Manhunt for Culture-Enriching Rapists in South Tyrol

The following news story from Italy concerns the rape of a teenage girl by migrants in the Bolzano region of South Tyrol (“Bozen” is the name for Bolzano in German, which is spoken by a majority of the inhabitants of Bolzano).

Many thanks to He Ha for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   She was riding home from school on her bicycle.
00:03   As soon as she arrived at the bike path along the river,
00:07   near the Druso stadium, the 16-year-old girl was first insulted, then stopped by two strangers.
00:12   They took her and fiercely pushed her away into the bushes, in broad daylight.
00:16   Then they both raped her, and left her in a semi-conscious state.
00:20   As soon as she woke up, the girl reached the street, where she
00:24   was aided by some bystanders, who immediately called an ambulance and law enforcement.
00:29   The victim, a girl from Bozen, has been brought to the hospital
00:32   and is under the care of a police psychologist.
00:35   She was able to tell what happened to her. The police are already on the trail of the perpetrators.
00:39   The officers have already analyzed the girl’s clothes
00:42   to find biological traces belonging to the attackers.
00:45   Within the past two hours two 20-year-old Nigerian men were stopped, but released immediately.
00:51   Investigators apparently didn’t find any evidence of their involvement.
00:55   The manhunt continues.

4 thoughts on “Manhunt for Culture-Enriching Rapists in South Tyrol

  1. “Their women are yours to take. Allah made them yours. Why don’t you enslave them?”

    Sheikh Saad al Beraik

  2. The caught-and-released Nigerians should have been deported anyway on general principles. Military age african males don’t have any business being in Italy.

    • Well, with 600,000 such boat people in Italy, have any been sent home? It seems the strong words of the government are just that. Make strong statements, close the borders to further illegal immigrants then do nothing other than pass the baton on. Greece – Italy – Spain, it’s like some sick version of the Olympic Torch relay.

  3. That’s kind-of a clickbaity title, I was hoping the Bolzano public took to the streets to help find the criminals, that’s what I would understand as a “manhunt”.

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