Guy Bechor: Progressive Jews Are More Dangerous to Israel Than Iran

In the following TV panel discussion from Israel, the journalist Dr. Guy Bechor explains that American Jewish Progressives are the enemies of Israel and their fellow Jews, and should even be denied the right to return to Israel, since they are a danger to the Jewish state.

He also highlights the prominence of Progressive Jews in the “Russia collusion” conspiracy against President Donald Trump.

Many thanks to Rachel L for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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2:12   I participated in few interesting dialogues and conversations,
2:17   but we need to understand these issues in a much deeper way.
2:21   European Jews at the end of the 19th century
2:25   believed that America (Amerikeh as they called it)
2:29   was the solution for the Jewish problem, and millions of them immigrated.
2:34   At the beginning of the 20th century, more than three million Jews
2:37   lived in the US, while in Israel there lived only 60,000 Jews.
2:40   Today there are 7 million Jews in Israel and 5 ½ million Jews in the US.
2:45   Something wild occurred here.
2:48   No one believed that Zionism was a realistic idea.
2:52   It seemed as if you were going to build a settlement on the planet Mars, this is how it was perceived.
3:00   Consequently, until about 20 to 30 years ago, the US was
3:04   the center of gravity for Jews, while Israel was in the margins.
3:07   Today, Israel IS the Jewish center of gravity, while US Jews are sidelined.
3:13   There are above one million more Jews in Israel than in the US.
3:16   This is inconceivable, although it is the reality.
3:19   There are quite many progressive Jews who are bothered by this trend.
3:24   I will get to this issue later. While it is an off-limits subject, here we tell the truth…
3:28   US Jews have been living safely in their Democratic Party nest.
3:31   How did US Jews make the Democratic Party their home?
3:34   After all, this is the Party of slavery, of KKK, the forefront elements of the Democrats, the party
3:41   of segregation, and race separation… so how did US Jews land in that Party?
3:45   There was a Socialist US President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR),
3:51   who established the minorities’ pact.
3:54   He merged the Jews, the Blacks, parts of the Latinos, and the Catholics.
4:00   The Jews sensed that America was theirs, as they felt protected,
4:04   since Jews always looked for protection.
4:07   However, in recent years, dramatic demographic shifts have transpired,
4:12   The Jewish population declined. I said it to Isaac Herzog, the head of the Jewish Agency,
4:17   that we need Jews to migrate into Israel, otherwise they will continue to decline.
4:23   Jewish birth is in decline, 70% mixed marriages, while the Muslim population is growing.
4:27   In the last ten years, we have observed an upsurge which leads to about five million Jews
4:31   and five million Muslims as the Muslim population increases.
4:34   Consequently, the Democratic party shifts from the Jews to the rising Muslim population.
4:41   Exactly as happens in Europe, such as in the UK Labor Party, or other places.
4:46   The US Jews now panic, since they were confident that they belonged in the Democratic Party.
4:51   Even with the last Congressional resolution to denounce Ilhan Omar, the anti-Semitic Congresswoman,
4:58   the Jews’ own Democratic Party didn’t support these Jews.
5:02   I sometimes listen to the Mark Levin TV program where he interviews American Jews,
5:08   who tell him how shocked they are as they have lost their foundation.
5:12   But there is Trump to whose side they can shift since he supports them…
5:15   Exactly. As a result, few things are happening to US Jews.
5:18   A small portion of them move to the Republicans.
5:21   Part of them won’t vote, and another part transforms into a radical, toxic, anti-Israel bloc.
5:29   Just like during the 19th century, when Jews needed to convert to Christianity to be accepted,
5:34   in the US they need to be anti-Israel, to hate Israel to be accepted by the Democratic community,
5:40   But how does it fit with Trump’s affinity with Israel?
5:44   Trump called on US Jews to embrace them,
5:48   But the Conservatives dislike these progressive Jews, and now I get to the central point.
