The Assumption of Dignity

In her latest essay, Tabitha Korol discusses Rashida Tlaib, who represents Palestine in the United States House of Representatives.

The Assumption of Dignity

by Tabitha Korol

Rashida Tlaib, the Muslim congresswoman who proclaimed that she feels more Palestinian than American in Congress, and wrapped herself in a Palestinian terrorist flag at her victory party on Friday, May 10, proudly declared, “There’s always kind of a calming feeling, I tell folks, when I think of the Holocaust.” We were deeply offended but not surprised as she had already revealed her lack of empathy for the tragic suffering of so many millions of innocents because she was raised in a culture of disrespect, contempt, bloodshed and death. The Hebrew Commandments mandate respect and reciprocity (The Golden Rule), and the Hebrew and Christian Bibles were able to humanize the savages that had existed previously, while the Koran commands that Muslims torment and kill Jews, Christians, and others unless they convert to Islam (2:120; 3:56; 3:85; 3:118; 3:178; 5:14; and more).

Tlaib added, “When I think of the Holocaust, and the tragedy of the Holocaust, and the fact that it was my ancestors — Palestinians — who lost their land and some lost their lives, their livelihood, their ‘human dignity,’ their existence in many ways, have been wiped out, and some people’s passports.”

Clarification is required here. The “tragedy of the Holocaust,” in her view, is that there were sufficient Jews who survived the Holocaust to re-establish their ancient homeland, Israel! As for the Arabs who “lost their land and livelihood,” they left their homes based on a hollow promise that they would return when the five Arab armies defeated and eliminated the Jews. Life presents choices, and the Arabs who chose to leave (fewer than 750,000) not only forfeited their homes but were also treated as outcasts by their own brethren, never being absorbed into the huge Islamic land mass. They were also held as bargaining pawns, neglected by their own so that the United Nations took on the responsibility of their subsistence. The Arabs who stayed in Israel are the grandparents of today’s Arab Israeli citizens. Unlike their Arab counterparts, the Jews (~850,000) who fled persecution in Arab lands were welcomed and absorbed, primarily into Israel, but also into Europe and the US.

So, the “outcast” Jews and the “outcast” Arabs had the same time, land and climatic conditions to create a home where they were, but the difference is “inherent dignity.” Out of malarial swampland and desert, the Jews worked tirelessly to build a successful, thriving country, today among the most advanced in the world, whereas the Arabs, now named “Palestinians,” continue to this day to wallow in victimhood and world pity, teaching their children to do the same, and extending their hands for additional “humanitarian” aid. Dignity is inherent, or it is not.

Let’s correct some intentional misinformation. The Jews are the indigenous people in what is now Israel. Israel became a nation in 1312 BCE, two thousand years before the rise of Islam. The Hebrews conquered the land in 1272 BCE and held dominion over it for a thousand years, with a continuous presence for the past 3,300 years. Arab refugees in Israel began identifying themselves as Palestinians in 1967, two decades after the establishment of the modern State of Israel, after losing yet another aggressive war against Israel and in need of a fallacious narrative on which to establish a tie with the land.

Arabs dominated the land for only 22 years, their brutality and persecution so severe as to force the Jews to flee. The Arabs refused to absorb or integrate Tlaib’s people; they desecrated Jewish holy sites and the ancient Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives; destroyed 58 synagogues in Jerusalem; and enforced an apartheid-like policy against the Jews, until they once again attacked and lost to Jewish determination.

Israel’s land area is about 0.18% and its population about 2.5% that of Arab countries. Had the Palestinians the quality of inherent dignity, the Arabs would have also accepted the Mandate of Palestine with the opportunities of establishing a viable, humane, literate, prosperous, happy country. They had the same climate, soil, and time that the Jews had, and Israel offered them more opportunities than were ever bestowed on them by an Arab ruler. They chose continuous war instead. The “Palestinians” didn’t lose dignity; they refused dignity.

Human dignity is defined as the right of a person to be valued and respected for his/her own sake, and to be treated ethically. It is of significance in morality, ethics, law and politics. It is also used to describe personal conduct, as in “behaving with dignity,” and it cannot be taken from anyone. To Tlaib, it means self-absorption; to the Western world, it is moral, ethical conduct. To Tlaib, it is something that gives one a right to demand one’s own way, regardless of actions; to the other, it is a responsibility that demands appropriate actions.

