a 67-year-old Danish blogger, was taken away by SIX police officers in handcuffs for sharing the video of the Scandinavian girls who had been decapitated by muslims in Morocco.

Jeppe Juhl, who was also arrested for sharing the video, said he had never even seen it let alone shared it, and they had arrested him also in connection for his work with NewsPeek, at least two years ago.

Thank you, Tania G for the insights onto these events in Denmark today, which show the real totalitarian, anti-democratic beliefs of the current Danish Prime Minister.

2 thoughts on “Update on the Danish Crackdown

  1. So far, the only inkling I have for the totalitarian bent in Denmark is through GoV, which is part of what makes it such a valuable source for news and background.

  2. While leftists scream about “neo-Nazis” and “fascists,” fascism enters through the back door. All the Scandinavian countries run from freedom and their own cultural salvation like frightened rabbits. And they vote again and again for lunatic leftists to run their governments.

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