The Entrapment of Heinz-Christian Strache

Until a few days ago Heinz-Christian Strache was the vice chancellor of Austria and the leader of the FPÖ (Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs, Austrian Freedom Party). Then a video surfaced that appeared to show him cutting a corrupt deal with a Russian investor. The video was recorded before the last general election, but wasn’t used against Mr. Strache during the campaign. It seems to have been held in escrow until now, just before the European parliamentary elections — in which the FPÖ was expected to do well, making it an important ally for Matteo Salvini, Geert Wilders, Marine Le Pen, and the other “populist” parties after the new parliament is seated.

The pretend Russian deal was an obvious set-up. As soon as I read the details, they seemed to point to a deep-state operation masterminded by Sebastian “Boy” Kurz, the leader of the ÖVP (Österreichische Volkspartei, Austrian People’s Party) who went on after the election to become chancellor, heading a government in coalition with the FPÖ. With the help of the German and Austrian intelligence services (and the Russians, of course), it looks like Mr. Kurz had planned in advance to create a reason to jettison Mr. Strache and call an election, after which he would be able to lead the government without the help of the FPÖ. I don’t understand his certainty that he can pull it off; but then, he knows the internal political currents in Austria, and I don’t. I assume he is anticipating a new coalition with the Social Democrats.

The following analysis of the entrapment of Heinz-Christian Strache more or less supports my intuition. It was recorded by Oliver Janich, a German author and journalist.

