Ha! Nazi, Schmazi!

Rasmus Paludan is a Danish lawyer and anti-Islam activist who is almost certain to become a member of parliament after next month’s general election.

In the following excerpt from a TV panel discussion, a retired politician named Mimi Jakobsen — who was Minister of Culture for the Centre Democrats back in the 1980s — likens Mr. Paludan to a Nazi. In the ensuing argument, he flings the same insult back at her. Before the program is over, she hints that she’s planning on suing him for his impertinence.

Many thanks to Tania Groth for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   So it is of course the Koran, the Hadiths — the life of the prophet,
00:04   but it’s also a question about wherever Islam
00:07   gets a foothold in Western countries, things take a turn
00:10   for the worse. There is no country where Islam has gained a foothold where things are going well.
00:13   It always goes badly. —Mimi, you wanted to say something before.
00:17   Well, now it’s like Islam that is a religion… and a concept that Rasmus doesn’t like.
00:24   Why the hell should we send 400,000 Muslims out of the country? I don’t understand that.
00:29   And it is those “hooks”
00:32   that are hung up and that you can hang something on.
00:35   And than you start reeling it a bit in and then it’s not everybody and…
00:38   And then Naser Khader [is OK]. And Nasser Khader can stay.
00:43   I’ve always said that. I just want to say that that all that rhetoric you use…
00:49   And I understand why you are using it because it is a way to get in the media.
00:53   But all that is SO destructive.
00:57   And it really reminds me of something that was going on during the thirties.
01:03   And I think that what you are saying… now I don’t know you, and I don’t want to get to know you.
01:07   The feeling is mutual. —What you are saying is
01:10   SO close to a Nazi way of thinking.
01:13   And that’s why I say… one is the thing with Muslims.
01:17   But yesterday evening you stood there and said
01:20   That people of low IQ… Danes,
01:26   people, Danes, who are not so smart… are a problem
01:30   in Denmark.
01:33   and that’s when I say… what the hell do you mean by that?!
01:36   I would like to answer that. —What are THEY going to do, should they also leave?
01:40   And what about… —Can I be allowed to answer the question…
01:46   Well I think that Mimi Jakobsen reminds me of Hitler if anybody does in the whole wide world,
01:55   so that’s mutual. —Why? Well because she
01:58   very much hates an ethic group.
02:01   Which ethnic group? The Danes.
02:04   She’s never said that! —Well that’s because we can see that she wants… well, I can see it, anyhow,
02:11   that she wants to destroy the Danes and Denmark. Which are the Muslims.
02:15   She is defending them. So I think she’s a Nazi. Do you think…
02:19   But what I want to say about this problem… You aren’t going to get away with saying
02:22   stuff like that about me. —Because you ARE a Nazi pig…
02:26   Now listen up… —Excuse me, what did you say?
02:29   Those who are a problem… Could you please repeat that! I called her a Nazi pig.
02:33   Why? —Because she is sitting here pulling the Nazi card.
02:36   Well, listen up… she started…
02:39   She sits there, and completely unfounded pulls the Nazi card.
02:43   Then one would have to expect to get it right back atcha.
02:46   I’m talking about the stuff coming out of your mouth. I simply won’t put up with it.
02:50   Because if you sit here and do that… I don’t have to take this. —Well, then leave!
02:53   I won’t put up with being dealt the Nazi card… giving the card to somebody fighting for
02:57   his own people, and that is what I’m doing, and there is nobody…
03:01   You are just being attacked on your opinions as a politician.
03:04   Not when you, completely unfounded, are being compared with mass murder
03:08   and genocide. —What I said yesterday was
03:13   that of course it is a problem with low IQ Danes,
03:16   not that they, as a group, are a problem for the rest of us,
03:21   but it is a problem that they can’t hold down a job because
03:24   their skills aren’t good enough to hold down a job in Denmark.
03:27   That IS a problem. And we must face the fact that that is a problem facing every Western country.
03:30   Because if you have a highly developed country like Denmark, the US and so on,
03:33   then there will be some whose cognitive abilities aren’t such that they can get a job.
03:37   I want to get back to something… —But, but, isn’t it possible to have these viewpoints without
03:41   calling somebody a pig? —Yes you can, but Mimi Jakobsen herself “asked for a dance”,
03:46   and I won’t put up with… she said that my opinions
03:49   were much like the opinions held in the thirties.
03:52   But that’s not the same, is it? One can just listen and take it in
03:55   without calling names… I won’t put up with it.
03:58   Can we… can we…
04:01   But the other thing is… if this tone starts to spread,
04:06   and if you can’t talk about opinions… without calling people pigs,
04:10   then this will be the most hideous election
04:13   that I have ever participated in. I have participated in lots of party discussions,
04:18   and of course it can become quite “stormy,” and that’s OK, because there is a lot at stake,
04:22   but we have also been able to… keep… a bit of humor,
04:28   a good mood, a few quick remarks… a bit of a laugh,
04:33   because that’s how the mood was back then,
04:37   and THAT I don’t think we’ll see a lot of during this election.
04:40   Henrik Qvortrup, you have just been sitting here listening.
04:43   [unintelligible] what do you think?
04:46   [unintelligible] well I think Mimi is correct in that,
04:52   it would appear that we will have an election that will be setting a new standard.
04:57   Ahmm… and Rasmus Paludan… ahmmm…
05:01   you can think what you want about him, but there is one thing
05:04   you can’t think about Rasmus, and that is that he is unintelligent,
05:07   and and and… it occurs to me that he absolutely knows what he is doing,
05:14   and what Rasmus wants is
05:17   to create attention and to make a bunch of noise about his person.
05:21   That gives some punch during an election, and as a communications person I can, somehow
05:26   understand what type of “method” you are using,
05:30   and we don’t need to… well perhaps you think this is an honorable comparison I am making here.
05:35   But I am not making the comparison to honor you… but I would like to compare a bit to Donald Trump.
05:42   It is perhaps on another frequency, but something along the same lines
05:45   that we are experiencing with Rasmus Paludan,
05:48   namely that is you just shout loud enough… ehhh…