5:51   Those who hate Israel, the members of J Street, like Thomas Friedman,
5:58   Peter Beinart types, the New York Times,
6:03   They don’t only hate Israel. Today they are our enemy! They are more dangerous to Israel than Iran!
6:11   They also hate President Trump and his supporters.
6:15   We saw that in the caricature of the horrifying anti-Semitic New York Times newspaper,
6:19   that has only horrible things to say about Israel…
6:24   At least they apologized for that caricature. The New York Times apologized, as perhaps it caused
6:28   the decline in subscribers. These same progressive Jews incite against Trump.
6:35   The director of J Street (Jeremy Ben Ami) stated that
6:39   the Progressive Jews are leading the campaign against Trump.
6:43   Why do they need to lead a campaign against Trump? I do not justify this.
6:47   I explain it so that our audience understands that while everyone lies, here we tell the truth.
6:51   What is happening? In essence, the typical American Trump supporter,
6:56   realized that there is a Jewish conspiracy against his/her President,
7:00   against his/her Trump supporters. Many Jewish names are connected to the collusion conspiracy,
7:06   and the lies and false accusations related to Trump’s Russia ‘collusion’.
7:10   The names are prominent. Yet, they are not allowed to say it, while I am allowed to, as I am Jewish.
7:13   And they ask: what’s going on here?
7:16   These same progressive Jews will inflict a catastrophic disaster on US Jews.
7:21   The same scenario happening in Europe is now happening in the US.
7:24   And they don’t grasp this enormous calamity. US Jews,
7:27   Two to three million of them who strongly support Israel,
7:30   need to rise up against these progressive Jews who lead the transformation of the US in their
7:35   abandonment of American values, family values, its national sovereignty, its religious values.
7:40   Those who kill Jews are not Jews, but rather neo-Nazis…
7:48   Certainly, as they project their anger at the progressive Jews who they look to retaliate against;
7:52   they find instead the innocent religious Jews such as Chabad or other synagogues.
7:58   This trend will only intensify. Years ago I wrote an article entitled: “The Ararat State.”
8:05   It predicted this trend already five or six years ago.
8:09   Nowadays, this development is clear.
8:13   What occurred in UK Labour Party. After all, UK Jews were sure that the Labour party was their home.
8:18   And now they plan to leave. In the year 2000 when I started discussing the fate of French Jews,
8:24   I was told that I was hallucinating. I predicted that they would need to leave. Nowadays everyone agrees.
8:29   Now I am saying that US Jews will need to leave.
8:34   Where will they go? To America? America is already unavailable.
8:37   They will need to immigrate to Israel.
8:40   I would like to share two more points. 1: In my opinion, the Law of Return
8:44   shouldn’t apply to progressive Jews who cause damage to US Jews.
8:48   In article 2B of the Law of Return it states that
8:52   the Law doesn’t apply to Jews who harm the Jewish people.
8:56   Every Progressive Jew who partners with BDS organizations against the State of Israel
9:03   should know that he/she won’t be allowed the right to immigrate to Israel.
9:08   They need to know it now, as it must be very clear. I always warn,
9:12   and whoever doesn’t listen should pay the consequences.
9:17   2: Who will be our supporters? Fortunately, we are strengthening our alliance
9:21   with the Evangelical Christian community.
9:25   There are around 100 million of them in the US. They don’t like the progressive Jews.
9:31   However, they intensely support Israel, its capital Jerusalem, and our patriotism.
9:36   This is our alliance with the Conservative Party, which increasingly Jews will join,
9:41   exactly similar to what’s happening in England. This is a dark prediction,
9:44   but they brought it on themselves.

28 thoughts on “Guy Bechor: Progressive Jews Are More Dangerous to Israel Than Iran

  1. He’s right. I fully agree. He just expresses it much better than I ever could.

  2. Thankyou Baron for having the courage to highlight these Jewish Communist traitors. I have Jewish relatives and this needs to be exposed. Why should they and the rest us suffer because of these evil scum?