What’s particularly interesting about this video is Mr. Janich’s revelation that the TV comedian Jan Böhmermann was deeply involved in the entrapment scheme, and was at least a passive collaborator with the intelligence services. Long-time readers will remember that Mr. Böhmermann got himself into a spot of bother three years ago by publicly reciting a vulgar but amusing poem about Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   H.C. Strache has just resigned in Austria. Several strange things happened. Obviously, Jan Böhmermann already knew
00:10   about the video. He made references to it at an award ceremony this past April. He made innuendos.
00:20   In fact he said, just a moment… Böhmermann said in a thank-you speech at the awards on Austrian television a month ago,
00:34   in April: I’m pretty high on cocaine and Red Bull hanging out with a bunch of FPÖ CEO friends in a Russian oligarch’s villa in Ibiza,
00:40   and negotiating if and how I can takeover the Krone Newspaper so I can take control the forces of opinion in Austria.
00:50   He copied the exact content of the Strache video. Then the day before everything came out, he said,
01:00   “Tomorrow Austria might burn, you’ll be surprised.” So it’s pretty clear he knew about it. What we see here
01:12   is classic secret service work. So Jan Böhmermann is also responsible for the Reconquista Internet.
01:23   Which is a platform that actively denounces political opponents, in classic Stasi methodology, classic KGB methods and CIA as well.
01:33   And now he knew … there are rumors that he may have been involved in the renting the villa, but that’s just rumor.
01:41   For sure we know that he knew about it. Of course, there was wiretapping, setting up a trap, just as was tried with Trump,
01:53   to trap him with Russians. Trump didn’t fall for it, but obviously Strache did. Who released the story first?
02:01   The Southern German newspaper (Süddeutsche Zeitung) and Spiegel TV.
02:07   Süddeutsche Zeitung and Spiegel TV are part of the Netzwerk Recherche (Network Research, German version of Media Matters).
02:12   While researching Network Research again, my own book was in the search results, because I discuss that
02:18   in The United States of Europe. Then I remembered what the Bild newspaper wrote on October 27, 2011
02:28   about the founder and long-time board member, Mr. Leyendecker. There was a scandal that Netzwerk Research
02:39   distributed false information, and illegally received funds from the Federal Agency for Civic Education, allegedly.
02:44   In the meantime, the Federal Agency for Civic Education and the Netzwerk Recherche are working together again.
02:51   So with a governmental institution. The government is pretty much the intelligence service. So it’s clear, they work together.
03:03   At the time the Bild newspaper wrote: “Even at the association’s founding ten years ago there were unusual procedures
03:10   in Leyendecker’s finances. He was offered a donation of a million German marks from a secret friend from the United States.
03:16   According to the internal protocols of the association, he was to give the potential donor his word of honor to promise
03:24   to not to name the donor. Who is the current chairman of the Network Research?
03:30   The former Spiegel editor-in-chief, Georg Mascolo. Georg Mascolo, has of course received various prizes,
03:43   and is a member of The Atlantic Bridge. The Atlantic Bridge is an intelligence organization, not officially, but
03:52   in all my books and in other authors’ books it is explained as well. So the Atlantic Bridge is of course secret service,
04:01   or it is at least involved. You could probably say it is controlled by the secret service.
04:09   The Atlantic Bridge even gives out an award named after a secret-service man (Vernon A. Walters).
04:13   So Mascolo is also a member of the “Core Group” of the Munich Security Conference. (Already scrubbed from the wiki page on him)
04:17   The Munich Security conference is practically the meeting of intelligence agencies. So, I wrote something else written down.
04:27   What do we have here? There was something else. Ah yes, his wife, for example, was a young leader of the Atlantic Bridge.
04:36   So the story was revealed by those involved with Network Research. We have the corresponding connections to the
04:57   deep state. That is the deep state. That means I’ll probably put a question mark in my video title,
05:07   but there aren’t too many questions left unanswered. Mr. Strache has become a victim of an intelligence service plot.
05:14   This is classic intelligence work. Lured into a trap. Maybe a honey trap was involved here, because he apologised to his wife.
05:23   So it seems that the woman sitting next to him was not his wife. I don’t know, and I don’t want to say the wrong thing now.
05:31   Someone just posted that. So we have a journalist that has knowledge about it in advance, Jan Böhmermann.
05:37   Then the denunciation of the character of a political opponent which is classic intelligence work.
05:44   Operation Mockingbird is what it’s called in America. And since I’m finished faster that I thought, I will discuss the content
05:54   of the video, just the well-known clips I’ve seen. The entire video is six hours long. We see the classic cooperativism here at work,
06:09   about which I will make the highly requested video. Strache is a politician like any other and was promising government contracts
06:19   to someone else other than those who are receiving them at the moment, his political opponents. Preferring to give them
06:24   to someone else. That’s how the government works in general. Those in charge hand out the government contracts to people
06:32   they know. Of course it’s a scandal, but everybody does it that way. Then there’s the donations, which didn’t go directly to the
06:42   the his party but to an association. They all do that, too. All the donors mentioned in the conversation have denied everything.
06:52   And the third thing was the prospect of taking over the Kronen newspaper. He was looking forward to and was hoping for
06:58   more positive reporting. Yes, that’s how the establishment parties have been operating for decades. They get support
07:09   from the mass media. You just have to watch it and it has been that way since the beginning
07:16   of the Federal Republic Germany and of Austria, too. He was looking forward to breaking the Kronen newspaper out of its
07:23   phalanx so that he might receive positive media coverage. He was making suggestions and talking about everyone he would like to
07:34   kick out. Which is perfectly normal, that he would wish that certain individuals were no longer employed there.
07:42   He was also drunk and whatever else. It was a classic secret service set-up. It doesn’t get more classic than that.
07:49   Even if I’m going to put a question mark in my video title just in case. The deep state was doing its work here.
07:58   Maybe they had this video in a drawer somewhere, but at the right time and place they pulled it out. This was filmed
08:03   before the last parliamentary elections in Austria and maybe that was just part of the strategy.
08:12   He was to be elected in with Sebastian Kurz, then thrown under the bus through a scandal.
08:17   This way George Soros’ friend Kurz can carry on alone. Speaking of George Soros, I was getting related search results
08:24   with his name when I was researching Mascolo. George Soros kept popping up.
08:30   Let’s see what the connection is. “The billionaire donated…”
08:37   “400 Journalists from 100 Media outlets in 78 countries reported simultaneously about the Panama Papers”
08:41   OK. “According to the Panama Papers, large numbers of politicians and celebrities from many countries profited from the
08:46   money transactions.” Do they receive donations from Open Society? I don’t know. Just a second.
08:50   2016. Hold on. (Typing — Netzwerk Recherche + Open Society) I wouldn’t be surprised, but it is difficult to keep up.
09:01   Netzwerk Recherche + Open Society “Panama Papers — Secret deals involving Poroschenko over Messi to Putin”
09:12   Who is this research network? Behind the journalist consortium stands the US non-profit organization Center for Public Integrity.
09:16   Highlighted: Billionaire George Soros donated over a million dollars. OK. I think the connection to the Atlantic Bridge is
09:20   enough. At the moment, I’m not sure what the connection is to George Soros, but it would have been interesting.
09:24   If there is one, then I will insert it. I’m not sure Johanna will have time to insert images.
09:29   Well, no one knows exactly which of the men I mentioned knowingly works for the intelligence agencies, but most of the time
09:38   it doesn’t work like that anyway. There’s usually a network or organisation that is sponsored by the intelligence agencies, and
09:44   not everyone is aware of it. In general, the ones at the top usually know, though.
09:51   What do Joschka Fischer, Sebastian Kurz, Cem Özdemir and Wolfgang Schüssel have in common with George Soros?
09:54   The European Council on Foreign Relations (From the left, third face on the bottom — Cem Ozdemir)
09:57   Cem Özdemir: It’s bad enough that we have right-wing parties, the radical right racists sitting in the German and European
10:04   Parliaments. The damage they do once they are in the government can be seen by what just happened in Austria
10:10   with the FPÖ and the Strache case. They are ready to sell out their countries for a bowl of lentil soup to foreign rulers.
10:18   If you don’t want that, if you don’t want Putin in Moscow, Trump in Washington or Erdogan in Ankara or anywhere
10:27   else to decide what the future of Europe looks like. If you’d rather have European voters decide what happens in Europe,
10:33   then vote for democracy. Vote for Pro-European. Please don’t vote for right-wing populists. We owe it to them.
10:40   We owe it to Schiller, Goethe, Cervantes, and Shakespeare.
10:46   They are the ones who founded Europe, but not through treachery. And not on racism.