We see dignity in the Israelis who have to reverently gather body parts after a Palestinian blows himself up in a crowd, and in the first responders who rush to help countries deal with natural disasters. It is found in researchers who dedicate their lives to advances that benefit mankind (of the 900 Nobel prizes awarded, at least 20% were presented to Jews, although Jews comprise a mere 0.2% of the world’s population.) it is found in people who lovingly tend sick animals, and in the Israeli surgeon who performs his best, whether for an Israeli or Palestinian patient. And it is in the President of the United States, President Trump, who visits or calls to offer condolences and compassion to parents of a victim of terrorism. Dignity is not the rants of disdain by an ungracious congresswoman against the country that gave her refuge from tyranny and poverty or against its President who was enthusiastically and legally voted into that office. Authentic dignity cannot be found in shari’a-ruled regimes, because the Koran denies full dignity to at least 50% of their population for no other reason than that of gender.

There is no dignity in those who burned acres of land and wildlife in Israel; who created the dangerous no-go zones of Paris; who burn cars and destroy property in Malmö, Sweden; who attack Jewish pedestrians and mass-rape girls and women in Germany; who massacre fisherman and farmers in Nigeria; who slaughter villagers in Chad; who kill Christians in Syria. There were 133 attacks, 822 killed, 1374 injured, 16 suicide blasts in 24 countries in April alone! Seventy-five attacks, 348 killed, up to the 14th day of Ramadan; nine hundred sixty million murdered over 14 centuries. When Tlaib and others demand their right to dignity, they are simply insisting that we respect the indignity that they feel free to heap upon the rest of us. No deal.

The Islamic contempt for certain groups did not begin with their treatment of non-Muslims, but among their own people. Girls are forced to undergo female genital mutilation and forced into marriage with older men; women are treated as having half the value of men, and are subjected to stonings, beatings and acid attacks if they are suspected of “sullying” a man’s “honor” or “dignity.” Where is the dignity and morality in intentionally positioning women and children at rocket launchers to increase the body count for world pity? What other culture teaches their young to behead small animals so that they may later behead humans without hesitancy, and sends them on suicide missions?

Rashida Tlaib is a jihada, raised to disrespect all life, and that calming feeling that she experiences when she hears of the Holocaust reflects the exposure to violence and criminal behavior inbred since her toddlerhood. Since the 1970s, researchers have begun reporting that childhood cruelty to animals is the first sign of delinquency, violence and criminal behavior, and Muslims continue the unimaginable torture and cruelty to livestock as the animals are brought to slaughter for the Islamic holiday of Eid al Adha — further proof that their ideology has produced a society that is on the opposite end of the behavioral spectrum to ours. Apparently, in this case, the dignity of human beings gives them the right to be cruel to animals that, in their philosophy, lack dignity. For the record, Judaism demands kindness and sensitivity to animals, to prevent suffering, to feed them before we feed ourselves, and to allow them a day of rest in the week (the Sabbath).

The raison d’être of Palestinians is, in fact, not to have their own state, but to have the entirety of Israel as their own state, with shari’a as the law of the land. It carries on the conquests of Mohammed, just as we see Muslims gaining control of cities and parcels of land in Southeast Asia, Canada, England, France, Germany, Sweden, and the United States, aided by the Marxist left. Tlaib’s purpose, along with Omar and others in office, is to gradually impose shari’a law here, with the not-so-subtle coercion from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). The background of centuries of violence, conquest, beheading, bloodshed, and enslavement is what drives Tlaib’s lack of dignity, empathy, compassion and respect for the suffering of others. In reality, disrespect is the cornerstone upon which Islam in general, and the Palestinians in particular, have founded their existence.

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29 thoughts on “The Assumption of Dignity

  1. My thoughts are:
    Who told this muslim to stand for election?
    Who voted for her?
    Who is controlling her?
    Will there be any consequences for her because of her anti-American beliefs?

    The same questions come to mind with regards to that Occasional-Corset woman.

    • We call her Occasional Cortex. Many times the higher functioning parts of her brain seem disconnected, especially when she spouts off against cauliflower as being a “colonial” vegetable or discusses her bartender ‘mixology’ theories in her Twitter feed.

      I suppose someone has to train to replace Nancy Pelosi.

    • She and Ilham Omar appear to be following the directives of the Brotherhood. Consequences? when control shifts.

  2. There is a little detail which keeps getting overlooked — or omitted — from all discussions of the dignity of Jewish and derived modern civilizations vs. the brutality and barbary of those who continue to refuse minimum standards like that of reciprocity, the UDHR or the law of the land which gives them shelter.

