The Tide and Some Worms Have Turned, Part 2

Seneca III is monitoring both the European parliamentary elections and the leadership crisis in the “Conservative” Party following Theresa May’s resignation. This is the second part of his report on these events; it includes the latest official results of the EP elections. He’s gone to bed now, so I updated his results table with the most recent information I could find. Apparently Scotland reports its results later than everybody else.

The Tide and Some Worms Have Turned

Part II

by Seneca III


Both the Irish and the Dutch released their exit poll details immediately, but for some reason the UK could not or did not, or at least to the public. When she made her resignation statement, May could well have had them and possibly even the result of the election itself, which would have been the final straw that broke her will to remain, and she chose to pass on the poison chalice. Had they been less promising to the Brexit Party then I suspect she would have hung on even longer.

In a strange way I found that situation comforting, because if the results were bad enough from her perspective to force her to chuck in the towel they sure as hell will be good for the country and its future. There’s a way to go yet, of course, but the results do show that things are moving in the right direction (no pun intended).

Monday 27th May 2019 — (Ironically, our Spring Holiday)

The results of the UK EU Parliamentary elections are in. Seventy-three members, known as MEPs, have been elected in nine constituencies in England, and one each in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Each region’s number of representatives is based on its population — from three MEPs in north-east England and Northern Ireland to ten in south-east England.

UK Election results

[Preliminary figures, based on The Guardian and the BBC]

Party   % of vote   # MEPs   % of 76
Labour — Jeremy Corbyn   14.6   10   13.2
Conservative — Theresa May   8.8   3   3.9
Brexit — Nigel Farage   33.3   28   36.8
UKIP — Gerard Batten   3.5   0   0.0
Green — Jonathan Bartley & Siân Berry   12.5   7   9.2
SNP — Nicola Sturgeon            
Liberal Democrat — Vince Cable   20.9   15   19.7
Sinn Féin — Mary Lou McDonald            
DUP — Arlene Foster                
Plaid Cymru — Adam Price   1.0   1   1.3
UUP — Robin Swann            
Change UK   3.6   0   0.0
TOTALS   98.2   64   84.2

I leave you, dear reader, to contemplate the gnashing of teeth, the torrent of tears and the tearing out of hair amongst the treacherous Legacy Parties and their Civil Service, Media, Globalist and affluent chatterati supporters as they contemplate a very different future come our next General Election.


There is a long campaign ahead. The EU Parliamentary elections were on the whole successful skirmishes for many across Europe as well as in the UK, but they were not full-blown battles. Those are yet to come and the first indications of how they will develop in the UK will arrive with the results of the Peterborough by-election on Thursday 6th June.

Afterword — Amusing but electorally serious report from on the 24th[1]

Alastair Campbell [Remainer] is currently on Twitter blowing a gasket about how using PayPal foreigners could fund the Brexit Party. He is demanding the BBC cover the story. Nick Robinson this morning asked Richard Tice [TBP Chairman] about it without any evidence of any foreign funding.

This site’s [order-order] editor is currently sat in sunny Waterford, Ireland. He is a foreign national. He just went on the People’s Vote [anti-Brexit org] website and made a donation:

To make the donation anonymous he gave the name Vladimir Putin.
He used a Euro card from a bank based in Germany.
It went through without any identity checks in seconds.
The editor checked the € account online, the £1 donation cost €1.14.

Alastair Campbell’s People’s Vote welcomes offshore donations:

— Seneca III, in a slightly brighter Middle England as the dawn approaches, 0100 hours BST this 27th day of May 2019.



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7 thoughts on “The Tide and Some Worms Have Turned, Part 2

  1. Huzzah! Not the beginning of the end yet. Lots of slogging ahead.

    Press onward, UK.

  2. This huge vote would have gone to UKIP had not the narcissist Farage founded his own, one issue, party. As it is, a vote for the Brexit Party at the next general election will mean business as usual, except on the issue of EU membership. But the fundamental problem is not, and never has been, EU membership: It is the treacherous elites who rule, or misrule, the individual nation states of Europe.

    • I respectfully disagree that separation of countries from the EU will allow business as usual.

      With separate countries, the idiot countries like Sweden which insist on destroying themselves will not be able to drag other countries down with them., There will be no such thing as open borders between countries. A country allowing the “humane” passage of immigrants might well be stuck. They will not be able to “offload” unwanted immigrants to other countries through bureaucratic totalitarian proclamations.

      And very importantly, the smaller the region covered by the government, the more responsive the government is to the actual people. The representatives have to actually rub elbows with their constituents, and are not able to hide behind the diktats of faceless bureaucrats. Hopefully, Switzerland will break up into its ethnic components, and the international financier class will only be able to ruin Geneva and Zurich.

  3. Watching from across the pond, I commend Nigel and his Brexit party for doing what many would have considered impossible, especially if you know anything about politics.
    What an amazing victory and in such a short time- it certainly bodes well for all of us who are concerned about the general direction the Commie/ Left/ Progressive/ Elites are trying to take things. Sorry to hear that Tommy didn’t win his race, but that was a long shot to begin with.

    Congrats to all and may Godspeed.

    • I’ve not heard all the BBC’s reports (I have to sleep, among other things!), but I’ve not heard Tommy’s name once. Maybe this is what Orwell meant by an “unperson”.

      • Now we call it “deplatformed”. They really did banish and persecute him the whole way. Had UKIP the courage of Batten, they might not have been obliterated because they’d have had a winner in Tommy.

        That’s what makes Farage so smarmy…a karmic debt which will eventually haunt him. I hope.

  4. One other thing- speaking of Tommy. Let’s hope that he stands down and gets out of Dodge while the gettin’s good. Time to seek asylum in the US or a safe country where he won’t be hunted down and killed by Muslim bounty hunters or their colleagues in the Cop Shop.

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