Strangers on a Bus

The video below was composited from two separate clips shown on Dutch television. They show footage of the behavior of culture-enrichers on a bus whose route includes a stop at the asylum center. In the panel discussion, you’ll notice a Gutmensch makes the point that these mischievous youths are not representative of the entire population of asylum seekers, but are only a tiny minority of extremists.

Many thanks to C for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:03   Wallah [I swear to allah] I am free [?] —Racist racist! Racist racist!
00:08   It’s good, it’s good! It’s good, it’s good [?] —I have [?] Why not?
00:14   This was a fragment, recorded yesterday on line 73 between Emmen and ter Apel.
00:19   There are frequent problems with asylum seekers from safe countries on this line.
00:23   The footage shows that the driver and two stewards
00:27   got in an argument with a group of asylum seekers.
00:30   Come on! Come on now! [?] Visa? Visa? You don’t want to shake my hand [?]
00:35   Come on then [?] Racist, racist! Racist, racist! […]
00:41   Come on then! It’s you, huh! Open da f***ing door! Open da f***! —No no no. —Hey stop, stop, stop!
00:46   Stop stop stop! Hey, stop the f***ing bus! —No!
00:50   Stop da f***ing bus! Right now! Call the police!
00:54   Because they have ticket! OK! Yeah, call it! Call it! I cannot go!
01:00   F***ing s***! —Out, come on, come. —Hey!
01:04   Get out! —No! I have ticket!
01:08   Problems here! Problems here! —I die [?] dude.
01:12   Drive, drive, drive!
01:17   Yes, Michel van der Mark, you are a spokesman for Qbuzz. Seeing this footage, what do you think of it?
01:21   These are shocking images. I heard about this, I talk about this with my colleagues, but seeing.
01:27   is more intense. We see CCTV footage sometimes, but this was filmed by a bus passenger.
01:33   and that makes an impression. —Does it impress you too, Andre?
01:37   Yes, rather. But, this is not an isolated problem anymore.
01:42   Look, we have [?]. The largest reception centre of the country is in Ter Apel.
01:46   There’s a lot of burglary there.
01:50   Now we have this. Not for the first time either. Shouldn’t the Hague
01:55   [national govt] take action, take measures?
01:59   I think the number of police officers hasn’t changed. I think
02:03   [the government] should pay attention to that.
02:07   Of course it’s a broad political problem, we’re talking about shopkeepers,
02:11   the security of the streets, and — the reason I’m here — the security of the busses.
02:14   It’s difficult to find a solution. This has to stop in any case,
02:18   in the interest of the safety of our drivers.
02:23   But that won’t stop the problems in other places, I think that’s what you’re trying to say.
02:27   This is a complex problem, bigger than just the bus [line], but for us, we’ve reached our limits.
02:33   The incident we just saw, how often does this happen?
02:37   We have incidents like this, not always this serious, three or four times a week.
02:42   It changes with the seasons. To be clear, you just said
02:46   asylum seekers, but it’s really a small group of
02:49   asylum seekers who are here, but really aren’t supposed to be here.
02:54   There are many more people in ter Apel, they don’t cause any problems. It’s a group
03:00   of 30, 40 people from safe countries who throw tantrums, cause these problems for all of us.
03:06   What was the cause of this incident? —It started with the young man you saw
03:10   in the video, who turned out to have a valid ticket,
03:13   but his three buddies or family members didn’t,
03:16   so they weren’t allowed on the bus. So an argument started.
03:19   a heated argument. The problem is they stop just short of crossing the line.
03:23   There’s a little pushing, but no spitting; it’s just short of an infraction,
03:28   but it’s so intimidating, but not enough for prosecution. We did file a complaint
03:33   over this, though, because it’s not acceptable.
03:39   There’ll be a separate shuttle bus for people from safe countries, but parliament has decided
03:44   it won’t be free. Do you expect the same troubles on that new line?
03:49   Indeed, we can expect to see the same problems.
03:52   In our proposal, which we drew up with input from the drivers:
03:55   “How do we solve this problem, we as drivers, working with the Ministry?”
03:59   We decided on a shuttle bus. And yes, money is the problem.
04:03   If payment is required, it won’t be on the bus, but in advance, or in some other way.
04:10   Won’t the driver of the shuttle have the exact same problem? —Absolutely.
04:14   That problem is re-introduced, as you say. So, if they pay, fine, but they can do that.
04:18   For example at the COA [refugee agency], they buy a ticket there.
04:22   Or some other way, that doesn’t concern us.
04:25   For us it’s important that they not ride our buses, that a solution for the shuttle bus
04:29   and payment will be found; politicians have been clear about this.
04:34   Now the ball is in COA’s court; they have to solve the payment issue. —There’ll be a 3 month trial,
04:39   starting on May 1, and Drenthe Tours will run that line.
04:44   Yes, I learned that on your news program. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.
04:49   We’re working with a nationwide player who works for the COA and the Ministry.
04:55   If they hire a subcontractor, that’s fine, but no contract has been signed yet,
04:58   and no names have been made public, so somebody is leaking.
05:01   Quite possible, that wouldn’t be the first time. The drivers and stewards, how are they doing?
05:06   The driver got a fright but he’s doing fine now. The same goes for the stewards, and it may
05:12   sound odd, but for them this is another day at the office.
05:18   This may seem extreme to us, but… This shouldn’t be the new normal. For the stewards, OK,
05:23   there’s a video now, but we experience this several times a week, so…
05:29   Are you happy this video is out? —That’s complicated. We’re often asked for CCTV footage;
05:33   we only give that to the Ministry of Justice, for prosecution, let that be clear.
05:38   This is from the traveller’s point of view. I think I wouldn’t want my child
05:42   to travel on that bus, so I’m happy in that respect.
05:46   But it’s very sad, given the incident. But it creates a new form of PR,
05:52   which will be abused in some ways, because there are groups that will generalize from this.
06:00   That’s not the message we and our drivers want to broadcast; it’s a small group
06:03   of 30, 40 people who ruin it for the rest —That’s clear. Thank you for your comments.
00:00   …a complaint is filed, and then what? Are they arrested, and put in a cell?
00:05   Many of these incidents, after they happen, the police come,
00:09   they arrest them, and a complaint is filed.
00:13   The same groups that the police say we can’t do anything about.
00:17   They take them to the station in Emmen, they’re off the streets for an hour,
00:21   and they return on the bus. —They return on the same bus [?]
00:27   what is more important is that our colleagues and our passengers, our regular passengers.
00:32   for example, a mother in Emmen with a 14-year-old daughter,
00:36   the girl can’t take this bus to school anymore.
00:39   I find it a scandal that this is no longer possible. [PC person Jan Mulder:] It seems to me
00:42   that this behavior is the expression of a terrible life [in the refugee shelter].