05:52   and throw around you, left and right, uncomfortable rhetoric
05:56   in a debate that… yeah, we were actually sitting here
05:59   having quite a cozy time until you called Mimi a Nazi pig.
06:02   Well, no I didn’t think it was cozy. —No no… but, but… what I really want to say, Rasmus, is that,
06:07   if that is the standard, then this will be an election
06:12   that will be setting whole new records,
06:15   because one thing is that Mimi, who is no longer in politics,
06:18   reacts to being called a Nazi-pig, but what might perhaps happen in the final party leader debate,
06:24   if Rasmus calls Mette Frederiksen, Lars Løkke or Kristian Thulesen Dahl Nazi pigs,
06:31   then believe me, then anything can happen. [unintelligible simultaneous talking]
06:35   Maybe it’s my turn to say something! [unintelligible] wait a minute…
06:38   I think we should add that same Rasmus yesterday called all party leaders who stood
06:46   in the room traitors. And I don’t understand why they put up with that!
06:51   That’s not true. —That is… —Now you are lying. —No, and you can find it on tape. —I know we can
06:55   find it on tape; I know what I said. —But who was it then you called traitors?
06:59   That was some of those standing in the room, but I didn’t say that everybody was a…
07:03   But that is a pretty heavy accusation! —I don’t think it is;
07:06   when you look at their political platform, then I don’t think it is an egregious comment at all.
07:09   But I have to say that Henrik of course is right in that,
07:12   that it’s important to attract attention to your political points. That’s obvious… that’s a fact.
07:17   I’m basically voicing what I know that a lot of Danes are feeling.
07:21   And then I think it is relevant to speak in such a way I am sure that voters understand.
07:25   And that’s what I do. —How do a lot of Danes feel?
07:28   Well, that they don’t think it’s terribly enjoyable that Danish boys and girls are being
07:31   attacked or raped, and in some cases killed by Muslim migrants.
07:35   How do you know this… is it because you talk to them or… —Yes, I do,
07:38   and they write to me in droves telling me the things that are happening to them,
07:41   and they thank me… —How many write to you? —Every day lots of…
07:44   about 20-30 people write to me thanking me.
07:47   On Facebook? —Yes, by mail and by phone,
07:50   telling me that they have been attacked and so on,
07:54   but what I want to say about the “tone” [in the debate], What Henrik said that was wrong was
07:58   that we were sitting here having a comfortable conversation.
08:02   It is fair enough that we have differing political opinions.
08:05   But I will in no way accept that someone begins to compare Hard Line
08:08   and my political viewpoint with Nazism.
08:11   Because nothing could be further from the truth.
08:14   The fascists wanted to exterminate a completely innocent people,
08:18   the Jews, and they did. I just want the Danes to be able to live their lives
08:22   in their own country without being overrun by others.
08:25   So those comparisons are completely out to lunch, and it is fair enough that you attack our
08:28   political platform, so that I can have a chance to explain. You can say “you wish to exterminate
08:32   a whole group of people,” and we can say no, that is NOT what we want.
08:35   We just want that those who live in Denmark to be a good “fit” for Denmark.
08:38   But to begin to make comparisons with Nazism,
08:41   that is something I will never put up with.
08:44   And that is why I reacted the way I did when Mimi Jakobsen, this former politician,
08:48   said what she said. And I find that [my reaction] completely reasonable.
08:52   And then the voters can decide for themselves whether they think that is reasonable or not.
08:56   I just want to say, I have never accused you of wanting to exterminate anybody.
09:01   But you want to deport… you want to deport
09:04   several hundred thousand people.
09:07   Do you think they will leave voluntarily? —I guess we’ll wait and see.
09:11   Do you think that they think it will be fun to leave? [unintelligible]
09:15   Well, some of them haven’t lived here very long.
09:18   Well, I’m not sitting here to somehow get involved in the discussion
09:22   between Mimi Jakobsen and Rasmus Paludan, I am merely here as a political observer.
09:25   And what I see from behind that lens
09:28   is a politician who is very much aware of what he is doing,
09:32   and he has calculated… now you can agree with me or not, Rasmus…
09:36   he has with full knowledge calculated that
09:39   that 95, 96, 97% of the population will revile him.
09:43   You have no problem with that. What you are counting on
09:47   is getting the attention of 3 or 4% of the population,
09:50   who you expect might have an interest in what you have to say, and
09:53   who you have an idea feel overlooked and forgotten,
09:56   and who feel themselves arrogantly treated by a political elite.
10:00   Those are the 3 to 4% of Danes you are targeting.
10:03   And here I have to say that, without even considering what you are saying,
10:07   I think you are on to something.
10:11   I think there are 3 to 4% who want to hear that type of thing.
10:16   No, my motivation is my big love for Denmark and the Danes and our right to be different, and
10:20   that is something that [unintelligible] ideologies such as Islam and Communism never would allow.
10:25   And as I, myself am very different. I put a lot of emphasis on the right to be an individual.
10:30   But otherwise it is correct, not that it’s any particular strategy on my part… because that’s
10:34   not correct, that there presumably will be 3 or 4 percent, or perhaps 10 to 20% of the population, who
10:40   are very tired of the political elites who don’t listen to the issues that they present them with,
10:44   because they are all those who live in [unintelligible] who experience these things,
10:47   that you don’t experience if you live in Søllerød… or “the potato rows” (exclusive areas).
10:50   THAT I think is correct… that there are some who think Rasmus Paludan and Hard Line’s politics
10:54   speak directly to the things that they are feeling and experiencing. I just want to briefly,
10:58   Mimi Jakobsen, go back to something you two were squabbling about at the beginning.
11:02   Something was said about you.
11:05   Will there be any consequences? Yes… I am sitting here thinking about it.
11:09   Yes, there will be. I won’t put up with being called… “that”.
11:12   Okay… “I won’t put up with it”.
11:15   You take that with a “stiff upper lip”? —Of course, if you ask somebody to dance… and all that…

