German Feminist Departs the Narrative on Islam — And Pays For It

Alice Schwarzer is a prominent journalist and feminist in Germany. She isn’t someone who would normally be described as a “right-wing extremist”, but when she veered off the Narrative on the hijab (“a garment of modesty”, “empowers women”, etc.), she became one, and thereby got herself into hot water.

She must not have heard that Islam trumps every other leftist dogma — whether feminism, LGBTQ, abortion, or atheism. If one of those comes into conflict with sharia, then sharia wins. If Ms. Schwarzer didn’t know that before, she surely knows it now.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:02   Alice Schwarzer verbally attacked!
00:06   Outside the conference on hijab
00:09   at the Goethe University in Frankfurt there was an uproar.
00:13   The women’s rights activist and “Emma” publisher approached the activists
00:18   who were protesting the conference.
00:22   When she touched a Muslima on the arm, the latter felt harassed.
00:25   Schwarzer responded with irony:
00:28   “I thought it was only men who weren’t permitted to touch you!”
00:32   Afterward hundreds of people criticised Schwarzer for it on the Internet,
00:36   calling her a racist Muslim-hater and said she wasn’t a Feminist.
00:40   “I wouldn’t want to be touched by an unfamiliar, screaming, snobby woman either.”
00:43   “Good morning, Alice Schwarzer is no feminist Icon. She’s a racist and she overstepped
00:46   boundaries by insulting a Muslim student yesterday in a racist way.”
00:49   “In the video I see Alice Schwarzer touching a Muslim demonstrator despite her protest, and with
00:52   a mocking expression: “I thought only men weren’t permitted to touch you!”
00:55   People, anti-Muslim racism is real!
00:58   The Islam expert Ahmad Mansour is concerned:
01:01   “The uproar caused by Alice Schwarzer can’t be found
01:05   when it comes to imams, theologians, families or societies who pressure
01:10   woman worldwide on daily basis with fear and social pressure to conceal their hair.”
01:16   Alice Schwarzer released a statement on her Emma magazine twitter account:
01:19   Dear unknown Muslimas: I’m amazed. I’m amazed at the way you twist the facts.
01:22   I was the only one that came to you to talk. I never said, “What are you doing here?”
01:25   Instead I said, “What do you want? I want to talk to you.” That sound a whole lot different,
01:28   doesn’t it? I stood among you. Then you and two other woman started to scream very loudly
01:31   directly at me. I tried having a discussion during which I lightly touched your arm. Your reaction
01:34   was to scream even more: “Don’t touch me!” I answered ironically.
01:37   Don’t touch me! I’ll report you to the police!
01:40   I thought that it was only men who weren’t permitted to touch you!

10 thoughts on “German Feminist Departs the Narrative on Islam — And Pays For It

  1. The Left feels the need to sacrifice one of its members once in a while, to keep others on their toes.

    She’s welcome to join us, at any rate.

    • It’s the only way for them to keep going: destroying everyone that steps out of line ever so slightly is a good way to keep people in check. At least for a while anyway.

    • We have cookies! And rational policies informed by History and the Age of Reason.

      But mostly artistic bakers and good people.

  2. “Afterward hundreds of people criticised Schwarzer for it on the Internet, calling her a racist Muslim-hater and said she wasn’t a Feminist.” and once more, for the slow ones: muslim is not a race! It’s impossible to be racist against muslims. You can be racist towards white, black or Asian people, but nobody cares what religion the person in question is, as that has nothing to do with racism.

    • you’re too late: by the strategy of “framing”, criticism of islam has become a variety of racism, as well as any criticism of the ruling policy in Europe has become ” right-wing populism”. I do wonder what a backlash could look like.

    • A very smart move by the M-people to conflate the M affliction with race. Once Progressives have a chance to use the R-word, they used like a knife to the throat just their M-buddies.

  3. We need more anti-Muslim “racism”, a lot more. The West has been suicidally tolerant towards the followers of Islam.

    “Racism” is here in quotes because Islam is not a race, not even a nationality, it is a conquest ideology.

    • RAACISM! is a sure winner when you want to slime your opponent. Racial ‘tolerance’ is the sine qua non of all morality and virtue. If you can nail your opponent to the political wall by proving his intolerance then you’ve won and the veracity of your charge is beside the point. It what you can make stick.

  4. Muslims make only fuzzy distinctions among kafirs. They are all non-Muslims, and a leftist kafir is not that different from a right-winger except expedience. So, when a feminist, socialist, human rights activist, whatever, criticizes Islam, the same Muslim responses come into play: screaming, victimhood, implied (or actual) violence.

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