The Stormtroopers of Antifa Confront the AfD in Munich

The following video shows the stormtroopers of Antifa disrupting an event held by AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) to commemorate the jihad attack that occurred on April 20 at a Croatian church in Munich. Actually, “disrupting” is too mild a word for the behavior of those stalwart anti-fascists. I can’t tell from this video whether the event was ever actually held as planned, but it would have been difficult for the participants to hear anything if it was.

The anti-Islam activist Michael Stürzenberger recorded and narrated the video. Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   AfD Event on May 1, 2019 at St. Paul’s Cathedral, Munich, in remembrance of the
00:04   Islamic Attack on Holy Saturday (April 20, 2019) with AfD Parliamentary Members
00:08   Peter Bystron and Wolfgang Wiehle
00:12   Has a fire broken out over there with you? —With you! —Hello Mr. Stürzenberger. —Hello.
00:17   Munich is colorful, wonderful! All racist are a**holes. Where are the racists?
00:21   Get the phone out of here now! Otherwise something is going to happen. —Put the camera
00:25   away! —Let me tell you something, you take your hand away from my camera, otherwise I will
00:29   report you to the police for property damage. —Put the camera away! Put the camera away!
00:33   Keep your hands to yourself! Put the camera away! Put the camera away! —Yeah, sure.
00:36   Put the camera away! Put the camera away! —Sure, sure. —Put the camera away!
00:39   Cameraman is an a**hole! —Put the camera away! —Cameraman is an a**hole!
00:42   Put the camera away! He’s obstructing journalistic work and freedom of the press
00:45   Violation of Article 5 GG —Put the camera away! —I’m doing my job and he’s stopping me.
00:50   Please protect freedom of the press, OK? —Fire here. Fire there. Anti-Fascista!
00:55   Fire here. Fire there. Anti-Fascista!
01:01   Put the camera away! —Stay away from me, I’m telling you! —No, you stay away from me!.
01:05   Get away from me! You don’t touch my camera or I will report you for property damage.
01:10   Put the camera away! —Is that clear!? —Put the camera away! Put the camera away!
01:16   (Article 240 Criminal code: Coercion) —Put the camera away! Put the camera away!
01:26   Put the camera away! Put the camera away!
01:31   The Anti-Fascist storm troopers approach.
01:37   Anti-Fascista! Anti-Fascista! Anti-Fascista!
01:47   The AfD event is a memorial for the Islamic attack that took place during the Holy Saturday service,
01:50   in which a 34-year-old “refugee” from Somalia stormed the church screaming “Allahu Akbar” and
01:53   throwing stones, while 1000 Croatian Christians were worshipping.
01:56   Say it loud, say it clear, refugees are welcome here! Sign: All racists are a**holes everywhere
02:08   Sign: Antifa in the Offensive
02:18   Stürzi, you a**hole! Stürzi, you a**hole!
02:30   So, where is the entrance to the event? —Cast out Nazis! Cast out Nazis!
02:37   Is there an entrance for the event? —Cast out Nazis! Cast out Nazis!
02:41   There has to be a place in order to enter. —Cast out Nazis! Cast out Nazis!
02:45   If you want to enter, you have to go underneath or in the front behind the chain of police.
03:13   Sign: Migrants and refugees don’t lower wages, your boss does!
03:21   The collective of Leftist and Green party youth.
03:25   Did they register their demonstration? —Good question! Normally, the opposing participants of
03:28   your event must speak with the police officer in charge of the operation. —And maintain a 55-yard
03:35   distance. —Normally, yes. —There is no right to spread Nazi propaganda!
03:40   There is no right to spread Nazi Propaganda! There is no right to spread Nazi Propaganda!
03:47   Let me explain how this works. Some higher-up gave the order to allow
03:51   them through to cause the greatest possible disturbance.
03:57   A group of criminals, right? —Yes. You could say that. —Especially since, you have to ask
04:01   yourself how, they are permitted to stand here directly in front of our event. —Yes. Exactly.
04:13   We are a people’s party just like the other parties.
04:32   Stop deportation, no border, no nation! Stop deportation, no border, no nation!
04:45   Stop law and order! No nation, No border! —The police have not permitted.
04:59   Blah, blah, blah, Anti-Fascisti! Blah, blah, blah, Anti-Fascisti!
05:21   Black was the night, the snow was white, the red army from every side.
05:43   Sign: Fight against racism, sexism, egoism and intolerance.
06:08   Sign: “All racists are a**holes everywhere!”
06:31   Signs: Whoever demonstrates against Nazis, isn’t a leftist, just normal / No place for racism
06:46   There is no right to spread Nazi propaganda! There is no right to spread Nazi propaganda!
07:00   Never, never again Germany! Never, never again Germany!
07:15   You lost the war! You lost the war!
07:30   America, Normandy, Germany never had victory! America, Normandy, Germany never had victory!
07:53   Can’t the police explain to them that they have to stay on the other side of the street?
07:57   Can anything be accomplished with them? You’d have to be able to speak to them. We just spoke
08:03   to them. You have to demand it. It is unacceptable that an opposition demonstration is controlling
08:08   the situation. The police will probably start with the “de-escalation” strategy because
08:13   dispersal could lead to rioting. Looks like the police skipped breakfast and are too weak to
08:19   do it. Man, is that embarrassing.
08:30   (Jacket of guy w/pink hat pointing) “F*** AFD”
08:45   Andy, Andy! Can’t the police maintain distance? —Yes, they want to do that. Someone will walk
08:51   around with a megaphone and make an announcement. —Good. —Attention, attention!
08:56   This is the police…
09:12   I repeat, we request that the participants in the opposition demonstration step back behind the
09:17   parked cars or else the police will have to use force.
09:52   By now they should have put on their helmets.
09:56   This is the police. Participants in the opposition demonstration, step back behind the parked
10:00   vehicles. If you do not comply with this request the police with use force.
10:08   Where, where? Where were you in Chemnitz? Where, where? Where were you in Chemnitz?
10:25   Make another announcement, than that’s it. —This is the last announcement from the police
10:30   to the participants in the opposition demonstration. Step back behind the parked
10:36   vehicles, off the sidewalk onto the street. Otherwise, directly after this announcement
10:40   the police will use force to do so.
10:46   German police protect the fascists! German police protect the fascists!
11:58   Where, where? Where were you in Chemnitz? Where, where? Where were you in Chemnitz?
12:15   German police protect the fascists! German police protect the fascists!
13:34   All of Munich hates the AfD! All of Munich hates the AfD!
14:13   Did any of you lose a war? Have any of you lost the war? I don’t know. Maybe it hasn’t started yet.
14:25   We weren’t even on earth during the war.
14:31   Lost the war? Not one person here was even there. —No. —Yup.