Note: The title of this post is a Tom Lehrer reference.

13 thoughts on “Ha! Nazi, Schmazi!

  1. It is going to be tough for these self proclaimed liberals who oppose opposing views through sticking onto irrelevant issues and shaming tactics…

    Funny how the lady is not ashamed to shame somebody but wan’t to strike back when someone shames her 🙂

  2. Haha, I love it! Fight back using their own language, this is the way to do it. I’ve done this myself, taking their own words, turning them around, and using them against them.

    Notice how this Mimi chick was the first one to bring up the “nazi billy-club”, Rasmus just picked it up and used it right back at her.

  3. Haha, I love it! Fight back using their own language, this is the way to do it. I’ve done this myself, taking their own words, turning them around, and using them against them.

    Notice how this Mimi chick was the first one to bring up the “nazi billy-club”, Rasmus just picked it up and used it right back at her.

  4. A question that is never asked is “How close to the diversity they profess to love do diversity supporters live?” Because it seems to me that those who support diversity prefer to support it at arms length whilst at the same time they are quick to condemn those who complain that they have no choice but to live cheek by jowl with it.

  5. I LOVE this guy Rasmus- the Danes are lucky to have him.

    And that creep was right- Rasmus is a bit like our President Trump- in all the right ways.

    Rasmus is trying to save Denmark, or whatever of it that can be saved, from the Muslim invaders who have taken over so many areas. He is honest and forthright when he speaks about it, the people can understand fully.

    Meanwhile, look at his opposition: a bunch of old Danish/ Commie/ Progressive/ANTIFA fascists “has beens” whose best answer to the real problem is to call Rasmus a Nazi. Yeah, that works.

    I am watching Denmark with great interest and hope. God bless Rasmus and protect him.

  6. Except for Rasmus, the panel is completely ignorant of islamic culture and societies, as well as the text and teaching of the four main schools of islamic jurisprudence. What does the panel know of sharia law and jihad traditions. Ignorant fools.

  7. What I find amusing is that these reserved Danes are caught on the wrong foot with someone calling out the way things are and are completely gobsmacked by it all. They are not used to a man with a stiff spine.

  8. “Nazi, Shmazi!” -Tom Lehrer, “Wernher von Braun” I believe. Do I win a prize (at least for being a smartass)?

  9. The day before this was shot the woman Mimi Jakobsen posted in social media:

    “How shameful i this, we now have a true nazi who will likely be elected for parlament”…. no name mentioned, of course.

    I think this is also part of the context.

  10. I love how they pull numbers out of thin air to prove they are right .Where does he get that 97 percent of the people do not share the opinion that Islam is trying to ruin Denmark culture and society (if that is true why are they worry he might get elected to any office in government?)? He should have counter he is like someone in the 1930s who lead a nation facing a crisis and had to hurt peoples “feelings” to get his point across, Churchill . Yes Trump is like that if people fire lies and half truths at him he fights back even if he hurts there” feelings”.

  11. These characters have been coming and going for a long time now. It will take a war.

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