Trump: Viktor Orbán Has Done the Right Thing on Immigration

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán met with President Donald Trump in the White House on Monday. The president held a brief photo op and press conference during Mr. Orbán’s visit, at which the prime minister was able to say a few words. After that the reporters predictably peppered the president with questions about the issues du jour — notably the “trade war” with China.

However, someone has kindly created an excerpt from that presser focusing on Viktor Orbán’s remarks and President Trump’s response. Note the assumption by the “journalists” that Hungary is not a democratic country, and requires “reform”:

Hat tip: László.

3 thoughts on “Trump: Viktor Orbán Has Done the Right Thing on Immigration

  1. The interesting thing about Orban is also that unlike most leaders in formal situations, he is willing to speak a foreign language, i.e., English. Most seem to rely on interpreters even when they don’t really need them, sort-of to make a point.

    Granted, his English is excellent.

    (In a way, it reminds me of Jacques Parizeau (former hardcore sovereignist Prime Minister of Quebec), who spoke excellent English… with a British accent acquired during his stay at the LSE.

    Anyway, Orban is one of the few real leaders out there, glad to see Trump supporting him.

  2. Our “journalists” really take the cake. I mean really. Democratic reforms? Come on!

  3. The initial question seemed different. The journalist asked about “democratic gaslighting in Hungary.” To me, that implies something totally different from “democratic reform,” as he said when addressing the PM. The gaslighting question was too open-ended while the reform question was completely irrelevant. Too bad, random journo. You goofed.

    He sounds foolish, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt until I know more. Maybe he’s a newbie at the White House and froze-up when Trump called on him.

    I am impressed with how gracefully Trump and Orban handled the awkward questions, though. Orban’s ambivalent bluntness made me smile.

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