    It is the continued insistence of also Jews on two barbaric traditions, i.e. circumcision performed on minors who have no means to object, and slaughter of animals while they are concsious. (It doesn’t help that throughout the Anglosphere a certain Victorian tradition is also kept alive.)

    The reactions to criticism of this is usually relativization, that male circumcision isn’t as bad as female. This is missing the point (cf. the UDHR again). The rest of my response will not be able to be printed in this venue. You either quit barbary entirely and for good, or you don’t. The difference so far is just that you can discuss this with Jews without risking your life. In my book, this is not good enough.

    • I agree re ritual slaughter of animals. However, circumcision with local anesthesia is a good cancer prevention, per my pediatrician of old. He said uncircumcised men had a higher rate of problems.

      • and what about the health hazards of people who do eat pork? I have spend 72 years in an uncircumcised environment now and never ever heard about any health issues concerning private parts.

      • and women who are married to uncircumcised men have a higher rate of cervical cancer. Chuck Missler did an extensive study on the subject. One of the interesting factoids was that blood clotting reaches its highest level on the 8th day of the newborn child’s life, adding incidental proof to humans being created by God inasmuch as circumcision has been practiced for more than 3,000 years but the knowledge of blood coagulation, and especially the varying levels of it, has been around for less than 50 years.

    • My feeling is that in a free, secular society, there should be no variances for religious practices. Everyone obeys the law, period. There should be no variance for cruelty to animals. Orthodox Jews claim that slaughtered animals feel no pain under kosher practices, and there is no doubt Jewish practices are more humane to the animal than Muslim practices. Are the Orthodox Jews willing to submit the question to scientific research? There are substances released into the blood stream in the presence of pain. Are they willing to chemically analyze the composition of a kosher-slaughtered animal, and publish the results?

      Anyway, under my doctrine of “no variance”, either everyone could slaughter animals in a kosher manner, or no one could.

      The concept of “no variance” by the way, is not anti-religious. I simply advocate the same rights for everyone. I think a religious sect should be able to live together, not sell or rent houses to non-members, not hire non-members, and not have to fund procedures they disagree with. I simply think everyone should have those individual rights, not simply members of certain religions.

    • K, back in the day, kosher slaughter was considered the most humane way of dispatching animals. As a vegetarian, I am pained by the way our society treats animals, but a quick slice through a major artery is vastly preferable to the mechanized horror of the factory farm where sentient creatures live entire lives of torment (Germany may be better in the regard than the USA).

    • Talking of barbarity, does not full term abortion in some states make the Jewish traditions mere pecadillos?

      • The attempt by some states to limit abortion has big companies threatening to boycott. The latest, if I remember correctly, is Disney threatening to take its business out of Georgia if that state enacts stricter abortion laws. The threat is being ridiculed.

    • To K, have just discovered your comments and regret that you speak without having done the research on, first, circumcision. First, it is a religious covenant as explained in the Bible, and that it is no more painful than the inoculations that help children avert deadly diseases, or the average medical treatments that we undergo. The 8-day-old infant is given a bit of wine on his tongue and he stops crying immediately! n addition to the religious aspect, the medical community generally states that the circumcision outweighs the risks. The benefits are said to include a decreased risk of urinary tract infections, reduced risk of some sexually transmitted diseases in men, protect against penile cancer and reduced risk of cervical cancer in female sex partners, protection of balanitis and balanoposthitis, and preention of phimosis and paraphimosis; it also helps the male to keep the end of his penis clean. As with anything, there are always people who disagree.
      As for the slaughter of animals, I find it bizarre that you do not rail against halal slaughter, of which Australians say they’ve never seen such torture to the animals they ship to the Middle East. However, in reply to your statement, the “shochet” (slaughtere) uses a spescial knife which as to be incredibly sharp and completely smooth (any nick in the blade might tear the animal’s flesh and cause pain). The knife should be able to cut smoothly and cleanly through the neck, and the cut made in a specific place in the neck, and although death is not instantaneous (no death is…you’d have to be a vegetarian then), the animal loses conscious immediately due to the sudden drop of blood pressure in the head. Complete death results shortly thereafter. It’s faster than a bullet (read about it). It’s better than electrocution that’s applied to humans in the electric chair. Kosher slaughter is the least painful for the animal concerned.

