Old Sobersides

JLH sends the saga of Miz Hillary in verse form. One can only hope that the shade of Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. (father of the Supreme Court justice) is not overly agitated tonight…

Old Sobersides
by JLH

Ay, tear her tatty logo down!
Too long has it made us sigh,
And many a face has had to frown
At what “justice” let go by.
Vince Foster, Seth Rich and others, too —
What is it they may have seen:
Travelgate, Filegate, Whitewater all true,
In the service of the Queen?

Erupting bimbos, Tammy Wynette,
The little woman wasn’t pleased.
Hillary Care was not a good bet.
Nuclear secrets for the Chinese,
And who knew pork bellies could be so swell,
If their futures were bright enough?
And who knew the Russians would pay so well
For that radioactive stuff?

Now, a former first lady has little to do,
When hubby’s not home at night,
Unless public office comes into view…
Get that carpetbag packed up tight!
So she walks the Senate like one who belongs,
And fades right into the crowd:
How to look brave while going along,
And skim off whatever’s allowed.

When Bill said “Two for the price of one”
No one could have guessed the price.
This inexorable couple is just never done.
They are back like undaunted lice.
The only way to stop this first woman’s run:
A black man’s program of hope.
As Highlander says, “There can be only one”
And Hillary runs out of rope.

But all is not lost — to the victor come the spoiled.
Run the Department of State?
So what if you’re looking a little bit soiled —
After Kerry, who needs to be great?
First, our uranium buddies of old
Need a friendly re-start.
The wording is wrong, so we are told —
Google Translate’s not worth a… damn.

Her greatest achievement was Ghadaffi’s demise.
Some minor Americans died too.
Parents, wives and children apprised:
There was nothing we could do.
We came, we saw, we made a mess.
Move on; there’s nothing to see.
“What difference now if I should confess —
I’d get off on a guilty plea.”

This time is different, there is no Barack.
We all know that now it’s my turn
No one has the guts to mount an attack…
But I think I “Feel the Bern,”
Doesn’t he know everyone has been paid?
Why is he still around?
This is not how the game is played.
I’ll pound him into the ground.

So what if I fixed some things here and there?
He can whimper all he wants.
So what if he doesn’t think it’s been fair?
Who asked him to leave Vermont?
And now I am off to the race of my life,
And I’m running against a clown!
Dirt and rumor against him are rife,
He’ll likely be run out of town.

Hey! Why am I not way ahead right now!?
Where are these polls coming from?
Who are they talking to, anyhow:
Deplorables, reactionaries, dumb!
I KNEW it — that damned electoral thing —
Now it’s gone and cost me the race!
Who cares what tune the “flyovers” sing?
They’re a colossal waste of space!

I will not be Trumped by that arrogant jerk,
But my hands are not lily-white…
Oops, I mean: Now y’all gots to git to work,
‘cause we gots us a rilly tough fight…
Ze basket of deplorable sink zey have won over us;
We’ll show zem “Si, se puede, señor”…
And we are woman, just hear us cuss!…
And we are gayer than ever before!

With all the minorities on our side,
And the hidden anti-American few,
We can hide whatever we want to hide,
And paint the picture brand-new.
Leftover Justice, intelligence, IRS —
Bespoke in the upper ranks —
Will dredge their imagination’s cess
And sink the Steele in his flank.

And while he is muelling the likely result,
Impeachment will rise like a tide.
He’ll be washed away, as millions exult
And come back to my righteous side.
How gracious I’ll be as they send him to jail
With all of his progeneration!
In a few years, when Pence proves politically frail,
I’ll be back as the head of the nation.

Alas! The ending was re-revised;
The Mueller’s Tale was light.
Oh, better that her shattered lies
Should sink fore’er from sight
Into the swampy DC muck,
Where predators compete,
And the eagles of the law shall pluck
The harpy of deceit.

17 thoughts on “Old Sobersides

  1. These verses can be sung to the melody of :

    ‘By the Rising of the Moon’ – by The Dubliners

    I’m not trying to be sarcastic. I am a musician and my mind always tries to find music behind poetry.

    • Terrific ditty JLH – what is it based on?

      LeCanadien – Americans and residents of Kanadistan might enjoy it being sung to “The Rising of the Moon” but no Irishman, with an understanding of the trajectory of the fight for Irish Nationhood and its attendant freedoms, will see any connection.

      “The Rising of the Moon” is about reverence for Ireland’s 1000+ year fight, via multiple, successive Rebellions against occupation and oppression, culminating in the 1916 Easter rebellion, and the establishment of the Irish Free State 6 years later in 1922. The Irish civil war was fought shortly thereafter to retain our Nationhood. Members of my own, and extended families, fought and died in abundance during this turbulent period. Just writing this produces torrents of memories.

      Ireland is becoming a EU morass; a condition and circumstance I could not have envisioned 25 years ago. Another civil war may be required to restore our culture and values. Kanadistan is in even worse circumstances under globalist, traitor, arse-clown, Jihadi Justin Trudeau. Ironically, unelected Irish PM Leo Varadkar (Irish mother and Indian father) visited Kanadistan in 2017, with his boyfriend, and marched in a “Pride” parade, alongside Jihadi Justin, in Montreal.

      Both our countries are in very, very serious trouble, as a function of the globalist, feminist, multi-cultural ideology and mentality.

