The Tide and Some Worms Have Turned, Part 3

Seneca III has decided to extend his report on the departure of Cousin Theresa and the European parliamentary elections to include a Part 3.

The Tide and Some Worms Have Turned

Part III — After-Action Report

by Seneca III

Resignation Redux

Theresa Mary May is no longer in the running for…

First: A headline:[1]


The article and particularly the comments are well worth a read. Also, a redux on the redux just to level the playing field…Hopkins is still the Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police![2], as Tommy Robinson has recently learned the hard way.

Second: Both the Irish and the Dutch released their exit poll details immediately but for some reason the UK could not or did not, or at least to the public. When she made her resignation statement May could well have had them, and possibly even the result of the election itself, which would have been the final straw that broke her will to remain and she chose to pass on the poison chalice. Had they been less promising to TBP then I suspect she would have hung on even longer.

In a strange way I found that situation comforting (and I was correct — the Tories finished fifth), because if the results were bad enough from her perspective to force her to chuck in the towel, they sure as hell will be good for the country and its future. There’s a way to go yet, of course, but the results do show that things are moving in the right direction (no pun intended).

Third: Guyana-born Gina Miller[3] initiated the 2016 R (Miller) v Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union court case against the British government over its authority to implement Brexit without approval from Parliament. One has to assume that she was actually dumb enough to believe Theresa May’s oft-repeated statement “No deal is better than a bad deal”, believing that it was a statement of genuine intent, and thus Miller contrived to block a fellow Remainer from carrying out her treacherous plan by handing authority over to parliament as a whole who, of course, have managed to turn this failed exercise in reverse democracy into the stalled debacle we have before us today. Thank you, Gina, history will record you as a glorious stumblebum who managed to stab herself in the back whilst trying to stab the UK in its heart; it will be remembered as the triumph of self-serving vainglory over astute political analysis.

And thanks again for trying to destroy the sovereignty of your adopted country which welcomed you with open arms. Gratitude does indeed have a very short half-life.

Fourth: The Tory leadership battle…

…could last up to and perhaps into the Summer Recess (20th July 2017 — 5th September 2017) which means that between now and 20th July they are going to be unable to propose, debate and pass any meaningful legislation through readings in both Houses. This presents an interesting possibility which is well worth examining, but first some background.

In a Commons briefing headed “Transition and the future UK-EU relationship”[4], first paragraph, line 6, mentions “A UK-EU agreement to further extend the transition would need to be reached by 1 July 2020, eight months after the possible Brexit date of 31 October.”

Quotes —

The first extension of Article 50 was agreed on 21 March and provided for an extension until 22 May if the UK-EU Withdrawal Agreement (WA) had been approved by the House of Commons by the original Brexit date of 29 March. Alternatively, it provided for an extension of Article 50 until 12 April if the WA was not approved, by which point the European Council expected the UK to “indicate a way forward”. The WA was rejected for a third time by the House of Commons on 29 March…

…The Conclusions and the European Council Decision formalising them included reference to the UK commitment to act in a constructive and responsible manner during the extension period in accordance with the duty of “sincere cooperation” [No hope here, then. Please put a tick in any box that does not contain a traitor.]…

…and noted that the UK would remain a Member State “with full rights and obligations”, and that it has the right to revoke its Article 50 notification at any time.

It’s a long, bureaucratic jargon-filled document, as such things are, (and only the morbidly fascinated such as I are condemned to read it through), but in the light of rumblings, rumours and hastily convened high-powered meetings in Brussels this coming week it appears to open up the possibility that the EU can legally throw in the towel and just tell us we’re out. God willing.

Fifth: For info: EU elections — “Three methods, 28 variations”[5]. Shambolic doesn’t even begin to describe it. Level playing fields do not appear to be the EU’s forte.

Election night observations

It was a very low overall turnout at 36.7%. Vote totals for Northern Ireland are first preferences only. For parties running in both Northern Ireland and Great Britain, the vote share is just for England, Scotland and Wales, but the vote total is the sum of all GB votes plus the first preference votes in Northern Ireland.

