Join the Greens and Help Destroy Europe!

The Green Party did well in most Western European countries, especially when compared with the previously dominant center-left and center-right parties. In Germany they gained 21%, second only to the CDU/CSU (28%).

Annalena Baerbock, the co-leader of the German Greens, made a little Freudian slip at the victory celebration after the election, as caught in the brief video clip below.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

14 thoughts on “Join the Greens and Help Destroy Europe!

  1. I don’t see much fanaticism around me, but there is this sort of people that get enraged when I disagree with the green CO2 and plastic agenda… I mean – after fascisms and communisms of the 20th century, this is the next big thing!

  2. I’ve also pissed people off by being doubtful of “global warming”.

    There is also a huge contingent who vote Green because they view it as a protest vote.

    Whatever the case may be, most of them are freaks, from what I can tell.

    At the next election, I plan to campaign against them by publicising some parts of THEIR OWN PLATFORM, which make them look like the crazies that they are. Hopefully that does something to help.

  3. The Greens are an affront to Science™ and especially to the four Laws of Thermodynamics.

    • and according to a geophysicist we do still live in ice-age, because poles are still ice covered as are high mountains.
      This has not always been the case( hence the name “Greenland”) and we are talking about processes that take millions of years.

  4. I think what she meant to say was “let us unite to bring about … the demise of Germany as an identified nation-state”.

    Or perhaps “let us bring about … the demise of Europe as an outpost of European people and European civilization”.

    The other Greens would immediately recognize what she was saying and applaud, but her political filters kicked in at the last micro-second knowing they had to face a general electorate, and what came out made no sense to either side.

  5. Did she say “verenden” (to perish), or “veraendern” (to change)? The two words sound almost identical… But Bild and Stern report her as saying “veraendern”, as in “let us change this Europe together”.

    • It is a bit like Islam where the true believers know the exact meaning of the words that are being used while the Dhimmis are hoodwinked.

    • Imho, ” verenden” is intransitive, whereas ” verändern” is transitive, meaning that something should be changed by someone.
      Verenden is just a process, like we find a dead animal in the woods. If you say verenden about a human, that would mean perish without any help or hope. Hope my semantics were on spot.

  6. Islamic Greens- bunch of hipsters idiots, totally useless, who vote for them ???, brainwashed youngsters, future of Germany, very sad …

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