Milo Speaks Truth to the Powerless

The fellow who went through the trouble of re-creating this event says:

The livestream of this was censored and, with it, the original sound of Milo’s mic was lost. I have reconstructed the sound from multiple sources and used my own video copy of the event.

Erste Konferenz der Freien Medien im Bundestag (The first conference on the free media in Bundestag) was an event organized by the AfD fraction in Berlin on May 11, 2019.

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Partial text of the speech is below the fold (hat tip WRSA).

Just follow the link at the end:

On May 11, Milo addressed Alternative für Deutschland and CDU MPs, journalists and alternative media bloggers in Berlin about press freedoms and Islam. The talk was originally scheduled to take place in the German Parliament and had to be moved after complaints. YouTube cut the live feed ten minutes into the speech, citing “hateful content” and issuing a strike against the channel hosting it.

My name is Milo Yiannopoulos, and for those of you who don’t know me, I am the most lied-about, most censored man on the planet. So, it’s fitting for me to be here today to address the most lied-about political party in Europe.

… even if we’re not having this speech where we should be. It’s fine, I’m not mad. It’s not like it exposed me to massive global humiliation getting disinvited from the Bundestag or anything.

It was only the Washington Post and maybe 50 or 60 other newspapers. Seriously, don’t worry about it.

I’m not even bothered, shut up!

In 2016, working at Breitbart under Steve Bannon and then on my own from a tour bus on American college campuses, I helped to get Donald Trump, or Daddy, elected.

My memoir of this period, Dangerous, was a New York Times bestseller, a smash hit that shifted over 200,000 copies to people who don’t normally read books.

I helped the Right in America win the culture war with young people. Because I was an effective supporter of Trump, helping to make conservatism cool after decades of it being, well, kind of embarrassing to be Right-wing, I became a figure of hate to the progressive Left. I became a target.

When I showed up to UC Berkeley in February 2017, Antifa stormed the city and smashed up the campus, causing hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage to the university and downtown Berkeley itself.

I’ve been called a racist, an anti-Semite, a misogynist, a white supremacist, a homophobe, an islamophobe, a pedophile apologist and a transphobe.

Only islamophobe is true.

I’ve been called these things not by random weirdos on the internet, but by journalists at the most prestigious publications in the world.

Well, I’ve been called them by the random weirdos too.

Journalists don’t call me all these names because I’m an extremist. I am not an extremist. I have never uttered a racist statement in my life. I am married to a black man.

They call me names because I’m great at converting moderates and left-wingers to our cause. I don’t think anyone has ever been so good at it. That’s why they call you guys names too—you’re persuading people.

I’m so dangerous I’m like Voldemort. I’m The Fag Who Must Not Be Named.

You can’t even mention my name on some of those networks. If you say my name three times on Facebook, you lose your whole account. I’m Bloody Mary but with good hair.

Being me is like being in the Boy Scouts when you get every possible badge and you get to meet the President, except in my case, the reward for all these badges of honor is being banned from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, PayPal, Venmo, Eventbrite, Shopify, Patreon, Coinbase, Periscope, Mailchimp and Tumblr.

And the continent of Australia. The whole place. I can’t go there. For the rest of my life.

They call me names, and then they deny me the right to defend myself by banning me from every social network they can find.

You’d expect all this from feminist activists, I guess. You’d expect it from Left-wing political parties. You’d expect it from terrorist sympathizers on the internet.

But what about journalists? Instead of expressing shock and concern about the incredible, systematic censorship I have been subjected to, reporters across the Western world have applauded it, because they don’t like my politics.

Perhaps they’ve forgotten how recently the Stasi closed shop right here in Berlin. I’m happy to remind them. It was 1990. Germans should know better than to embrace this stuff again so quickly.

If you so much as add my name to an event listing on Eventbrite, if you just cite me as one of a dozen or more speakers at your event or rally, they will close your entire account without warning and keep all the money.

I’ve been banned not only from social media, but from payment processors and ticketing services. They want to rob me of the ability to make a living and get my message out to people. Not because I did anything wrong or said anything especially outrageous, but because I am popular and good at persuading people.