Apart from Alastair Campbell’s comments from the depths of inanity, the constant refrain throughout the night from losing candidates and their party stooges was “A general election will be different because TBP don’t have a manifesto just a single point: ‘Leave the EU’.” What had obviously escaped their tiny, desperate minds was so did they, the singular point: ‘Stay in the EU’. The intellectual calibre of our established political parties now has a negative value.

Note that non-UK citizens cannot vote in a UK General Election whereas they (EU citizens resident and on long visits) could and did in this EU Election.

Wishful thinking and where to from here?

Since the election there have been several analyses which project the EU Parliament ‘Proportional Representation’ system’s voting figures onto a UK General Election ‘First Past the Post’ template. Several show that if the pattern is sustained the Tories and Labour would be effectively culled into near oblivion, and TBP would have a parliamentary majority.

Hence, I offer below a few suggestions for legislation that could be included in a Brexit Party agenda once the Party is in with a majority. The following are all adjunctive but might be possible to initiate in parallel with the most obvious, immediate and pressing ones of getting us out of the EU, withdrawing from any commitments to join the EU Military as made by previous governments, withdrawing from the UN Migration Pact and abolishing the House of Lords (with its equally corrupt Old Guard) and replacing it with an elected Chamber numbering no more than 100, then…

1.   Privatise the BBC.
2.   Stop HS2 dead in its tracks.
3.   Start training British NHS doctors and nurses and start phasing out foreign recruits (with suitable redundancy, pension payments and a big thank you bonus to take home) who are far more needed in their own countries (see #6, below).
4.   Stop and reverse all persecution of veterans and compensate them for their time of trial and hardship. Make the Military Compact generous, legally enforceable and irrevocable.
5.   Abolish foreign aid in its present form and close all of its parasitical operating establishments and the troughers who run them whilst placing a yearly fixed amount not totaling more than £500,000,000 at any one time for export guarantees in an account controlled by the Department of Trade and likewise a further yearly fixed amount not totaling more than £500,000,000 for overseas aid following natural disasters and place in under the control of the Foreign Office.
6.   Commence a culling of the current bloated, wasteful and superfluous system; a bonfire of most of the useless quangos and their leech-like quangocrats perpetually sucking at the public teat. Thin out the civil Service at all levels, particularly of globalists and the butterfly horde of ‘jobsworths’.
7.   Rebuild our military, using £5 billion yearly from the now-defunct Foreign Aid budget, and likewise the remaining £5 billion from the same source yearly to go to reshaping and rebuilding the NHS in conjunction with item 3.
8.   De-politicise the Police, dismiss all Common Purpose graduates therein, particularly chiefs and other senior officers in the box-ticking pipeline, return it to its original Peelian principles and then rebuild and restructure it to an appropriate size and reinstitute neighbourhood policing.
9.   Locate and repatriate all illegal aliens irrespective of origin or how long they have been here, and likewise those claiming ‘refugee’ status but are in fact non-contributing economic parasites. Return home genuine refugees to those countries that are no longer at war so that they can rejoin their wives and children and start rebuilding. Limit any further legal immigration according to our needs and to what useful contributions such applicants can contribute.
10.   Put an embargo on any further house-building on greenfield sites.
11.   Bring back Christmas in its traditional name and form and make it illegal for anyone or any organisation to label it as anything else such as ‘Winterfest’ or any of all the other sniveling multiculti hijacking attempts that have come into being of late.
12.   Tell Macron we want Normandy back toute de suite. That should occupy his tiny mind for a few days.

And that should do for the first session. If they want the job, they should be prepared to do the hard graft including working/sitting on Fridays like those who pay their wages have to do. If they do those things and keep their fingers out of the fiddled expenses trough — virtually a competitive sport amongst their predecessors — then I would not be averse to their awarding themselves a decent pay rise at the start of the second session.

But — and it’s a big but — at the end of the day there is always going to be the question that dare not declare its name: “What shall we do about this?”

— Seneca III, in a wet but cheerful Middle England, this 27th day of May 2019.



