A Syrian in Germany Confounds the Narrative on the “Civil War” in Syria

The following video features the remarks by a Syrian-German named Manaf Hassan. Mr. Hassan’s parents were actual refugees, not like the “Syrian” “refugees” that are currently flooding the country.

His talk was a part of a symposium hosted by the Greens (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen) on May 15 entitled Die Zukunft Syriens — Perspektiven eines zerstörten Landes, “The future of Syria — Perspectives of a ruined country”. As far as I can tell, the video of the full event is here, but I didn’t have the patience to watch the whole thing in order to determine whether Mr. Hassan’s remarks were actually included in the footage.

The Greens had gathered to weep over the puir wee bairns and other victims of the war in Syria, and to condemn the evil actions of the dictator Bashar al-Assad. They were plainly agitated and discomfited by what Manaf Hassan had to say, since he veered off the Narrative and said any number of things that are not permitted to be spoken in public.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   I’m Manaf Hassan. I am German but have a Syrian migrant background.
00:04   Before I begin to say what I came here to say, I just wanted to say
00:11   I find it relatively strange that we’re here discussing a war in Syria
00:16   that is somehow on a very one-sided level.
00:21   What I mean is, a war always means violations of laws of war. We all know it.
00:25   Violation of laws of war always occur during a war, regardless of which side.
00:30   Here we have only heard the one side the entire time.
00:33   However, your slogan is: The future of Syria — Perspectives for a devastated country.
00:38   I have attended so many conferences already where
00:42   the future perspectives of this country have been discussed.
00:45   How do expect to discuss the future when you only invite people that represent
00:48   a minority of the Syrian people, who don’t even represent
00:51   the majority opinion of the Syrian people? You do that. Most of the media does that as well.
00:55   Since my birth, I spent time in Syria every year even though I was born here in Germany.
00:59   What I saw, heard and felt was completely different from what is being
01:03   said here. You frequently refer to opinions
01:07   from refugees and other questionable sources. At least that is what
01:10   you claim. With all respect, asking refugees
01:13   would be similar to making opinion surveys in East Germany and presenting
01:16   that as the opinion for all of Germany.
01:19   I think you know exactly what I am trying to say to you. [Nouripour interrupts] No. —If that
01:23   were done in Germany, the Green Party ratings would be near the bottom.
01:27   The only reason many refugees claim they fled from the Syrian president
01:31   was just to get a residency permit here in Germany. Nothing is ever mentioned here about that.
01:37   Despite that, I know what many Syrians tell me, and one day
01:41   the truth will come out. You wonder why the trust in German politics
01:45   is disappearing? Those were just some of the reasons. [Nouripour interrupts again] OK.
01:48   We all know very well that the majority of Syrians support the Syrian
01:51   president, otherwise he would have never
01:54   been able to withstand this crisis. He has the vast majority standing behind him. Even if
01:57   that is only 20-30% of the Syrian population backing him, they still have a right to
02:02   be heard. CDU and SPD don’t have much more, but they
02:06   govern this country. [Brantner tells Nouripour to stop me or interrupt]. In contrast to parties
02:09   involved in the Syrian war, like the so-called moderate rebels who actually belong to
02:13   the Muslim Brotherhood and are radical Salafists. —Got it! —He protects all minorities. —Got it!
02:18   No, no let him speak. Wait until he’s finished.
02:22   [Pressured by Syrian Rebel supporter] Please understand. I had to wait eight years and it’s OK if…
02:26   You’re here voluntarily, we observe the rules of the house. —Exactly.
02:29   You’re here voluntarily. —Exactly, certainly I’m allowed to go on? Or not? —That all depends
02:32   on how long. It can’t go on forever. —I only need a couple of minutes and then I’m finished.
02:35   The clock is ticking. —Exactly. It isn’t surprising that
02:38   U.S. President Trump asked at the beginning of term as president
02:41   about weapons deliveries. He said: “No one knows to whom
02:44   all these weapons are being delivered at all, and they could be
02:47   going to radical Islamists.” Enough is enough. Everyone has had enough. In Germany and in Syria.
02:53   It is no wonder that Germany has become unsafe [Nouripour murmurs
02:56   and takes his phone] The situation in Germany is the mirror image
02:59   of what is being done abroad. That’s why all the criminals,
03:02   former terrorists and radical Islamist feel safe
03:05   here while Germans and other citizens feel unsafe. I’m one of them.
03:09   Those previously mentioned are being supported in Syria
03:12   and elsewhere even when they murder Christians. Even I,
03:16   as German-Syrian and a modern liberal minded Muslim,
03:19   have to be careful what I say and where I say it, because I plead their case.
03:23   I never had to experience this feeling while living
03:26   in Germany since the day of my birth. Now, thanks to you, I have to
03:29   endure such treatment. I can’t even walk down the Sonnenallee in Berlin. [Lüttlich laughs]
03:32   It is finally time to build bridges to peace. It is time to start a diplomatic relationship
03:35   with the Syrian government… [Pressured again by rebel supporter] Start building bridges for peace
03:39   by forging relationships with the Syrian government. That way we can find out the real reasons
03:43   why some of these Syrians have come here. There are more than one million Syrians in Germany.
03:47   That is reason enough to at least reestablish diplomatic relations. For the security of
03:51   this country, and if you are so concerned about human rights… [Omid is told to shut me down]
03:54   Yes, yes, I know. Listen…It’s enough. —What’s the problem? —Please finish your sentence.
03:57   Excuse me, we’re in Germany. I have a right to express my opinion freely.
04:00   Yes, and I still exercise the rules of the house and I allow you to finish your sentence.
04:04   I will respond and then move on. Please finish your sentence. —I know, here’s the
04:08   last sentence. I know what democracy is, because I love it, but what you are doing
04:11   in Syria has nothing to do with democracy. —OK. Thank you very much
04:14   for your presentation. We are all familiar with the policies of the AfD. —This is not AfD policy.
04:18   I recognise the man sitting next to you. I know the man next to you —Excuse me, please.
04:21   Excuse me, I refute that I belong to the AfD. Why do you associate me with the AfD?
04:24   I’m talking now. [Mic is cut to stop my defence against AfD accusations]
04:27   You are not permitted to film here. [A rebel supporter filmed everything for propaganda,
04:30   but I was accused of setting it up to give the Green Party a defamation claim] You will use it
04:33   for propaganda purposes, put it on Facebook to show how you explained democracy to us.

