Germany Needs More Immigrants!

The following video from the Bundestag highlights the immense chasm between the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) and the rest of the German political parties.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Eva Högl (SPD) — I say very clearly for the SPD party: we need MORE immigration, my dear colleagues!
00:06   This is no immigration impediment law. It is a law that will ensure that people can come to our country.
00:17   Dr. Mathias Middelberg (CDU) — You can already come now, even if you are not skilled labor!
00:23   You can come if you are just looking for vocational training and here in Germany you’ll be made into skilled labor.
00:28   We will make this immigration path open as well.
00:35   Katrin Göring-Eckardt (Green Party) — The truth is that immigration is the mother of many solutions.
00:43   Especially concerning the skilled labor shortage. I think you should just accept that
00:48   and stop fussing around. Stop trying to restrict it.
00:51   They want to open that gates for migration even further! Debate on Skilled Labor Law
00:54   Thomas Ehrhorn (AfD) — I’m ashamed of this parliament because of what it imposes on German citizens
00:59   and the incredible sums of money for which they have to work; getting up at 6 a.m. and getting home at 8 p.m.
01:07   Then having 50% of their earnings taken away from the German government to feed all these people.
01:14   And you know it! 70% or more of these people that you bring here have no qualified employment skills and
01:23   will be a burden to the German taxpayer and not a benefit.
01:27   Martin Sichert (AfD) — Your lane change will create the absolutely worst incentive: poverty and suffering.
01:32   The money you expend for rejected asylum seekers creates shortages in the pension and welfare systems.
01:39   That is just wrong! —The real skilled labor, the real skilled labor is driven out of Germany by you
01:47   with the ever increasing taxes and fees to finance this insanity. —Ladies and gentlemen, this law
01:54   removes the separation between asylum and immigration laws to Germany’s detriment. This doesn’t
01:59   serve the interest of our citizens, not even in a pragmatic sense; rather it abuses their productivity
02:06   for the welfare of foreign immigrants. The AfD will end it, because the most dangerous skilled labor shortage
02:12   that we have here in Germany is found in the government. Thank you.
02:16   Nothing But AfD — EU Elections on May 26th

15 thoughts on “Germany Needs More Immigrants!

  1. Like they don’t have enough this parasites and leaches, what about Germans? Pension? Care more for young Families with small children, !!, and don’t know where this insanity going , but I think Germany will fall quickly just after Sweden , France.. , heartbreaking…

    • It will not fall, this insanity creates the very conditions they are deathly afraid of, namely it pushes the average German further right by the day with the 3rd world invasion underway and the cost of the taxpayer and the crime rates shooting through the roofs. [redacted so Gov can continue publishing]

      • Army, police, politics is infected and infiltrated in Germany.
        Today’s germans are not the same germans from 1940.

        • Oh yes they are. They just haven’t been pushed far enough yet. But they’re getting there.

          • I believe you.

            Just to set the scene for what I’m going to say: there is an ashram in the next county. Carole King gave the money for them to buy lots of land on the James River. They built their temple and named the place Yogaville. Their guru was beloved by all.

            One time I went to Satsang to hear his talk. A fellow stood up and asked how he could get his friend to stop smoking; he was very worried about the friend’s health. Guru Dev smiled beatifically and told this questioner it wasn’t anyone’s business except the smoker’s. As for quitting tobacco, he likened it to carrying a suitcase full of goodies. While the goodies were reassuring to the man carrying them, they were getting heavier and heavier. “So”, he concluded, “when the pain of holding on is greater than the pain of letting go, it will be easy”. But he reminded his interlocutor that the suitcase belonged to his friend, not to him. IOW, take care of your own burdens…

            …I often pray for the German people, that they find the strength to put down that suitcase before it explodes on all of them

  2. 00.35 ” immigration is the mother of many solutions”!
    one of those is probably the final solution of the german question.You get my point there,don’t you?Had this some time ago.

    • They truly believe they can hang onto power by letting these 3rd world ingrates invade them [redacted] for democracy is all but dead.

    • You’re missing a crucial aspect no one seems to understand, let alone take into account, even though it explains so much. These people believe in what is called Noble Savage Racism, a form of suicidal and self-hating “dysphasia” mental illness not unrelated to other suicidal self-harming and self-destructive mentalities. In essence, they have, even if most don’t overtly realize it or can verbalize it, a belief that comes down to “I hate myself because I’m white after decades and generations of propaganda that has conditioned and abused me to train myself to only focus on the negative, as all abusers do to their victims, and I also believe that non-white people are virtuous, closer to nature living beings that makes them far more virtuous than me or any whites, and therefore I must self-destruct and destroy everything that is white.”

      The people who have pushed this narrative and conditioning for a VERY long time now to the point that it overtook the Christian Church, have also been quite strategic and preemptive in also conditioning people to react negatively to pointing out all the advances and positive and a achievements of whites, let alone even just any kind of white advocacy, while literally ALL other types of advocacy for ANY other group is not only condoned, but encouraged and supported by the enslavement of whites through taxes.

  3. Those against immigration present reasons why; those in favor don’t. Why? Why doesn’t anyone ever ask these pro-immigration folk WHY they have such [an evident arousal] for migrants. Sorry Dymphna. I just had to.)

  4. Eigentlich, Deutschland braucht ein bischen mehr auswanderung von verruechter politiker. Und meht AfD.

    [Machine translation:

    Actually, Germany needs a bit more emigration from crazy politicians. And is AfD.

    This is an English-language blog. In future, please use English in your comments. –B]

  5. There’s no longer any point in relying on rationality in public discourse….we are far beyond that now. Alternative options…maybe brute force? Secession? Who knows, but it will be ugly

  6. Those liberal politicians are collectively insane.
    If their parties would have implemented a sound family policy, that would have made raising children less of a financial burden on young native families, there wouldn’t have been any demographic problem to begin with.
    Concerning, immigration, if necessary at all, one could install a point system similar to the ones that the US and Australia are applying, only allowing those immigrants in who are willing to integrate and who can contribute something to the host society.
    Those type of valuable immigrants a healthy society could wish for, are currently avoiding Germany, rather heading to the USA, Australia, Israel, Switzerland etc., even to (currently still) poorer countries like Russia and Brazil, for exactly the reason that Germany allows in so many parasites and invaders, who many times do not even take the effort anymore to disguise themselves as real immigrants or refugees.
    Many Germans may be still be so naive to want to pay for this insanity, out of a wrongly directed sense of historic guilt complex, but hardworking and skilled Chinese, Russian or Indian immigrants certainly cannot be manipulated into allowing the fruits of their labour to subsidize these invading parasites from the “religion of peace”.
    With the type of immigrants currently making their way to Germany, wishing for more of them is like saying: “Our home needs more rats”.

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