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15 thoughts on “The Tide and Some Worms Have Turned, Part 3

  1. So it’s May day, finally, with clear signs of distress and abject need of assistance.

  2. Does this mean we don’t get to hang the political class for High Treason and all the misery these disgusting oiks have caused? We need a British “Nurenburg” to expose the crimes of this CP Cabal. otherwise they will do it all over again. We also need a total ban on Marxist parties and have them treated as terrorist organisations. That might even include the Tories but especially the “Zanu Labour” under Clown Corbyn.

    Yes I am quite serious. We will need a new Church too. The current one is sated with Marxists.

  3. Here’s another node for the distribution network.

    Enjoy the energy, delivery and upbeat purpose of Daddy Dragon. And the accent – increasingly rare in London.

    Tommy’s 38,980 votes in NW England put him at 3rd place when looking individually at the candidate list (after a 1st and 2nd place Brexit & Labour candidate). Something the shameless media still omits to say. His vote share was also higher than two other minor but established parties. All those parties had access to large funds and digital media.
    The independent moslem candidate, who stood in opposition to Tommy, gathered 2,002 votes. The media fail to mention it.

    To achieve in three weeks nearly 40,000 votes as a one-man band – with none of the usual financial sponsorship, zero social/terrestrial/print media presence, local authorities refusing campaign access to their area, violence permitted against him and his supporters (particularly in Oldham), obstructed campaign donor funding (Stripe refused to process financial transactions) – and utterly illegally – the UK’s Royal Mail postal service refused to deliver his campaign leaflets, is a mark of phenomenal achievement and support from the voting people.

    The legal case in the clip refers to the crowd funded pro Brexit action currently being heard in the Courts: that the govt had no authority in law to decide against leaving the EU on 29 March 2019. The media choose to ignore this action also.

    The “knuckledragging thugs” in the clip is a wry reference to Farage’s disgraceful slander of UKIP members when he decided to shaft his ex-party to the media (and to herald-in his Brexit Tory-lite subscribers group).

    The clip asserts – on authority – that Farage only recently told Brussels that he wants the UK to REMAIN in the EU, after negotiating a deal. Not to leave. This, if true, obviously would present a lie to his 25 year noisy opposition to the EU, and the Brexit Party campaign and the purpose of his elected MEPs.

    Certainly, the MSM have been kinder in their reporting of late – at least they have withdrawn from the pre referendum rancour and racist badinage that put his physical safety at risk. And yesterday he turned up on the State broadcaster BBC radio 2 – the 2nd largest station in the country – to talk Brexit. And is banner news on the front pages, to collaborate with the Tories.

    If the allegation is true, those UKIP voters who switched to the Brexit Party, in good faith to what they believed was a likely worthy winner, will be kicking themselves when they realise. His platform candidates (now elected MEPs) for a financially sponsored party, with no manifesto, that took on subscribers (not members) in a few short weeks – are a motley bunch of old hands and political ingenues. Who include a revolutionary communist, a retired ex Tory MP, nurse, property developer, and the journalist sister of a leading profile Brexit MP ‘rebel’-who-wasn’t-really and who has transferred his investments offshore to safeguard in the event Brexit ever happens.
    In April 2019, Farage said that there is no difference in the purpose of the Brexit Party and UKIP except for a difference in “personnel”. Very well remunerated, largely inexperienced personnel in Brussels to “speak” for Brexit. And in slandering UKIP supporters, he had chosen not to be a man of the people.

    The 5m vote Brexit Party-Farage triumph shades the true UKIP-Batten 550,000 count. But most of that 5m belong to UKIP. UKIP that Batten pulled back from the brink just over a year ago and embodied with thousands of new members, organisational structure, a realistic and relevant manifesto of principles.
    Put in perspective, the mess that Farage left to UKIP after he departed, and the pointless subsequent leaders he enthusiastically endorsed and who pitched the party towards the abyss, now look like deliberate sabotage. And when Gerard Batten took over the reins, the threat became very viable, and the MSN joined in the attack.

    It’s a mucky business. And there’s a lot of dirt to shift before the foundations can go in.