7 thoughts on “A Syrian in Germany Confounds the Narrative on the “Civil War” in Syria

  1. “Discomforted” does not begin to describe it. They were driven by open fury, cutting off his microphone when his remarks went counter to their narrative. The last interaction was when they accused him of being a mouthpiece for AfD, and cut the microphone before he could respond. They displayed the typical leftist trait of not being able to tolerate the expressions of opinions counter to their dogma.

    But, they knew the video of their tantrum would be posted on social media. Which speaks to the necessity of every nationalist to make his own, independent recording of any interview. I think that came from Mike Cernovich: refuse any interview where a condition of the interview prevents you from making your own, independent copy.

  2. My God how I loathe these cowardly, lying ‘virtue signaling’ destroyers of the West whose only original idea is that they are ‘intelligent’.

  3. Ok,its right what he say but did you hear?He sayed he was EVERY YEAR in Syria.So were his Parents real Refugees?NO!
    If somebody fleed from East Germany and gone back,he goes directly into Jail!That were real Refugees!

    Refugee Army in Germany

    • In fairness, he didn’t say he was a refugee. He said he was a migrant. That’s a huge difference.

      He was born in Germany, considers himself a German citizen and national, and sees his life and place in society threatened by the importation of Muslim militants and Syrian “refugees” who are actual former fighters in the Islamist armies. By the way, the Syrian rebels were almost as Islamist as ISIS. Such are the people our CIA trained, financed and supported.

    • You weren’t listening, he said he was born in Germany to Syrian refugee parents and never mentioned his parents going back to Syria. Him taking a trip to Syria is no different from your or me going over there or anywhere else in the world for holiday.

  4. He’s very well spoken and I have to laugh at the green outrage and how they’re trying to ridicule him by saying “you’re gonna put this up on facebook”.
    I hope even several of their followers see through their BS as they try to accuse him of AfD colaboration. Especially when they say they know his neighbour. What does that have to do with anything? You don’t choose your neighbours, you green dumb nut! I don’t even know who my neighbours vote for and I don’t care, it’s their free choice and I don’t base my friendships and aquitances on politics! Oh right, I forgot the leftists choose party over everything, so this concept must sound incredibly foreign to them.
    An cutting off his microphone to avoid giving answers, just laughable.

  5. FYI, I am almost 100% positive the “Left Wing Commie Jews” are actually just Crypto-Islamists.

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