Terrorized by the Antifa in Bremen

Back in January Frank Magnitz, the local chairman of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany), was attacked and severely beaten by unknown assailants in Bremen (for more on Frank Magnitz, see Vicious Political Violence on the Streets of Bremen, Bremen: AfD Leader Kicked in the Head and Left for Dead, Surgeon Offers a Second Opinion on Frank Magnitz’ Wounds, and What Really Happened to Frank Magnitz in Bremen?).

In the following video, Mr. Magnitz — who, as you can see, still has scars on his head from the attack five months ago — talks about the current situation in Bremen. The AfD is so ferociously targeted by the local Antifa that it is unable to book and hold a venue for its events.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:02   Frank Magnitz — Leading candidate for the AfD for municipal elections in Bremen.
00:06   Here at this location three AfD campaign events were scheduled.
00:10   These were three very important campaign event for us, but the anti-democrats of Bremen,
00:15   especially the SPD [socialists], encouraged their members
00:19   to demand that the owner of this location cancel our contract.
00:24   And of course, there was also the Antifa that threatened his family with murder.
00:29   Antifa even threatened to murder the owner’s children.
00:34   As a result, our events here have been cancelled at this location.
00:38   This is the brutal reality here in Bremen, and I would like to encourage you
00:42   to make that the reason to go and vote on the 26th of May.
00:45   There is only one alternative in order to end this sort of thing. Vote for the AfD!
00:50   It is the only real democratic alternative!
00:54   Our Country, Our Home! Bremen. But Safe!

4 thoughts on “Terrorized by the Antifa in Bremen

  1. The people funding AntiFa need to be outed publicly and legally threatened for terrorism.

  2. This story has another twist, I find even more bizarre: According to German Alternative Media, the location’s owner is Turkish. So, the Antifa threatens the lives of a Turkish familiy, to protect immigrants from the “Nazis” of the AfD…

    • Merkel failed to destroy democracy in Germany when she was a Stasi agent runner, now she’s succeeding from the top of its political tree.

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