The Tide and Some Worms Have Turned, Part 1

Seneca III is monitoring both the European parliamentary elections and the leadership crisis in the “Conservative” Party following Cousin Theresa’s resignation. He sends the first part of a report on these events; Part 2 will follow after the official results of the EP elections are announced.

The Tide and Some Worms Have Turned

Part I

by Seneca III

Thursday/Friday 23rd-24th May 2019

The Dutch exit polls may indicate that that Marxism triumphs yet again.


The Dutch Labor Party of Frans Timmermans, the center-left candidate for European Commission president, is the unexpected winner of the European Parliament election in the Netherlands, according to an exit poll.

The party won five out of 26 seats with more than 18 percent of the vote, doubling its result compared to the last European election in 2014.

Rutte’s People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) rose from three seats in 2014 to four seats this time, according to the exit poll, while Baudet’s FvD enters EU politics with three seats.

Rutte congratulated Timmermans’ party. “The Labor Party has delivered an unbelievably good performance tonight,” he said. Of his own party’s result, he said the VVD has made “considerable progress.” He added: “It’s a fine result, but of course one would have preferred to be the biggest party.”

Asked whether he is happy the liberals came ahead of Baudet’s party, Rutte said it is good the Euroskeptic FvD is “not the largest.” He added: “Above all, I am very much in favor of a vision of Europe. There is still a great deal wrong with the EU, [but] in order to keep the Netherlands strong, you have to remain part of the EU, and this has, in any case, led to a profit for my party.”

FvD’s European lead candidate Derk Jan Eppink said that his party is “the biggest winner in the number of seats, we go from zero to three.” He also congratulated Timmermans on his victory.

The big loser was Geert Wilders’ far-right Freedom Party (PVV), which lost three of its four seats. The socialist-liberal Democrats 66 lost half of their votes, ending up with two seats. According to the exit poll, turnout was up: some 41.2 percent of eligible voters in the Netherlands cast a ballot, compared to 37.3 percent in 2014.

The Netherlands and the U.K. were the only EU countries to hold their part of the European Parliament election on Thursday. Official results will be released only on Sunday evening, after all 28 EU countries have voted.

[The PVV with only one seat? All is not well in the land of the Cloggies, but this raises another question: What’s going on here? Voters lying at the exit?

Whatever. Why can’t we publish the results of our exit poll in the UK but the Dutch can? Is it one rule for Europe and another for us, or Is it because the Marxist EU Presidential candidate Timmermans is purported to have won 5 of the 26 seats and the EU want to encourage more voting that way all around the Block rather than revealing our results which are highly likely to be the exact opposite.?

We shall see, but watch out, those of you in the patriotic EU countries voting on Saturday and Sunday — you are being stitched up as badly as we are.]

Friday 24th May 2019

Theresa Mary May, the Vidkun Quisling of the United Kingdom, announced at 1015 hours BST today that she is resigning as leader of the Conservative and Unionist Party on the 7th June. They must now elect a new leader.

[The election process is instigated by either the incumbent resigning or the Parliamentary Party passing a vote of no confidence. Such a vote is automatically triggered if the 1922 Committee receives demands for new leadership carrying the signatures of 15 per cent of Conservative MPs (currently 48).

The Conservative Party then uses a twofold system to select a new leader:

The Conservative Chief Whip (currently Julian Smith) receives nominations from party members.

If just one MP is nominated, they are automatically installed as party leader.

If multiple names are put forward, a ballot of Conservative MPs is held. The lowest-polling name is removed and another ballot is held. This continues on subsequent Tuesdays and Thursdays until just two nominees remain. These two nominees are then put to a ballot of the wider Conservative Party membership (150,000) with the winner becoming the new Conservative leader

Candidates will go head-to-head at hustings events around the country with their pitches to party members in the hope of winning their support.

A candidate achieving more than 50 per cent of the vote among Party members will be declared Leader of the Party.]


May is now out of the running for:

Nevertheless, the worrying thing is that because of the convoluted nature of the Leadership election she could still be running the government for anything from two to six weeks until her replacement is elected.

She could do a lot of damage in that time, being the sort of person she is. What the country really needs is an impartial caretaker leader with only a limited mandate until the new leader is in place.

Saturday 25th May 2019

And in Eire: From The Daily Express[2] :

[…] THE Green Party has shockingly topped the European polls in Dublin according to the latest exit polls.

