How to Bypass the Australian Ministry of Truth

Vlad and I have received a number of complaints from people in Australia who say that BitChute videos never work for them, either as embeds or at the BitChute site itself. It turns out that the Australian government has blocked BitChute so that its citizens can be kept safe from “hate”.

Fortunately for Australians, the authorities chose the quick and dirty way of banning the site: they screwed up its DNS records on two of the main DNS providers in Australia. There’s a fairly easy way to redo your computer’s settings and bypass the government’s preferred DNS. The instructions below were posted earlier at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

How Australians can bypass state censorship of the internet

by Vlad Tepes

The following post is meant for Australians, and any other nationals, who feel the state should not decide for them what information they should have access to and what information they should not. I think it is doubly important in a place like Oz. which has the pretence of being a free state, yet sends police to your door to ask probing questions like, “Do you support Donald Trump?” (This example is from New Zealand but similar things are happening in Oz.)

From what I can gather, all of, Gates of Vienna, and Blazing Cat Fur, and likely due to this post, my site, have been (or will be) blocked by several ISPs in Australia. I base this on emails received by me, and by the operator of Gates of Vienna.

I also Skyped a friend of ours in Oz and using Skype’s screen share feature, had her navigate to these sites.

On her ISP, she was able to see all the listed sites except BCF.

So this is how we bypassed it so that she could see the one that was blocked.

The following graphics are for an Apple computer.

First, go to your settings gear. For most that should be on the dock. If it isn’t, then go to your magnifying glass very top right and type: System Preferences.

Once you have that open, it should look sort of like this:

Then look for the grey globe that says Network. It’s around the middle in this photo, but take your time and find the sphere-like thing that says “Network”. Click that and you should see something like what is below. You want to click the “advanced” button at the bottom.

You should see something like this now, which will list the WiFi networks you use.

In the row of buttons at the top of the picture below, you should see DNS at third from the left. Click that:

Where I have a black square, you will see your DNS numbers. What you need to do, is click the minus sign till both numbers are gone, then type in the exact numbers you see here in this photo below, or what you see below in text. To make it easier I have added them in text so you can scrape and paste.

Once the existing numbers are gone by using the – button, you can use the + button to create the field to paste in, or type in the numbers above. After you have done so, click OK, then on the next screen, APPLY.

Without a reboot or any other action you should then be able to see any sites you were prevented from seeing.

We know this works as we tested it with someone in Australia, but its extremely common in Turkey and Iran where the governments are ahead of Australia and New Zealand by several months in terms of information totalitarianism.

You may have to check from time to time as your DNS numbers may be reverted by your ISP from time to time, or, if you use a VPN, (in which case you should have no problems anyway) sometimes your VPN assigns DNS numbers to you. But if you do not, this method works so far, and is safe, but check from time to time to make sure that these are the numbers you see in the DNS field.

It is always best to use a VPN service like AIRvpn or NORD, although some readers have written comment suggesting NORD may not be on side. But as I understand it, the method used to block these sites is something called “DNS Poisoning”. I do not understand at this time what that is or how it works, but changing your DNS to a public one like the one listed above gets you around it and does for a lot of people in states like Iran, China or Turkey.

The following video deals with how to change DNS, and what DNS is for that matter, on all your devices. I am asking an expert to check it, but so far it appears to be accurate to my understanding. I post it for Windows 10 machines and cell phones.

Please feel free to post comments, results or objections to this method in the comments below. Stopping state censorship is extremely important, and these days more than ever, where that censorship is being selectively enforced nearly 100% of the time in favour of Islam and the coalition of Neo-communists.

17 thoughts on “How to Bypass the Australian Ministry of Truth

  1. Guys there is no problem with Bitchute her in Canberra. I have it open now. Whoever had an issue probably experienced a local problem with their provider. There is no free speech censorship – the Liberal / National Coalition won the election here. The leftist Labor / Greens lost! 🙂

    • We have had many reports about those three sites, and when I checked with Rita, one of our translators, she got the error for Blazingcatfur until she changed her DNS, then it worked.

      I believe it has to do with certain ISPs voluntarily obeying some new directive which was agreed to by the former PM with certain Europeans. The Baron knows the details. Im very happy if that is over, Ill check with some others and see if they are still affected for those sites.

      • I live in Australia and the bitchute videos do not work on my computer.I believe they are being censored.

    • @Ross Lloyd, an apparent Aussie [con]servative:

      no, there is adequate evidence of free speech censorship in Australia. Firstly the country has no Bill of Rights, let alone a First Amendment (US), notwithstanding that the latter is much abused now in the USA.

      Free political communication is only implied per Aust. Constitution but not explicitly stated, as the recently jailed Sydney journalist Shane Dowling has argued.

      The topic of Clause 18C, which addresses “racial vilification” has occupied thousands of lines of Internet debate, which your apparent LNP hero Tony Abbott (Prime Minister) did not abolish when in office.


      After all, the alt right activist Blair Cottrell had his Youtube, or was it Facebook (or both?) presence wiped suddenly; he has stated this was at the behest of the local internal security service, ASIO.

      Or look at the State law on vilification in the Federal states of Victoria and the ACT. Not for nothing is Melbourne called “Mogadishu by the Yarra”, the Yarra being the river.

      The Victorian law (sic) was used around 2006 to prosecute the brave Pakistani refugee Christian pastor Daniel Scot for vilifying Muslims; he won on appeal.

      • I like the use of the word “vilify” and its various permutations. So much more expressive than mere “hate”. I wasn’t aware it was part of state law.

        Goes against the Australian character, though; there was once room enough to vilify whomever one chose…

  2. Put those IP addresses first in the list but leave any others your ISP gave you at the end of the list. The new addresses are for

  3. I use Cyberghost VPN service, which I find completely satisfactory. It generally has a deal, currently $99 US for 3 years. I got a 7 year deal for a very low price. Anyway, freedom is not free. Censorship is not going to stop in the foreseeable future, so my recommendation is to find a VPN service with a good extended time deal, try it for a month or so on trial, and then go ahead and take the plunge. You can save considerably by paying for a few years at the beginning.

  4. Aussie here, last night I was trying to access BitChute on my mac and I couldn’t. I tried Safari, Firefox and Brave. I was really pissed off.
    Then I found this page. Joy!
    Thanks for your info, I will bookmark this site and come back.
    Great work guys, and God bless you.

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I thought I was going nuts! No matter what device or server I tried I couldn’t access bitchute. I operate Windows 10 and found the info I needed on the video. It’s a sad time for freedom of information folks.

  6. I’m using Telstra in Melbourne and cannot access Bitchute at all.
    This is outrageous!

  7. instructions please for those of us who are Not apple users
    I am in Aust, I could access Bitchute a couple months ago – not now

  8. could you tell us please what the DNS providers are that you are recommending

  9. I have been wondering why I can’t use bitchute. I’m Aussie, but I dont have a mac or computer. How can I use bitchute on my phone?

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