The media loves pointing out when you’ve been banned from something. Have you noticed that? They’ll say “Milo Yiannopoulos, who has been banned from Twitter and Facebook…” It’s almost part of my name at this point, one of the things you always have to say afterwards, like MP, or PhD.

Mohammed, peace be upon him. Milo, banned from Twitter and Facebook.

And it sounds damning until you realize it’s the same sort of people writing these stories, deciding the bans, coming up with nonsense theories about “hate speech” in university departments and creating government policy to spare the feelings of the perpetually aggrieved. All the same people.

So anyway […]

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9 thoughts on “Milo Speaks Truth to the Powerless

  1. It’s very strange.

    The talk was fantastic. Milo is a great speaker, not only for the coherence of his talk and the passion of his delivery, but the accuracy of his portrayal and his breathtaking commands of facts. The video is well worth listening to, in favor of reading the transcript.

    Having said that, the presence of the video itself is weird. YouTube cut the live feed based on what was probably an automated censoring of “hateful” content. Yet, the reconstructed video is presented on … YouTube. What gives?

    I’ll venture some kind of guess. YouTube and the proto-fascist, Communist, supposedly-ex-Stasi Merkel cut a deal so YouTube will implement German censorship and in return can reap unadulterated profits from the German market without having to worry about interference from the German government. So, my guess is, the live feed was “filtered” through German rules, but the video was posted in the US, where YouTube has a teeny bit of accountability through actual bad publicity.

    Listening to Milo is not only a pleasure; it is an education and a call to arms. Truthfully, I can do without some of the gay jokes; but Milo is making the point, and I agree with it, that freedom of speech is indivisible. You can’t pick and choose. You have it or you don’t have it, and when you have it, it’s your choice as to whether you want to listen to it or not, but it’s not your choice as to whether someone else can listen to it.

    • Be sure to read the whole speech. This truncated version was all he could re-create. A very stirring speech as he talks about his German roots, and uses some German phrasing (easy enough to machine translate) to talk about his mother…

      He also riffs on places where the proper response to haters is “That’s enough”. He says it in German.

      Additionally, he talks about his campaign work in the south of England.

      A busy man. I felt we saw the real guy under the flaming outrageous rapscallion.

      • I agree. He’s best live. No question. And he’s really drop-dead serious. And because of the contrast with his persona, his seriousness can take you aback.

    • I enjoyed the gay jokes, but like (I believe) the Baron I’ve loved the (stereotype warning!) wit of homosexual friends and acquaintances for many years.

      More to the point, this “fag” has a bigger pair of (masculine appurtenances) than most of our politicians and “journalists”, Farage included, put together, and I salute his courage.

  2. This is an excellent speech.

    When I lament the level of censorship in the US to my un-woke friends, they never know what I am talking about.

    Not only is there a staggering amount of censorship, but the fact of censorship is censored.

    • Good point. In censorship, there is always a meta-censoring that has to operate or we deplorables will catch on to the game. Can’t have that.

      • Speaking of censorship and meta-censorship, Lauren Southern’s documentary, Borderless, was released as a YouTube video. The roll-out premier over the YouTube channel was disrupted due to “technical” problems. Shortly afterwards, the documentary itself was deleted with no explanation from YouTube.

        Southern immediately uploaded a “backup” version which is still there as of this comment. Numerous other YouTube sites “mirrored” the movie with their own uploads and links.

        The situation seems to corroborate Dymphna’s analysis. YouTube like to censor in the dark, no explanation provided. Once the attention gets focused, they scurry away from the issue like the mutant spiders in the “Metro” video game series scurry away from the light. In fact, I can think of a worse terms for YouTube than “mutant spiders” which I think is an apt fit.

        As to the documentary itself, it is well worth seeing. A lot of it reflects the tension and boredom of a real journalist as she injects herself into tricky and dangerous situations to get the real story. “Journalists” like the aggrandizing gadfly, wanna-be comedian posing as journalist Jim Acosta, are not fit to shine her boots.

        If I had to summarize the impact of the documentary, it would be that once you relax your instincts to protect yourself and your community in favor of “doing good”, you subject yourself and your enemies to disasters far worse than anyone could imagine.

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