  3. Notwithstanding the textual violence of the Koran, hadiths and Respite of the Traveler and the possible intentions of Rashida Tlaib, not to mention the admission by Arab Muslim scholars that Islamic State is not departing from Islamic tenets as we are supposed to believe in the West…..
    …. Ms Korol’s emanations and allegations do not stand up to the writings of Prof Israel Shahak on the topic of Judaism., e.g. Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years (1994). A most recommendable eye-opener.

  4. I guess as an American, my first-order concern is that Rashida Tlaib, a US citizen and member of the US House of Representatives, hates the US and its people, as passionately as she hates Israel. It’s a second-order concern that she hates Israel, which is more-or-less to be expected. Also, Israel is a separate country and should take care of itself.

    As far as the Palestinian refugees, just for historical accuracy, many of the Arabs who fled, fled because they were afraid of being killed. The instance of Deir Yassein, an Arab village wantonly massacred by forces of the Jewish terrorist group Irgun, led by later Prime Minister and terrorist, Menachem Begin, was publicized widely at the time. The instance was not condoned by the Israeli leadership, but it did play a part in the evacuation of Arabs. My point is that sometimes people get caught up in forces through no fault of their own.

    Since then, of course, the “Palestinians” have always bit the hand that feeds them. Any place that admits them in large numbers has suffered from terrorism and rebellion. Rashida Tlaib is not unique in trying to destroy the country that gave her refuge.

    It would be a first-class tragedy to give the “Palestinians” their own state. First of all, they’d be a fanatic, left-wing, fanatic Muslim voice in the UN, which absolutely doesn’t need any more of those. Second, it would give the Palestinians access to weapons and diplomatic status, which would be used primarily against Israel, and secondarily against all other regimes in the area, which is one reason the Arab countries don’t want the Palestinians in their borders any more than the Israelis do.

    The “Palestinians” is an example of a problem that cannot be solved, but has to be managed. Israel has done a pretty good job: building a wall to keep out terrorists, keeping a lid on the military capabilities of the Palestinians, and passing on revenues to them which could be used to improve the economy, once they divert the funds from supporting the families of blown-up or imprisoned terrorists…and supporting the corrupt Palestinian officials, of course. The Israelis themselves, particularly the fanatic settlers, have themselves committed injustices against Palestinian landowners.

    All the more reason for the US to keep its nose out of the Middle Eastern affairs. Let Israel tend to its own garden.

    Since I’m on the topic, let me observe that for Israel, the Law of Return is a ticking time-bomb that they should re-evaluate. You can see the problems in Sweden, France and Germany. The Jewish community majorities (mainly Reform Jews) support the immigration of Muslims, and then find their country intolerable and immigrate to Israel. Do these people change their voting pattern when they move to Israel (or the US)? No. So, if the liberal US Jews succeed in bringing in enough Rashida Tlaibs, even the US will become untenable, and Israel will find itself inundated with tens or hundreds of thousands (or millions) of Jews claiming citizenship, who will vote for a two-state “solution” and loosening of surveillance of Muslims.

    Like I say, the Law of Return, unfiltered for political philosophy, is a ticking time bomb for Israel.

    • The evidence about Deir Yassein is sketchy at best, with Arab historians having progressively reduced their estimates of the number killed and residents having admitted to lying. To a significant extent, the alleged massacre is another product of mendacious Arab propaganda, one thing at which Palestinian Arabs excel.

      The vast majority of Arabs left their homes in 1948 at the urging of Arab leaders. They fully expected to return in short order and benefit from the spoils of war in the form of property looted from massacred Jews.

      • You could be right that Deir Yassin was exaggerated by propaganda. But my main claim was that true or propaganda, it fueled the fear of Arab residents.

        “The vast majority of Arabs left their homes in 1948 at the urging of Arab leaders. They fully expected to return in short order and benefit from the spoils of war in the form of property looted from massacred Jews.”

        This is an old claim, given dramatic voice in the 1957 novel “Exodus” by Leon Uris. It doesn’t pass the smell test with me. That is, it assumes an insight into the minds of the Arab residents who fled. How do you know a majority were expecting to benefit materially when they came back? It sounds like pure propaganda to me.

        Why not simply say there are always ambiguous events?

        By the way, since I’m commenting again today, let me reference the story which describes the closing through intimidation of Jewish shops in London. The parallels to Krystalnacht are too close to miss. There may soon be a massive wave of Jewish immigration to Israel. Israel needs to amend the Law of Return to give more discretion on who is admitted: otherwise, Israel may see the character of the electorate changed. The new electorate will be far more hostile to expressions of Jewish nationhood and far more friendly to Muslim immigration.