5 thoughts on “The Stormtroopers of Antifa Confront the AfD in Munich

  1. Left versus normals fighting in Germany has a bad history.

    Rosa Luxemburg, please call AntiFa from the Spartacus League office.

  2. Can anyone tell me why Antifa has not been designated an international terrorist organization? They are one step away from bomb throwing. Oh wait- they’ve already done that.

  3. My thinking is that every government contains a radical revolutionary or totalitarian element that wishes to institute a totalitarian government. One of the techniques is to foment street violence and then paint the increased government powers as a means to regain security on the streets. The street gangs are actually a tool of government elements, used to achieve their ends and maintain deniability. The need for deniability is what makes an armed citizenry so effective. They can use their arms as a means to protect themselves, without actually engaging the military forces.

    In the case of the US and many parts of Western Europe, unfortunately, the process of government subversion of its own constraints is so far advanced, that citizens protecting themselves are subject to criminal prosecution. This can be seen in the FBI hounding of the Proud Boys and the felonies charged against the Charlottesville marchers who protected civilians against the antifa attackers. So far, the Trump administration has not wanted to, or has not been able to, rein in the deep state elements protecting violent attackers of Republicans and Trump supporters.

    In the case of the Munich demonstration on the video here, it is difficult to tell how much of the chaos was attributable to a covert government encouragement of the violent counter-demonstrators, and how much was attributable to the sheer incompetence of the police. The police should have maintained control over the situation from the first. They should never have allowed antifa control of the street in the first place. It was a far more difficult and dangerous task to clear the street than to maintain control of the street in the first place.

    One remembers the Rodney King riots of the 1990s, when LA police chief Daryl Gates ordered his police to pull back from defensible positions, and allowed the riot to build up before ordering the police to act. Gates was a sociopath psychotic so it is hard to tell whether he had some concept of self-glorification in mind. In the usual pattern of California dysfunctional government, there was no legal way to remove Gates from office.

  4. At 1:55 is the chanted slogan “Say it loud, say it clear / refugees are welcome here!” — in English! Why in English? Who is the intended audience? Couldn’t the sloganeer come up with a rhyme in German?

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