    Anyway, enjoy the clip. It’s all good stuff.

  4. Re your point 2): HS2 (new high-speed rail line, initially from London to Birmingham, for non-Brits) is perhaps too ambitious (and disruptive)- though I can’t help reflecting that the French would have it finished by now. But the UK does need additional north-south rail capacity, as the West Coast main line (London-Glasgow) is near saturation, and the slower freights/local passenger trains mean not enough expresses can run.

    • This is simply state socialism. The Brits cannot wean themselves from socialism, on the theory that if salaries, subsidies, grants and state corporations don’t fall from the sky, they will be stuck in a Niger-like economy.

      Perhaps if the absolute share of government is lowered dramatically, and people have alternative means of expression and earning a living, it won’t be so critical to follow every twist and turn of the corruption-besotted political class.

      • Eh? Road transport is massively subsidised, as the cost of accidents (far more than on rail) to the emergency and health services is borne by all taxpayers.

  5. 13. Tell Erdogan that Europeans demand the return of Constantinople and the speedy exit of Turks from their illegal occupation of Cyprus.

  6. A media update on the police investigation into the attack on Tommy Robinson’s Euro campaign event in Oldham +++

    This 2nd clip may be familiar, being from the US, and dates from 2010. It’s unlikely that such candid panel speakers would have been platformed on TV in the UK – even prior to the hate speech laws of 2017.

    It’s surprising – or not – to see the English accented screen guest, Anjem Choudary.
    He was for many years a ‘go-to’ controversial media mouthpiece in the UK.
    A regular guest foisted freely into viewers’ living rooms courtesy of the State BBC and commercial TV stations. And the US media, in this clip.
    He trained as a lawyer courtesy of the British tax payer, whom he has described as funders of his ‘jizya’ welfare lifestyle, that he continues to enjoy.

    Events briefly caught up with Choudary three years after this filming, and he was finally charged and jailed in the UK for terrorism, for five years in 2016. Linked to numerous plots, including incitement for the murder in May 2013 on a London street of Lee Rigby, a young, off-duty, bandsman-soldier, in civilian clothes.

    However, Choudary was released under supervision in 2018, after two years, because the Justice Dept apparently possessed no powers to detain him further mid sentence – despite the ongoing “pernicious” danger he presents to the public.
    Police home and personal supervision cost the taxpayer some £3m per year. He lives in the family home, seeing out the rest of his jail term.

    Compare and contrast with Tommy Robinson’s constantly vulnerable physical and family home circumstance, absence of police protection (highlighted at the Oldham euro campaign family day), and egregious injustice from the UK authorities. The glaring discrimination is damning – because he speaks some uncomfortable truths.

    • Thanks for the compare and contrast. I’ll bet that bellicose terrorist, supported by the taxpayer, was even behind some of the mistreatment of Tommy during prison. The police authorities in the UK are deeply dark.

      Had no idea he was mixed up with Lee Rigby’s martyrdom. Disgusting beyond words.

      • Yes, the untrammeled network in prisons function as well, if not better, than outside the walls. News of Tommy’s hurried transfer to the 80% muslim jail last year arrived before he did – allegedly via the prison imam. Pigeon post wouldn’t have trailed far behind.

    • Nothing like inviting a bunch of verbal, politically-oriented, identity-group driven, shameless and violent invaders into your country. Muslims are nothing if not organizers: political groups, religious groups, and the prevalent, Saudi-funded, Wabahi-supporting mosques.

      In other words, the Muslims deliver the vote. Identity groups are always described as subordinate and oppressed as an organizing tactic. It’s why the MSM hacks and writers are so upset at the thought of white identity or oppression of whites. Tucker Carlson skirts around the edges. I’m sure he’s more aware than he’s saying, but he specifically avoids saying whites should organize out of self-defense.

      For the record, any movement including Albanians (white), British (white), Irish (white) and Germans (white) as an identity group will fail. They’re too diverse to have a common identity or viewpoint. Identity groups have to focus on a true identity, but there will be tremendous power in, say, a German and a French and a true British identity group.

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