Send ’Em Back!

In the following series of street interviews, Dutch citizens in ter Apel are asked their opinion about a new poster that advocates putting migrants on a bus back to wherever they came from. Midway through the clip, a group of culture-enrichers shows up to harass and threaten the reporter and the cameraman.

The translator includes this note:

At 1:50 two of them show up, swear and try to attack the cameraman. They speak German. I assume they stayed in Germany for a longer period and were rejected, so now they’re trying their luck in the Netherlands.

Many thanks to C for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:10   Good day. Yes. — Hey. I know you!
00:13   I know you too. If you’d like to step outside, we have something for you.
00:17   What do you have then, lads? —Just come.
00:21   How did you get my address? —We searched for you.
00:24   Searched? Yes? Nice. —And we found you.
00:28   We remember you from ter Apel. —I remember you too.
00:31   [April 11 2019] But if they rob and steal, hang ’em high, dump ’em across the sea!
00:38   That’s how it is. —But some are good people. —Yes, they should hang those apart from the rest.
00:42   There are new developments in ter Apel, concerning asylum seekers. —Yes, good.
00:46   I’ll tell you about it. This [poster] was put up at bus stops.
00:52   “Hand in hand / back to your own country”. Well, that’s great.
00:57   That’s how it should be. —That bus would go to Tripoli, Marrakesh, Damascus.
01:03   Baghdad, Kabul or Dhaka. —Yes, but the ocean isn’t on the list.
01:10   What it says here, I agree with that.
01:16   I agree wholeheartedly. —So if they get on the bus, back to their own country?
01:21   Well, not just the buses. —[shouting about the engine]
01:26   What did you say? —I said they should open up the bus.
01:33   And then? —Take the engine out. Otherwise they’ll come back, if it has an engine.
01:39   They can’t —[?] —So what did you think of this action?
01:44   That’s fantastic, lad, the people think that’s great. —For who? —For us!
01:51   Excuse me? What did you say? —What, what!?
01:54   We’re reporting here. —No, no reporting , no. Turn off that f***ing camera! Your f***ing camera!
01:59   Get your f***ing camera out of here. —Hey! I don’t want you to record me. Get your…
02:02   —Calm down, calm down! —Get lost! Get lost! Turn that f***ing camera off. Don’t record me! Stop it!
02:07   You f***ing nutjob, why are you recording me?! F***ing nutjob, get lost!
02:11   That f***ing… Turn that f***ing camera off. Turn that f***ing camera off!
02:15   He will leave when you leave! —Turn that f***ing camera off. Don’t record me!
02:19   [grabs crotch] Do you want to see this here!? Do you want to see this? —Call [security]! —Here!
02:23   You can call this. F***ing wanker! Here! [flips the bird] [?] F***!
02:26   What did you say, madam. —I said: what a twerp. That guy.
02:31   Yes, we were just shooting. We’re reporting on this. —It’s about the bus?
02:41   Yes, difficult to board for me, with my mobility scooter.
02:48   What do you think of this. —I can’t read, my vision is bad. Just read it out loud.
02:53   “Hand in hand, back to your own country”. —Yes, I am.
02:59   I am in my own country. And those others, who come here, well,
03:06   if they behave themselves well, it’s fine. If not,
03:10   they have to be kicked out. —Excuse me? —Kicked out!
03:14   Well that’s the problem here, they used to take the bus, in ter Apel, the refugees.
03:18   Oh, that’s what this is about. Those have to be kicked out too. Get out of here!
03:24   Really? —Yes. Get out. If they can’t behave in a proper manner, they have to get out of here. Out.
03:33   Just get out of here. —It says Tripoli, Marrakesh, Damascus. —Yes.
03:38   That’s where they’re from, that’s where they should go [back to].
03:41   We’re in our own country too, we don’t move to other countries. Do we?
03:46   But you could also decide to do something fun with them in ter Apel.
03:52   Ha ha! You’re crazy man! Something fun with them! —You laugh.
03:57   Yeah, yeah, do you think I’m crazy to join these people? [?] walk around,
04:01   that they break and enter here and steal everything!
04:05   No [stealing], something fun! I can see you like to ride your bike, so you can take them out cycling.
04:10   Do I look I crazy, lad!? Right, I go cycling with that kind of people, man.
04:13   If you go cycling with them they don’t need to take the bus. —I follow the rules!
04:17   I stick to the bike lanes, they ride in pedestrian areas [?] nearly hitting people,
04:21   running red lights. And then they yell “Hey racist, racist” too! Piss off!

6 thoughts on “Send ’Em Back!

  1. I see too many “All is lost…” comments on here. They are wrong (and counterproductive). All is not lost. The movement is clearly away from the prevailing narrative – every day more people reject the nonsense spouted by the establishment and at some stage the establishment will find itself up in the air with nothing to support it, its foundations having been washed away.

  2. I see too many “all is lost…” comments on here. They are wrong and counterproductive. The movement is in our direction, Support for the prevailing narrative loses support every day. Eventually the establishment will find itself up in the air, its foundations having been washed away.

    • You should see how many “all is lost, let’s kill everyone” comments the B deletes.

      What is changing is the realization that cheap junk doesn’t buy happiness. People are no longer willing to trust the corporatists who sold us out for their own bottom line, for their “shareholders”. But changing that model means first understanding that it’s a house built on sand. There are lots of other shaky parts to the system, but that one is the most obvious since it has led to the hot mess that comprises our relationship with China.

      Thus (just to mention one problem) socialism appeals to the young because it’s an easy answer if you have no life experience. To children the jejune cry, “it’s not fair!” appears to be a call to justice when in reality it’s simple envy and resentment tricked out as something noble.

  3. yes indeed, these guys speak some caricature of german. It is even below the level of schoolyard bullies, but shows that they are pefectly trained to intimidate, even in a foreign country whose language they don’t speak and where they probably do not belong. And they were rightly afraid of camera footage because they are wanted by law enforcement here and there.

  4. Western Europe is being slowly but very surely eaten away by itself. People who believe in nothing will believe in anything. Muslims have been very successfully attracted from their cesspools by open borders and apparently the unwillingness of Christians to die for their faith. Technology has killed motivation to do anything other than consume and rot on pharmafoods. Yeah I know.

  5. At the root of it, the anger is misplaced. Getting angry at the invading Muslims dressed as civilians is like getting angry at a pet tarantula for stinging you. You can get as angry at you want; you’re not going to change the nature of the beast.

    They should get angry at their leaders for persisting in bringing in these “tarantulas”.

    The Netherlands is a small country, but apparently not small enough that individual legislators are made to bear full responsibility for their policies.

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