[…]the support has been widespread across the Republic of Ireland which also accounts for a four percent margin of error. The unexpected results could see a boost in Ireland’s two other constituencies, according to RTE. The Dublin constituency is projected to see a poll-toppling performance from the Green Party’s former junior minister Ciaran Cuffe with a suggested 23 percent first preference vote…

The poll suggests that Sean Kelly from Ireland’s largest party Fine Gael could be re-elected with voters in the South constituency supporting him by 16 percent.

However, Fine Gael’s Mairead McGuiness is likely to top the poll in the Midlands/North West constituency, the research suggests…

It comes as Ireland’s Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar warned that Theresa May’s decision to step down as Prime Minister puts his country in “danger”.

He fears that Mrs May could be replaced by a hard Brexiteer like Boris Johnson who has said to “prepare for no deal”.

Mr Varadkar told Ireland’s Virgin Media News: “We may see the election of a Eurosceptic prime minister who wants to repudiate the withdrawal agreement and go for no deal or we may even see a new British government that wants to see a closer relationship with the EU and goes for a second referendum.

“But whatever happens we are going to hold our nerve”.

From Breitbart London/Europe[3]:

Anti-Brexit millionairess Gina Miller targeted millions of people — mostly young women — with Facebook adverts depicting Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage as a red-eyed, fang-toothed vampire[4].

Miller, a Guyana-born boarding school alumnus who best known for handing the Remainer-dominated British parliament the final say on Brexit by taking the British government to court, has been unmasked as the person behind Remain United — one of three distinct brands under her Centrum Campaigning Ltd umbrella — which spent tens of thousands of pounds on adverts featuring such allegations as “Female-Friendly Farage? He’d scrap maternity pay as well as discrimination and sexual harassment laws” and urging viewers to vote tactically…

Miller was previously associated with the anti-Brexit campaign Best for Britain, funded by billionaire plutocrat and convicted insider trader George Soros, and based in London’s Millbank Tower alongside several other anti-Brexit front groups including the People’s Vote campaign, Our Future, Our Choice, and the European Movement…

She has since distanced herself from Best for Britain, however, scorning it as “a room full of white males deciding what’s going to happen to the country”. [‘WAYCIST’ or what?] [emphasis added]…

The former model has admitted to having a “very privileged” upbringing, but was politically inspired by the Communist revolutionary and dictator — a family friend. “I would lie on the top of the stairs and smell the cigar smoke of Castro, or whoever it was, in the room, and listen to [Castro and her family] debating about politics and social justice, and it always filled me with awe that you could change other people’s lives by your actions,” she revealed in 2017…

Castro’s one-party regime executed thousands for political reasons, and imprisoned tens of thousands more — a heavy toll relative to the population of his native Cuba.

— Seneca III, in a somewhat anticipatory Middle England, this 25th Day of May 2019



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14 thoughts on “The Tide and Some Worms Have Turned, Part 1

  1. It is true that in the EU incl. UK, voting machines are not used as in the USA, which has had electoral fraud for years since voting was computerised, e.g.

    However I am surprised that the good-hearted Seneca does not consider the idea that the Dutch election result has been falsified in other ways. There have been voting box irregularities in Germany, for example: in 2015 the volunteers counted votes “wrongly” in 33 of 94 locations, for the Bremen local election, which funnily enough cost the WAYCIST NAZIS!!!! i.e. AfD a seat until it was discovered,

    So does anybody know how unfakeable EU election results are or does this vary, as I suspect, from country to country?

  2. A victory by the communists and green communists just delays the inevitable and ensures impossibility of peaceful revolution, thus making the violent kind that much more violent when it finally does occur.

    Continue the import into Europe of the basest of savages from the dregs of the muslim and african cesspools…

    • “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

      -JFK, though I doubt whether this was the scenario he had in mind!

      • I’m not so sure that this is still true.

        With modern technology, the degree of forcible control that can be had over a population may well enable a permanent state of slavery, or if not permanent, a VERY LONG TERM state of slavery.

        • Mike, You cannot force human nature to be controlled, for nature always, one way or another finds a way. We already have a combustible situation in our western countries, all it takes is a spark to set the whole thing on fire.

    • To you and Mark H,

      Just who is going to make this revolution some of you always mention? I thought all the guns were basically gone? You keep repeating this and repeating this. The powers arrest a few patriots here and there so that not many are complaining aloud much and then pretend your countries actually have some power to make your own decisions.

      The only hope now is in Great Britain, and the few countries like Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, and one or two more. I can’t believe the Dutch turned on Geert. Maybe all those reports one occasionally hears about how they aren’t as terrific as once thought are true. Now that is sad.