  3. Progressive Jews have cast their Tanack (OT) based Jewishness aside in order to adopt a political humanistic stance based upon the political religion(s) of socialism.

    It does not dawn on them that they are also embracing the very same socialist antisemitism that was behind the Shoah (Holocaust) of the Jews (and an awful lot of Christians who were also murdered by National SOCIALISTS as well). Of course, even more were murdered by the International SOCIALISTS of the USSR but they don’t get so much left-media exposure.

    To embrace socialism is to also embrace the idea of the mass murder of Bible-believing Jews and Christians both in the past and in the future.

    Isreal is at risk of being annihilated by those exact same forces that worked in Holodomor, Holocaust and ‘Doctor’s Plot’. That same idealistic zeal that says that we can eliminate ‘hate’ by hating the ‘haters’, and removing them from society.

    When socialism inevitably starts to fail, it turns to mass murder to try and excise the perceived problem: Jews, Kulaks, Gypsies, Conservatives, you and me…..

    • In some ways it reminds me of the Biblical accounts of perfidy among the millennia-long cast of characters in the Pentateuch. Especially the tales of betrayal of brother by brother – Cain and Abel being only the first. This makes me want to go back to those mythic tales (not “myths”) to get my bearings…even in our Congress I believe some of the Jews are voting with the anti-Semite declarations. But I’ll have to go do some research on that; mostly I tend to avert my eyes from such betrayals.

      • Please don’t avert your eyes Dymphna ,this is too important.We need to know.

      • Try to find something about that topic in C.G.Jung’s writings on ” archtypes” in myths.
        If my memory serves me well….

    • I’m an atheist, but was raised firmly in the Reform Jewish tradition and community. The largest, most preeminent Jewish organization in the US is the Union for Reform Judaism URJ.

      I have followed the the URJ occasionally over years, and it is plain they are thoroughly cultural Marxist. There isn’t a progressive cause they don’t embrace: full inclusion for lesbians, gays, trans, whatever, not only for congregational members, but for rabbis. They are against a border wall for the US, against any exclusion, direct or indirect, of Muslims. They opposed President Trump’s ban on visas from 8 failed states, on the ground that the ban disproportionately affected Muslims. They opposed the movement against the mosque at 9-11 ground zero. They embrace affirmative action and all variants of the Black-Lives-Matter movement.

      Of course, they have been big supporters of Israel, at least formally. But, it seemed to me their philosophy was inconsistent with Israel’s philosophy. And indeed, they oppose Israel’s attempt to maintain its physical existence and cultural identity. They oppose the declaration declaring Israel a Jewish state. They rabidly support the two-state solution, which, it seems to me, creates another armed, hostile state on Israel’s borders. The Palestinian Authority is hostile, certainly, but at least presently, it does not have the rights of a sovereign state to purchase military weapons.

      It seemed to me that sooner or later, their profound, anti-nationalist, anti-white stance for the US would spill over into their attitude towards Israel. It seems to me those progressives who emigrate to Israel will be part of the movement in Israel against creating a stronger Jewish national identity, and will dilute the whatever consensus there is in Israel to respond strongly to aggression towards Israel.

      In other words, there are solid political reasons for Israel to limit immigration to those who support the general political orientation of Israel. It makes no sense for a country to import people who will further divide the politics of the country into something ungovernable, like the split between the Democrats and the Republicans in the US. There is literally no communication between the two sides on issues like a physical barrier at the border.

      I personally don’t think Israel should be the 52nd state. I don’t support foreign aid to Israel and I don’t support any law in the US forbidding private individuals from participating in the BDS. I do support the US blocking, vetoing, or crushing any attempt by an international body to sanction, boycott, or damage Israel. Israel is an indispensable part of the network of free nations which identify as nations, and it is inconceivable that the US would allow the socialist, fascist global organizations to focus on Israel as the weak link that can be destroyed first.