5 thoughts on “The Entrapment of Heinz-Christian Strache

  1. Setup or no setup, it just shows what most of the politicians are really about. Strache put his stakes on “populism” and did well enough. Others bet on something else, “liberalism” or whatever and are also doing fine. No matter what, however the end goal is to be able to sell favors.
    Besides, how stupid can you be, meeting with a prospective campaign donor without doing a background check?

    • Strache did not sell anything of public property for his own benefit (because he was not in charge at the time of the video) and he has not been corrupted; he just made promises for the future (in case he would have been elected) at an ibiza party, maybe he was also drunk, which it is not a crime. At the time of the video he was not in charge of political power so he has to be considered incorruptible! You cannot corrupt someone who has no political power.

      But it is a scandal, and maybe not all of the video has been released to the public, maybe he betrayed his wife with some of the prostitutes at the party (that is quite a possibility), that is why he had to resign: he is blackmailable now.

    • You are right.
      Every politician to the right of the mainstream parties must be extremly vigilant.
      Not only must they be prepared for an antifa attack any second but also entrapment by the press, deep state etc.
      They must be squeaky clean.
      But most of all: They need a secret service to protect themselves.

      And by the way: According to the Mainstream press, Putin is much interested in everything political going on in the west and the KGB is very efficient.
      If Putin is our friend, why isnt he helping us????

      • I suppose the austrian secret service has been used by Kurz (as prime minister/premier/chancellor he is in charge of the secret service or should at least have some good connections, while Strache was not because he was only a co-partner in the government), who knew the whole thing in advance; and used it at the right time (with the intermediary aid of german newsmedia (Spiegel and Süddeutsche Zeitung) who delivered it to the public) to gain more political power with an electoral effect (which will pay starting from the europarl elections).

  2. After this Austria is confirmed to be a banana republic (like the most of the rest of eu “countries”). Kurz is the crook who is going to gain from this and he clearly knew it much in advance.

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