A New Conservatism: Nationalist, Populist and Converging

Dr. Turley sums up the realignments that even the New York Times is admitting. From India to Australia to Japan, a form of “Trumpism” is coming into being. And the EU is trembling as it feels the earth moving under its old globalist certainties:

That doesn’t mean the realignments don’t hurt. Some people will be discombobulated; change is inevitable and rocky. Those who can see their loss as an opportunity will flourish. Others, like PM May in Great Britain, could be looking at the end.

With these changes, Gates of Vienna needs to update its categories. No longer is it enough to have the “EU” without naming its constituent nation-states. We will probably have to list “globalism” as a thing, even as it shrinks into something less…well, less global.

32 thoughts on “A New Conservatism: Nationalist, Populist and Converging

  1. The Global Eurocide Regime remains in power across the Eurocide West. We must not celebrate the minimal gains in the Eurocide Union, Eurocide States and Eurocide Kingdom since 2016. We MUST now directly discuss the truth about the Worldwide Kalergi Eurocide in all our affairs.

    All the false debates about immigration levels, cultural changes, integration strategies, religion must be ended. These timid sounds must be fully replaced by brave discussions about Worldwide Eurocide, Euro-cleansing, Eurocide Culture, Eurocide Laws, Eurocide Enforcement, Childless Social Engineering of European Humans, Speech Suppression of anti-Eurocide Voices, Suppression of Right-of-Association for European humans, Land and Wealth Transfers from European humans, etc.

    Above all, Humanity MUST openly discuss the necessity for International Eurocide Tribunals to END the Worldwide Kalergi Eurocide that has raged across the West since as early as 1965. Tribunals must be fully resourced. They must effect the complete dismantling of every layer of Institutional Eurocide in the West. Demand ZERO Legal Immigration to stop the Euro-cleansing right NOW!

    Al Hope, Alice Hope and Alon Hope
    Committee for International

    • The Committee for “International” Anything is suspect. Keep it local.

      As for this, We must not celebrate the minimal gains in the Eurocide Union, I must disagree. Celebrate small steps or you won’t get a bigger footprint. Perfect is the enemy of Good.

      Making “demands” is like telling someone to fly by flapping their wings.

      • The final edit did not make it through. It is the “Committee for International Eurocide Tribunals.”

        True, most everything international is dead on arrival, but given the worldwide nature of the Euro-cleansing regime, only an international response can address the scale and scope of THEIR operations.

        • Re-read Jonathan Swift: the Lilliputians had their ways. An international response is neither wise nor cunning.

    • Look in the video. He mentions one author, Brett Stephens. Search on his name and NYT, that should bring it up.

      I don’t link to the NYT. Treasonous place.

  2. I do not agree with the “nationalist-populist” terminology. The tides of change in the world are simply flowing back from make-believe to something more closely resembling the way nature and the relations of man actually work in the real world.

    • If you don’t like the terminology, please suggest another word…or two. People don’t normally talk as you suggest they should. IOW, I don’t expect to see a lot of headlines with the term(s):The tides of change in the world are simply flowing back from make-believe to something more closely resembling the way nature and the relations of man actually work in the real world. That’s more than a mouthful.

      We had indeed been pushed out of viewing our separate entities as worthy of celebration and now the tide has reversed. But that supranational pressure was/is real indeed, and it has a lot of power/money behind it.

      • Daniel Pipes in a tweet:
        “All those synonyms for the surging parties of #Europe!


        May I propose a better word? #Civilizationist, because sustaining Western civilization is the goal.”

        • This is close to John Press’ ideas in “Culturism”, which he intends to oppose against destructive “multiculti” values.

          In Culturism: A Word, A Value, Our Future he proposes,

          Culturism is the opposite of multiculturalism. Multiculturalism says that western nations have no core culture; our lands are just neutral spaces where random cultures assemble. Culturism acknowledges that we have a core culture rooted in Athens and Jerusalem.

          Culturism defies globalism. Islamic nations and China do not believe in rights, the relative separation of church and state, democracy, or free speech. These are not universal values; they are Western values. To protect them, we must protect the West. Like all other nations, we have a right to have culturist economic and immigration policies.

          Culturism disarms those who abuse the word “racist” in order to stop discussion. Pointing out that different ethnic groups have different levels of economic and educational achievement is not racist; it is culturist. Culturist profiling is not racist. Racism is stupid. But if cultural diversity is real, discussing cultural diversity is rational and necessary.

          Neither inherently conservative nor liberal, culturism argues against invading other nations to spread Western values to nations that do not want them. It also argues for the right of our schools to teach the culturist, pro-western, curriculum.

          Stop the corrosive spread of multiculturalism and politically correct censorship. Spread the words culturism and culturist today!


          I followed his work for some time because he gave me a new description of reality.

          • Thanks for bringing up this topic again.I have already used the ” culturism” term and it really disarms the ” racism” crybabies.
            And more than that: it reflects a deeply inrooted conviction of mine that colour of skin is no determinant for culture, it coincidentially may look like.

          • “Centrist” is the correct label for what the Global Eurocide Regime calls far-right. There can be no more centrist effort than the efforts of European humans to try to continue to exist in the face of the Global Eurocide Regime’s non-stop efforts to drop-ship every tribe on earth atop every European child on earth.

            In the face of the Worldwide Kalergi Eurocide, ALL resistance is a centrist act of survival.

            THEY are the Eurocidal team, the extreme team, the totalitarian team. Just because they own and control most propaganda assets does NOT make their clasping to the “Centrist” label true.

      • Pragmatism.

        Stuff that works for more than the Insiders in the inner, inner circle.