  4. Guy Bechor is a hate-filled self-hating Jew spewing classic “tropes” about Jewish perfidy, hatred and destruction of society. If he dared to repeat his vile hate-speech in the United Kingdom, France or Germany, he’d be facing years behind bars.

    The only bright spot is that he doesn’t want progressie Jews in Israel. Good. They can stay in gentile nations and benefit us gentiles instead with their wise ideas about opening the borders to blacks and Muslims, fighting racism and Islamophobia, and wiping away all vestiges of the evil misogynistic and homophobic religion of Christianity.

    • “If he dared to repeat his vile hate-speech in the United Kingdom, France or Germany, he’d be facing years behind bars.”

      Indeed, it’s quite amazing how much freer Israel is than many European countries. In Israel, hardcore Jewish nationalists, anti-Zionists, Islamists, etc., can all be heard sharing their views with a degree of impunity that *used* to exist in most of the West. It seems to take fairly serious work – or violence – to get arrested over there.

      I’d say that at this point, Israel is a better (imitation) “Western” country than the UK, by a mile. The same is likely true about places like Taiwan.

      Probably, a mass migration of American Jews would be a disaster for Israel. It would be “Californication” on a grand scale.

    • Are you [ad hominem redacted]? There is nothing ‘wise’ about opening ones borders at al, and especially to. Muslims whose values and beliefs are shall we say, incompatible to those of America

      • Diana West’s book is here:

        American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character

        Also see the much shorter and more recent,

        The Red Thread: A Search for Ideological Drivers Inside the Anti-Trump Conspiracy

        If you have Kindle Unlimited, you can read it for free. Disturbing.

  5. Frankly, they are a danger to human beings. They should be quarantined on an island with the followers of Mo on an island in the middle of the Pacific.

  6. Maybe just a little context to give some perspective as to what Dr. Guy Bechor is telling people. Because German Progressives are the enemies of Germany and their fellow Germans. Because British Progressives are the enemies of Britain and their fellow Brits. Because French Progressives are the enemies of France and their fellow French. Because Progressives everywhere are the true enemies of those countries they infest and the citizenry they betray through what they believe is a “progressive” ideology.

    That ideology being the endgame of progressivism that we used to call communism and its engine of destruction known as cultural marxism. It is the politically correct ideology that destroys societies from within everywhere it is instituted on the planet. Some of its’ most influential early proponents being Friedrich Engels, Karl Marx, Charles Darwin, Francis Galton, Margaret Sanger, Saul Alinsky, Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Ayers, …etc. Imagine what the world could’ve been if it hadn’t been for these Fifth Columners working towards the destruction of the societies they lived within and telling everyone just how “progressive” they were.

    And if you want to gain a Biblical perspective on all of it disseminate the first thirteen verses of the 25th Chapter of the Book of Numbers. Then read 1 John 2:19 to better understand the meaning of Genesis 3:15. Because this is what we used to call the “Culture War” here in America. But it is in fact the original everlasting war that has continued since the Garden.

  7. Between George Soros and Mark Zuckerberg and my own Jewish knee jerk liberal family who spend $500 for tickets to Hamilton… I feel like one lonely Jew.

    • You are not alone ,Avi Yemeni(an Australian Jewish commentator )is a social)and political conservative and strong supporter of Tommy Robinson.

      He lives in Ozz but is currently in the U.K covering Tommy’s campaign to get a seat in the E.U parliament and also Tommy’s retrial on the old contempt of court charge.

      Avi’s costs are being covered by Ezra Levant’s rebel .com and crowd finding.

      Ezra Levant is a politically conservative Jewish Canadian journalist.

      And there are Amy Mek and Lara Loomer besides ,valiant women solidly conservative , proudly Jewish and on Trump’s side

      So there is no need to feel alone ,your viewpoint is shared by others,
      you are in honourable company .

    • You are not alone. True there are not many member of the tribe who are conservative. But there are a few.

      • You have to distinguish between Jews. The Reform (progressive) Jews supported Hillary by a wide margin and still support Democrat progressives by far.

