Open Season on “Right-Populists” in Germany

The noble warriors of Antifa are getting bolder in their attacks on “right-wing extremists” in Germany. In the past we’ve covered the case of Frank Magnitz, the local AfD leader in Bremen, who was severely beaten on the street. Now it’s the turn of Oliver Flesch, a journalist and activist who was attacked in Berlin by antifas carrying poles and clubs. The police response was to officially prohibit him from using the street on which he was attacked.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   We and our citizens are subjected to reprisals if they express their political opinions freely,
00:08   and especially when these opinions do not correspond to the mainstream.
00:11   Some of the people exposed to these reprisals
00:14   lose their jobs. Many people are afraid to express their opinions freely
00:17   in this country for fear of being threatened.
00:20   In this country, proprietors are threatened, shop windows are broken,
00:26   houses are smeared with paint, and cars are lit on fire.
00:32   Our colleagues have been beaten so badly that they land in the hospital.
00:36   Frank Magnitz is the most well-known case.
00:41   Uwe Junge was also beaten up openly in the street, and now,
00:47   following the Free Media Conference, Oliver Flesch was attacked
00:53   by 12 people with poles. These conditions are really similar
00:58   to what we had in the ’30s. If we point this out, then it is dismissed
01:04   with disapproval. An escalation hasn’t occurred as it did in the ’30s
01:10   only because we always react in a sensible and civil manner.
01:18   We never strike back when the left-wing extremist thugs strike us,
01:22   in contrast to what happened in the ’30s. That’s the only reason
01:25   we don’t see street battles taking place. The aggression and
01:28   organized violence are coming from the other side.
01:31   This is exactly the reason why we decided to have this conference about freedom of expression.
01:38   During the conference we wanted to discuss with media representatives
01:42   how to restore media freedom here in Germany.
01:47   Get-well wishes from Alice Weidel
01:51   Berliner Zeitung: “Right-wing populist beaten with poles and clubs on Rigaer Street”
01:57   People with differing opinions are fair game!
02:00   The headline alone attempts to relativize the left-extremist attack.
02:04   It is incomprehensible what is happening in this country. Get well soon!
02:08   Man beaten with poles and clubs by several masked attackers. Victim refused hospital care. Group
02:11   of unidentified individuals attacked a man on Rigaer Street and injured him.
02:14   It could be the right-populist Oliver Flesch.
02:17   State Protection Agency Investigates: Right Populist beaten with poles and clubs on Rigaer Street.
02:21   Berlin: Video-blogger Oliver Flesch gives statement following masked attack on Rigaer Street.
02:25   Mallorca resident and right-populist Oliver Flesch apparently beaten.
02:29   Assassination attempt on Oliver Flesch …Enough is enough!
02:33   Can Trump be trusted? Antifa attacks Oliver Flesch / Alice Schwarzer
02:37   Oliver Flesch was attacked and beaten by ten Antifa thugs —Bushwhacked by a group
02:40   of ten masked men with poles and clubs / Oliver Flesch beaten after Free Media conference.
02:45   Berlin: Oliver Flesch ambushed and bludgeoned
02:49   Announcement to all YouTubers! Beaten by Antifa: Now Oliver Flesch speaks about the incident
02:53   Following the Free Media Conference: Oliver Flesch attacked by masked men and beaten.
02:57   Attacked on Rigaer Street in Berlin / Right-populist beaten with poles and clubs
03:00   State Protection Agency Investigates —A big thanks to Antifa for the priceless advertising!
03:12   Hello! I’m standing in front of the regional criminal investigation office.
03:16   I just made my statement. It was so-so and I got fairly annoyed.
03:20   There were three people. Two women, one man. The man was OK.
03:23   One woman said nothing. The other woman really got on my nerves. I’ll talk about that later.
03:30   This is the criminal complaint. This is the file number,
03:35   and I have been officially prohibited from using the Rigaer Street
03:40   by this woman. I told her, “You know what?! You should have banned
03:44   those (squatting) leftist fascists; then I wouldn’t
03:47   have to be sitting here.” I’ll tell you the rest later.

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  1. Equal Justice under the law?

    Fuggetaboutit! It’s Bundesrepublik Deutschland.

  2. Ten/twelve armed with poles on to one man. Sounds about right for the leftist thugs and cowards. Just wait ’til the tables are turned – they’ll scream like stuck pigs.

  3. God made man, Sam Colt made man equal, so with that being said, why, why why !??? Do you continue to be sheep for the slaughter? It is your God given right of self defense, so arm up and prepare to defend yourselves for the love of Pete and all that is Holy !

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