        • Deir Yassim kicked off a propaganda war on both sides, with the Arab high council (there were no pallies at the time) claiming that all the females were raped etc.

          On the Jewish side, the (politically orientated) Haganah (Ben Gurion) were very quick to use it as a vehicle to blame the Irgun (Begin) and LEHI (Stern) even though the operation had been jointly planned with Irgun and LEHI attacking with the machine gun equipped Haganah ambushing any reinforcements.

          Deir Yassim was HQ for a group of several hundred Iraqi regulars mainly responsible for the cutting of the Tel Aviv -> Jerusalem road, and the subsequent danger of starvation for the Jewish community in Jerusalem. It was a legitimate target. The Jewish forces warned non-combatants to leave by loudspeaker, thus ruining any element of surprise, in an attempt to reduce collateral damage.

          The Iraqis however used the civilian population as human shields and there was a lot of collateral damage.

          In an honour society the rape of one’s female charges is cause for ‘dis-honour’, and the unfounded ‘rape’ propaganda was apparently what triggered a mass exodus.

          “In 1987, the Research and Documentation Center of Bir Zeit University, a prominent Arab university in the territory now controlled by the Palestinian Authority, published a comprehensive study of the history of Deir Yassin…..
          …”The [historical] sources which discuss the Deir Yassin massacre unanimously agree that number of victims ranges between 250-254; however, when we examined the names which appear in the various sources, we became absolutely convinced that the number of those killed does not exceed 120, and that the groups which carried out the massacre exaggerated the numbers in order to frighten Palestinian residents into leaving their villages and cities without resistance.”90 The authors concluded: “Below is a list of the names and ages of those killed at Deir Yassin in the massacre which took place on April 9, 1948, which was compiled by us on the basis of the testimony of Deir Yassin natives. We have invested great effort in checking it and in making certain of each name on it, such that we can say, with no hesitation, that it is the most accurate list of its type until today.” A list of 107 people killed and twelve wounded followed.

          There is much more at the link:-

          • Sorry to say, the link doesn’t work. Other than that, I appreciate the update on what happened at Deir Yassim.

    • Ah, the fanatic settlers: no doubt you’re referring to the Jews who had homes and viable businesses in the beautiful city of Gush Katif, and had to give them up to the people who call themselves Palestinians, to be resettled elsewhere, deal with their emotional and financial losses and start life all over again. Those fanatic Jewish settlers who were enjoying life on their own land peacefully, creating, curing, benefiting society, “those fanatics!” I’m glad you didn’t refer to the Muslims as fanatics, the ones who train their children to throw rocks at passing cars, causing accidents and death so that new roads had to be constructed by Israel to keep the area safe; the ones who train their toddlers to hate Jews and prepare knives to cut the throats of dolls and then small animals so that by the time they’re in the mid-to-late teens they can cut the throat of a human without remorse; the ones who ignite kites and make incendiary balloons and float them over to Israel where they’ve already damaged 7,000 acres of agricultural land and forestry, not to mention the wildlife, the food, and the homes that went up in smoke; the same kids who created the conflagration to make the Jews suffer – from PTSD and lung problems from the smoke as they’re causing problems elsewhere because the Muslim parents don’t care if the kids even come back after being out playing with fire because their martyrdom will result in lots of money (the Benjamins, Baby!) and new homes for the Muslim parents. I’m glad you never called the Muslims fanatics, who spend their lives divising ways to terrorize and kill, while the Jewish kids go to school and improve life for all, and earn Nobel prizes far in excess of their number. The non-fanatic Muslim kids are among the most illiterate in the world, and know only that they have to dedicate their short pitiful lives to killing others for an evil deity. They don’t have to learn to slaughter livestock humanely because, as a famous imam said, they love death the way the Jews love life. These kids only have to know that they bring the cattle to slaughter for the holiday of al-Adha Eid and terrorize them on the way, stab them, cut them off at the knees, and sometimes the lucky cattle bleed out before they reach the slaughter house. Check out the internet to see the streets filled with rivers of blood as the cattle are taken for the holiday celebration. That animal treatment doesn’t get mentioned by the critics of Kosher slaughter. Those critics obviously don’t read much before making inane comments.

  5. After some minor research on the history of so-called Palestinian territory I have found out: Mark Twain did not find one existing road between the villages and towns. It was indeed just malaria- infested swamp and desert.