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  1. Ah yes, we shouldn’t arbitrarily label all orcs as bad just because most of them enjoy eating manflesh…

    I am curious how long the Eloi will tolerate themselves to be eaten by Morlocks before they beg for a dictator who promises to clean up this mess to take charge.

    • “before they beg for a dictator who promises to clean up this mess to take charge.”

      It’ll take a few Beslans I’m afraid.

      A few, close together (live-streamed, that’ll make the traitor class go into panic mode suppression), one will be written off as a lone-wolf (gang) action which will be fixed with a few vigils and a couple of pianos.

      • Don’t forget the teddy bears, gratuitous hijab’ed selfies, and lots of #islamisreligionofpeace…

  2. This video brought back memories of West London long before I left there. The confrontations invariably involved North African and Asian youths who did not want to pay their fare and took it upon themselves as a badge of honour to travel free. As far as I can see, the offenders were North African (Moroccan, Algerian and Tunisian), Somali, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Arabs deliberately seeking to cause an incident.

    I have a friend, now teaching in Dubai. In order to achieve his teaching qualification, he drove Busses in Central London for TFL (Transport for London) and went to classes during the evening. He told me that these incidents happened on a daily basis and TFL had issued instructions on how it should be dealt with. The driver should first stop the bus and pull over to the side of the road and call the police. Then he should order all passengers off the bus whether they were trouble makers or not and when the bus was empty, he should lock and secure it and wait for the police.

    Did it prevent incidents? Not as far as I could see, even when the Police condescended to turn up.

  3. Who leaked these tapes? That is what is more important. It creates a poor image of the poor asylum seekers who are fleeing war and are traumatized.
    – Wasn’t that the reaction after the fun night in Cologne in 2015?

  4. You cannot deal with Mohammedans by applying European concepts of decency & civilized behavior. All of those who exhibit this kind of antisocial behavior must be locked up and repatriated along with their extended families.

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