The Studio Audience Loves to Hear About Death Threats Against the AfD

We’ve reported in the past (most recently here) on the case of Frank Magnitz, the leader of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) in Bremen. Back in January Mr. Magnitz was brutally attacked and received a severe head wound, presumably at the hands of local antifas.

The following video shows an excerpt from a recent TV appearance by Mr. Magnitz. As one would expect, the moderator and panelists are unabashedly hostile and contemptuous of the AfD leader, but you’ll also notice that the studio audience claps and cheers at the mention of death threats against Mr. Magnitz and the owner of the venue who had to cancel AfD events.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Frank Magnitz (AFD) reports during a show called “bute un binnen” that AfD election events in Bremen were canceled
00:06   because the owner of the location received death threats. A few hateful and anti-democratic viewers clap frantically.
00:12   They approvingly condone people being threatened with death and are even be happy about it.
00:20   Herr Magnitz, I would also like to know from you, if we compare results from other German states, you have about 8%.
00:28   Although that is an increase, when compared with Bavaria, which has over 10%, and Hessen over 13%,
00:33   you aren’t able to keep pace. Why is that?
00:37   In Saxony the AfD has nearly 30%, and we definitely are nowhere near that, but that’s because there are different conditions.
00:44   Bremen is a spot that isn’t very easy for the AfD. (Guy behind Magnitz: “That’s good!”). Considering the conditions with which
00:53   we are confronted while trying to campaign, 8% is very acceptable result. Nevertheless, I wish it were different.
01:03   I would prefer that it were in double digits, but we are working on that.
01:06   I would like to say something regarding the campaign. Exciting or not.
01:11   You know, as colourful and diverse as Bremen is, the color blue is missing. It isn’t part of the color spectrum.
01:21   I think that is quite significant and above all terrible. —That’s not right. You are generously represented in our show. —No.
01:28   It is rather clear, so I would also like to tell you why. This afternoon I received news that we will have to cancel our
01:36   last three election events that we planned between now and the end of our campaign. The reason is very simple.
01:45   Very simply because the owner of the location no longer wanted to rent it out to us, (Wonky eye lady: Super!)
01:56   because he received death threats. It is clear from the reactions here how horrible the political discourse is.
02:07   You mean death threats like the squared beam? (reference to the attack on Magnitz) —From every side, the AfD is the victim.
02:11   You can see for yourself where the political discourse here in Bremen has landed. — So is playing the victim a role
02:14   that you feel good in? Do you think you’ll do well with that?
02:19   Absolutely not. If anything, we are being interfered with. That’s a fact. —Maybe it has more to do with your kind of politics.
02:23   Let’s talk about your job. —So let us have a debate about the topics and perhaps it will be better. —We do. —Really?
02:30   How would that work? With 8%, and you also have a full time job as member of the German parliament in Berlin. —Yes.
02:39   What would your activity look like? How often would you even be there for your voters, if you have any?
02:45   Why don’t you just wait and see? We will fulfil our responsibilities. And it will be done very well. —I would like to see your
02:51   appointment calendar. —Today the German parliament was in session. —Yes. —And where is he? Not in the German parliament.
02:57   You’re playing hooky from parliament in order to be there for the people of Bremen? —That’s right. —OK. We heard it.
03:03   Just a reminder: This is happening now in Germany in the year 2019… not 1933.

8 thoughts on “The Studio Audience Loves to Hear About Death Threats Against the AfD

  1. Nothing new.
    20 years ago or so a Republikaner(Split from CSU)was stabbed by a Kurd in Berlin when he was sitting at a Restaurant.He got 2-3 years!

    Also look how Lefties attacke Pro Life Christians(on the chanel you can find also more attacks on AFD if you speak german).

    • It is normal in German TV that people in the studios are carefully chosen and get signals when to cheer and/or to clap. It is part of the omnipresent indoctrination and desinformation.

      • Just like the BBC’s fake ‘Question Time’. A panel of (so-called) experts chats liberalspeak and the carefully selected audience goes into raptures.

  2. Recently,within some german taxpayer-funded tv-channel: “Hi,its your boss.We are having another talkshow next week and the conclusion of the “talk” needs to be that the AFD are nazis,racists,jewhaters,diesel-engine-loving,climate-sceptic and islamophobic extreme right-wingers . We count on you to invite the usual experts,you know,a couple of politicians with alledgedly opposing views,one person from showbusiness,a professor of some sort,a feminist and then find us a matching AFD-member.The audience will be screened according to our requirements,you don’t need to worry about that.Looking forward to working with you and counting on the desired results.The political powers are appreciating your assistance very much,i can assure you.Till next week,thanks,and byby.”

  3. At least they didn’t throw beer mugs at him. Don’t these people understand the optics when they act with such diusrespect? It conjures up memories of 1933-1945.

  4. They won’t be laughing when the demography changes and the immigrants get enough political power. I would say then the left will be crying in their beer but beer will become illegal.

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