    There was hardscrabble farming on just ridiculous piecelets of land, never enough for subsistence. The farmers were all over-indebted to their landlords residing in Damascus or Cairo. They terrorised their subjects with the help of rude tax- collectors. There were constant raids of predatory desert tribes on this land.

    Up to 1918, the Turkish rule totally neglected any form of law enforcement, let alone the abolishment of serfdom (as happened in Sicily in course of the Risorgimento, with the notorious results, the Mafia). The Turks had launched a reform to introduce a monetary system in the late 19th century, so due taxes and debts could be accumulated.

    The propaganda about the arriving British forces and Jews horrified the Arab population and they fled their land lightheartedly, thus getting rid of their oppressors and not least, their debts.

  6. This is an excellent, hard-hitting, but measured essay that prompted me to consider the concept of dignity in a different light. I look forward to getting better acquainted with Tabitha’s writings.

    • Dear Liatris (beautiful name!),
      Thank you for your comments. I’ve been writing since 9/11, essays since the beginning of the Obama era. I hope you’ll avail yourself of my book, “Confronting the Deception,” available on Amazon. I don’t mean it only as an advertisement, but I’ve covered a lot of ground about Islam, Academia (what the left is doing to our school children) and the Media. All essays, easy reading. Thank you,

  7. Thank you Baron for this post. This article by Tabitha Korol is one of the best I have read over the years on the subject.

    (I must add that in my professional life I have visited Israel more than a dozen times and done the same in Arab countries.)

    At the time, being a European born in a Christian family, I had no firm opinion nor a great deal of knowledge on the question.

    Now, many years later, I agree completely with Ms. Korol. I admire little Israel and its people immensely.

    On the other hand, I have a great deal of contempt for Islam.

    • Thank you for your wonderful comments. If you’re interested, my book, “Confronting the Deception,” is on Amazon. There’s so much I’d love to share with you and other readers. Easy-to-read essays on Islam, Academia (the left), and the media. We must reach out to others. Blessings, Tabitha

  8. I just returned from a trip to Israel and the Holyland. As tourists, we were kept far away from the rocket attacks in the southern Gaza Strip. We were allowed to enter Jericho, Bethlehem, and Nazareth which are predominantly Muslim inhabited towns in 2019. Our tour guides are Israeli citizens and the bus driver is Muslim. We were told the Muslims living in Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and surrounding areas have rights to Israeli (government sponsored) education and healthcare. Their children are also taught Hebrew in primary schools. When female Muslims get married and have their own children, they become less integrated by remaining at home as housewives. However, they can still read & understand Hebrew. Muslim husbands speak conversational Hebrew and sometimes need their wives to read & interpret Hebrew documents for them. Because our Israeli tour guide could speak Arabic, we had no issues with the tour bus driver. From my personal observations, peace is only possible when people co-exist and can communicate effectively. In the West Bank, many Israeli soldiers know only basic commands in Arabic. And Palestinians living there cannot speak Hebrew, nor read it. There is no desire to integrate and understand other languages. “Us and them” mentalities cause continuous conflicts. Adding violence to the mix is the final straw that keeps Israelis from trusting their blood thirsty neighbors. Who can blame them. A Palestinian tourist stabbed two people in old town Jerusalem today!

    Islam’s world track record is horrific! Hindus agreed to remain predominantly in India while Muslims took over Pakistan. Now Muslims are infiltrating northern India and bringing along their misogynistic beliefs and rape culture! Ditto for the Horn of Africa and the Philippines. Same thing happened in Europe after the economic migrants were welcomed with songs, stuffed animals & cookies for the kinder in July 2015. Exactly six months after Mad Merkel let them enter Europe, Muslim males molested over 1000 women in Cologne Germany on New Year’s Eve. Women and children in migrant camps and public swimming pools were also attacked & raped by Muslim males. Anyone with a brain can see that Muslims bring their cultural conflicts and misogynistic beliefs into new territories. Many are incapable of cultural change & peaceful coexistence. Anyone who molests, rapes, or attacks another human being or animal should be deported immediately! We cannot & should not tolerate the intolerable! Rule of law must be enforced for everyone not just for the indigenous populations.

  9. Molly, did you know that of the 980 MILLLION people slaughtered or enslaved by Muslims over 1400 years, 600 million were Hindus? Islam wants to establish a worldwide caliphate, that is, to rule the world under sharia law. How does the world expect the Jews in Israel (about 6 to 7 million) to make peace with them, if Islam doesn’t live in peace with any other people any place else in the world? A rhetorical question; you don’t have to answer that one.

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