      Mike from Brooklyn

      • Mike from Brooklyn,

        Europe isn’t as disarmed as most Americans think, and firearms are very much legal in many european countries. All those firearms from two world wars didn’t just get turned in upon conclusion of hostilities either.

        I don’t think revolution will be against governments initially; more likely muslim atrocities or provocations combined with a severe economic downturn is what will be the trigger for armed rebellion. One can see how much the potential is there in the organic Gilet Jaune demonstrations, or the riots in Chemnitz over the death of a good samaritan by a couple culture enrichers. Just as the French and American revolutions did not start with the purpose of overthrowing the monarchy and creating an entirely new government, initial protests or riots will spiral out of control and overwhelm the government response, and this is where the danger and opportunity resides.

        Who will fight? Those with nothing left to lose, of course. Revolutions don’t happen in prosperous countries with low unemployment and a government that is perceived as being representitive and responsive to it’s citizens. I expect to see much more pushback against the invaders and those agencies that facilitate the invasion the next time the economy takes a serious downturn. One doesn’t have to be a young, fit, military age male to participate in a revolution. An older, out of shape office worker in a state security headquarters can have just as much if not more impact if they pass on warnings to those being monitored by the state, or lose or delete files and create bureaucratic impediments to swift action by state security organs.

        • Hello Moon:

          I would prefer if you had left a comment on the updated Seneca piece, but you commented here and I’ll respond here.

          Note that you are talking of two types of actions. One type is self-defense against Muslims and other street gang cultures. The street gangs (look at Antifa) might be doing the government’s dirty work, but the government cannot be too open about supporting them. Left to their own devices, the forces of freedom can organize and protect themselves. In the US, the veneer of separation between governments and street gangs is wearing pretty thin, as when the police in Charlottesville actually assisted the rioters. But still, gun ownership puts an absolute limit on the actions of gangsters. Attacking an individual on his home or property, they could get their heads blown off.

          The second type of action is direct armed rebellion against the government. This would be extremely stupid and counter-productive. In the first place, a government and organized military have enough tools to suppress any internal armed rebellion. The valid cases you described, of the sympathetic government employee passing information, works best when there is not armed conflict. If you attack all government people, esp. military and police, they will feel themselves between a rock and hard place, and might participate in suppression any rebellion out of survival needs.

          On your assertion that rebellions are carried out by people with nothing left to lose: I disagree. Rebellions are often carried out by the second-string privileged class that is resentful that they are not on the top, but only slightly below the top.

          The American revolution was not carried out by the wretched of the earth, but by prosperous farmers, merchants, tradesmen and lawyers who chafed at having to answer to British rule, possible the most benign colonial government in history. I’m not denigrating the American revolution, but a revolution of starving peasants, it wasn’t.

          • The French one too, though that got hijacked by extremists (as in Russia).

  3. “Voters lying at the exit?”

    Possible, but more likely the sample is heavily biased with Euro-skeptical voters are less likely to respond to the Marxists running the exit polls

  4. It’s difficult to dispute the claim that the populations of Europe are only indifferently protective of their sovereignty, even with obvious provocation by the filth and crime of unfettered immigration.

    Part of the problem is undoubtedly the government stranglehold on education and communication. A sophisticated European can get around internet filtering by their government by paying the minimal price for a VPN subscription, but almost by definition a grouping that sophisticated will be in the minority.

    Another part of the problem, perhaps the biggest, my own opinion, is that the populations of Europe have deteriorated genetically, especially their sense of self-preservation and suspicion of outgroup invasions. Significantly, the most nationally-assertive peoples are in the eastern border countries that have endured almost constant hostilities with the Islamic empire.

    Stefan Molyneux posits the Platonic forms of government against the Aristotelian.
    According to Molyneux, Plato pushes a fantasy “ideal” that trumps actual reality, and advocates a totalitarian government by the elites who know secrets the masses cannot comprehend. He poses the Platonic ideal government against the rational concept of Aristotle, who describes a government run by logic and empirical facts available to everyone and not just the chosen.

    Funny enough, with masses of low-IQ immigrants and the genetic deterioration of indigenous populations, including a lowering of IQ, any effective governance might have to be more Platonic than Aristotelian. That is, one-man, one-vote representative governments cannot be sustained with a low-IQ population. The government descends into anarchy, and then to tyranny.

    • RonaldB, All it takes to make weak men strong again, is a few strong men to train them to be strong men once again. There are places in Europe where the 3rd worlder dare not tread, for the locals don’t put up with their nonsense and deal with the 3rd world problem very covertly. The Police in the Eastern block are very good at making the problem 3rd worlders disappear.

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