      • Hi, Dymphna:

        Listening to Salvani speak is a joy, because he speaks in the beautiful language of Italy. To me, Salvani is not a conservative. He is not a nationalist. He is not a populist. No. Salvani is an Italian. Is that not good enough? Same for Farage (English) and Le Pen (French). The reason these people sound so inspiring is because being Italian, English or French is inspiring. On the other hand, being “conservative” or “nationalist” or “populist” is not only uninspiring, but dreary. Much like “communism.”

        What I am suggesting is to reject the terminology of the commentariat and use terms that are not only inspiring, but, even more important, 100% accurate.

        • well, that will be a work in progress. It is difficult to devise neologisms that satisfy everyone.

          To me, for the time being, nationalism is about sovereignty, economic security within those realms, and an appreciation of one’s culture, despite being labeled xenophobic and racist.

  3. For some 5 (or more) years I consult The Gates of Vienna. Some two times a month. I think that running it implies a long, hard and honest work. That work has fructified.
    To me, humanity gets bored 2 times a century. Every generation fights the values that where valid when born. In every group of people, change is to be expected. In old Eastern Europe people are fed up of nonsense authority. They abhor Brussels.
    I’m an 76-year old man. So, raised in ‘a dress’, obliged to change it at about my 40’s, and now ‘praying’ for a new change.
    I don’t think that is no profit to your site on changing the main skeleton. Since today I’ve managed without difficulties.
    From Portugal, a country of stupid and ignorant people, Very, very difficult to understand.

    • Gato, if you have the money to purchase a copy of this book, I think you would find it to your liking:

      The Fourth Turning: What the Cycles of History Tell Us About America’s Next Rendezvous with Destiny


      An American perspective, but you could map the template onto your own experience.

  4. Dr Turley would have been more credible had he not spoken, with apparent approval, of the Hindu nationalists in India (who only approve of “native” religions- hinduism, buddhism and sikhism; maybe jainism too, I forget). This excludes not only Muslims but Christians.

    Adding Erdohan in Turkey adds insult to injury- ask only the Kurds, without delving further back to the massacres of Armenians and other Christians, which Turkey still denies.

    • Hear! Hear! Erdogan is a wannabe caliph who will not let a little thing like democracy get in his way.

    • Turley is up to get some $$
      That’s all
      I used to listen now he annoys me to no end

  5. Thank God for the votes in England, France, and Germany. And Thank God for Salvini!

  6. I have to say I’m ashamed and somewhat annoyed how Czechia’s EU elections turned out. People clearly just voted the same way they vote in our general elections, without ever checking what the parties are up to over in Brussels!
    The worst thing about that is that only one party from those that were already in is conservative (even though they’re liberal on the national level) and their leader is such a bad guy that many people won’t vote for them no matter how good their program is. The only guy that was on Nigel Farage’s level didn’t candidate again (he now has small children and wants to have more time for his family, which I understand) and fair enough his party didn’t make it. From the newcomers one is Antifa related and the other is right-wing, but their only policy is anti-immigration and they don’t really have the common concerns of running a country in their program, so nothing I would consider legitimate. Even though they did manage to bring Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders to their rally, so that’s a noteable achievement.
    Best of luck for Marine Le Pen and other conservatives who did get into the Europarlament though!

    • Yes, but this is an economic Right, not the xenophobic Right it’s been labeled. Huge difference in sentiment and outcome.

  7. In Belgium there was a hopeful sign too, in that in Dutch-speaking Flanders the Vlaams Belang made major gains. It is now the 2nd biggest party in Flanders, after N-VA, which is some kind of Vlaams Belang Lite.

    The hottest topic in Belgian news is now even whether or not the cordon sanitaire should be abolished. 85 per cent of the voters of N-VA think so, 56 per cent of the voters for the ‘Christian’ ‘Democrats’ also, and even 40 per cent of the Green voters.

    Heavily socialist Wallonia is lurching ever more to the left, and consequently, is poorer and more miserable every year: http://downeastblog.blogspot.com/2019/05/vlaams-belang-undisputed-winner-in.html

    • Thanks for the link and the information. I was concerned that Vlaams Belang would be obscured by the lite version. Glad that didn’t happen. They’ve worked so hard…

      I fear Geert Wilders’ party will be beaten into submission.

      • Hi Dymphna, that was indeed the case at the previous elections in 2014, when droves of VB voters left the party to cast their vote for N-VA. The reason? Precisely the ‘cordon sanitaire’, which convinced many of them that their vote was useless.

        N-VA stepped into a government, but failed to deliver and actually, the leadership is betraying its base time and again. E.g. it was fully prepared to sign the UN Migration Pact and only backed off when VB called them out.

        Five years of N-VA failing to deliver and not keeping its promises has ensured that part of the original VB flock returned to the stables, but the sudden surge is not only due to that. VB has attracted possibly half a million voters from all the other parties because of the skyrocketing crime cases since the migration crisis.

        As for The Netherlands: although there was never a cordon sanitaire around Wilders’ PVV, I fear we see a similar phenomenon as we saw with the VB/N-VA voter migration in 2014. It’s voter fatigue. True, the PVV never got the VB treatment but Wilders was shunned just as well. And suddenly, there’s this new kid on the block, Thierry Baudet with his Forum for Democracy, young, handsome and very eloquent, and he’s siphoning a lot of support away from Wilders.

        I will readily admit that the see/saw movement is annoying, and the complicity of far too many passive Europeans who still KEEP voting for those who are in fact destroying Europe is annoying just as well.

        But even so, this time the scale of the wave of malcontents is without precedent.

        • Thanks for the explanation. I note that the Walloons are as crazy as ever. If they didn’t have the Flems to support them, they’d die off…many parallels with our socialists.

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