        Orthodox (traditional) Jews support Trump.

        There are more Reform than Orthodox in the US, so you always see “a majority of Jews are liberal”. Probably, the Reform Jews support progessivism (cultural Marxism) by even greater proportions than the figures show, since they are always lumped in with the Orthodox in polls.

  8. My father and a few uncles, none are around from that generation, and most of my cousins, older than me have passed too. While they were all good people and good to
    all others regardless of background – they didn’t take [offal] from anyone about Jews. They would hate Zuckerberg, Beinart, Thomas Friedman, J Street, etc. And wouldn’t understand how this all happened. I don’t really either. I can’t imagine deserting and worse via Israel. Cowards. If there is a G-d in Heaven, I know they won’t be admitted.

    Anyway thanks for sites like Gates of Vienna.

    Am Yisrael Chai!

    Mike from Brooklyn!

    • Mike (and others). Definitely you are not alone. There just are darned few of us… though, interestingly, my Shul is run by a SJW Rabbi… but I’m finding a surprising number of political Conservatives. 🙂

  9. I have been very saddened and worried to see the actions of the Progressive Jews,
    in particular with our sad history. Many just vote all wrong, and they don’t listen.
    They argue instead. Many young people have been “dumbed down” and don’t
    know or want to live up to their rich heritage. It is a real shame.

  10. The WORST are the “Gansa machas” with a “title” who are more than Happy to sell a fellow Jew, particularly a vociferous Jew who questions what’s going on or tries to hold them and authorities to account.
    The “gansa machas” are more than happy to throw other Jews under the bus in order to show our enemies how “inclusive and tolerant” they are..
    These are the New Ghetto Council, betraying their own, in the hope they’ll be the last up a chimney or at the wrong end of a blunt knife.

  11. Don´t illude yourselves, these “democrat” Jews, the EU governments and populations don´t bother to read, analyze, understand their ennemies´ plans, exactly as the German Jews in the 1920´s / 1930´s AND the Triple Entente countries (France-Russia-England) didn´t bother nor care about “Mein Kampf” where it was Crystal clear which were the Nazi intentions. Today, the updated modern “Mein Kampf” is called the AL QURAN, and its fellow is the AL HADITH where in the Muslim world and spirit are detailed their murderous plans. ARABS DON´T WANT PEACE- MO MATTER WHAT ANYONE SUGGESTS OR DOES! After Vienna in 1683/1684 the Viennese bakeries came out with their delicious crunchy “croissants” to commemorate by eating the Muslim Crescent Moon…. what shall it be this time? A replay or ……. what else?

  12. One of key factors in his discussion was the 70% intermarriage rate in the U.S which leads Jews to lose their identity and their children usually have minimal Jewish identity and are not committed Jews especially in regard to the State of Israel. But more important living in the United States for any Jew does not give him or her the environment they need to develop strong Jewish identities regardless of their level of religious observance. In Israel by sheer necessity of survival Jews learned how to fight and survive, the sink or swim mentality. However the problem in the United States was brought about by many factors and one is globalization which has destroyed the livelihood of American workers. The other factor was a very pro-Islamic President as former Barack Obama was. He encouraged and allowed Muslim immigration to the country. The Muslims population demand tolerance but at the same type their religion does not allow acceptance of Judaism or Christianity or the State of Israel, they are a hostile minority. What will happen is anyone’s guess, but nothing good that is for sure.

  13. The sink or swim environment of the Middle East for Jews is not here for American Jews . They do not have the same ability to defend and understand Jewish ideals and yes 70% of the Jewish population intermarried and their children do not have Jewish identities. The influx of Muslims into the U.S was allowed by pro-Islamic President Barack Obama, and Muslims although they seek acceptance into this society by the protection of American democratic ideals are not tolerate of others as it is written in their Koran. Many social problems occurred in America due to globalization where people lost the jobs and their ability to support themselves which causes animosity which can be displaced toward anyone.

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