      And come tell me Sean O’Farrell, tell me why you hurry so
      Hush a bhuachaill, hush and listen and his cheeks were all aglow
      I bear orders from the captain, get you ready quick and soon
      For the pikes must be together at the rising of the moon

      At the rising of the moon, at the rising of the moon
      For the pikes must be together at the rising of the moon
      And come tell me Sean O’Farrell, where the gathering is to be
      At the old spot by the river quite well known to you and me

      One more word for signal token, whistle out the marching tune
      With your pike upon your shoulder at the rising of the moon
      At the rising of the moon, at the rising of the moon
      With your pike upon your shoulder at the rising of the moon

      Out from many a mud walled cabin eyes were watching through the night
      Many a manly heart was beating for the blessed morning’s light
      Murmurs ran along the valley to the banshee’s lonely croon
      And a thousand pikes were flashing by the rising of the moon

      By the rising of the moon, by the rising of the moon
      And a thousand pikes were flashing by the rising of the moon
      All along that singing river, that black mass of men was seen
      High above their shining weapons flew their own beloved green

      Death to every foe and traitor, whistle out the marching tune
      And hoorah me boys for freedom ’tis the rising of the moon
      ‘Tis the rising of the moon, ’tis the rising of the moon
      And hoorah me boys for freedom ’tis the rising of the moon

      * bhuachaill – boy/mate/brother-in-arms
      * banshee – in Irish legend, a female spirit whose wailing warns of an
      impending death in a house.

      An Irishman abroad.

      • Thank you for the response.

        I am glad to see that there are still people who retain an understanding of their old folk songs. This is an increasingly rare thing.

        One of the reasons this particular song came to my mind is that the poem brought up my hatred for the tyranny and elitism of the Left. I wanted to apply, against this poetic vision of tyranny, a song of defiance and patriotism. Here in North America we lack such well known songs to stir people.

        Certainly no insult was meant on my part to the memory of the Irish patriots.

      • Your view from abroad of Kanadistan’s problems and of the clown Trudeau are encouraging. Many of us Kanadistanians are embarassed by him and we sometimes wonder how our country and our ‘leader’ are viewed by others. We can never have enough criticism for Kanadistans’ socialist under-current and moslem friendly politicians.

        It is perhaps unfortunate but must hopefully appear somewhat understandable that such culturally arid places as Canada must occasionally appropriate such cultural icons as Irish patriotic songs. We are famous for our lack of vocal patriotism and quiet veneration of our ancestors who fought against tyranny. A few Canadians such as myself are stunned and excited by such open calls to patriotism and rebellion as found in such great songs as ‘The Rising of the Moon.’

        I sang this and other such Irish songs to my kids as they were growing up and it has helped them to become more patriotic Canadians.
        No better compliment than that.

        • Terrific to hear this. I think Canadians are beginning to wake up – judging by election results in Ontario/Alberta/Maritimes.

          I’m a dual Irish/Canadian citizen – brung by my parents at the onset of the “Troubles” in the early ’70’s. Following my mother’s death, an old friend of hers, told me that my mother’s response, when she enquired why she had come to Canada was – “I didn’t want to have to recover my sons bodies from the Morgue”. I wasn’t aware of this concern but it did not surprize me.

          I’m “An Irishman abroad” as a function of having worked in the U.S/South America/Europe/Australia/+ and currently spend 6 months with my “Future-bride” on Camano Island (Washington state) and 6 on Vancouver Island. Camano soon to become permanent.

          Leonard Cohen and Rita McNeil are 2 of my top 10 all-time performers.

          The Waterboys – And a Bang on the Ear (High Quality) – http://bit.ly/2DS4qE3 – remins me of me

          • Thank you for your kind replies and the great links.

            Immigrants as yourself are the best sort and much needed to make a nation great.

            I do hope to do some song recording this year and will include a few of these call-to-arms Irish greats. The young conservatives in Canada need to be exposed to these. I have taken to heart your encouragement in this area.

            I admit that I thought I had offended you and your Irish patriotism but you have shown me instead that typical Irish love of a good laugh and warm hospitality. Thank you my friend.

      • Celtic to the Bone–Taken from the poem Old Ironsides by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., who was outraged that the Constitution was going to be junked. The poem galvanized a response that saved the ship, which still famously sails out and back into Boston Harbor once a year. An old friend of mine had his first command as its captain. My adaptations, obviously, has an opposite intent.

  2. She’s gone but not forgotten,
    sad but it is true.
    The harpy refuses to fade to black,
    but insists upon being made new.
    There must be a reward that awaits her,
    how soon no one can tell.
    Maybe the flames will rise to greet her,
    as she joins her ilk in hell.

    Thought I’d add the last stanza

  3. I am always amazed by the talent required to write such well thought-out poems.

    Writing simple thoughts in the comment section is time consuming enough and requires much thought to piece together our thoughts into coherent, well constructed sentences.

    I am glad to see the office of Poet is still alive in the English speaking world.

  4. Usually, I hate poetry, but this is terrific stuff.

    Besides the technical mastery of meter and rhyme, JLH not only presents a really good summary of Hillary’s felonies over the years. To top it off, he includes several puns and allusions of the highest order. I guess if I didn’t know so much about the subject matter, I’d hate this poem also, but I think it’s great. It shows me the power of poetry when the audience shares a common background with themselves and with the poet.

    • Indeed; I may have missed some, but the “Mueller’s Tale” (Chaucer, “Canterbury Tales” was clever.

      I may have mentioned this before: I know an American woman here in London, who worked as a lawyer in the White House; she’d usually be a Democrat, but voted for Trump in 2016 as she detests the Clintons so much.

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