VOX Leader: “The Enemy of the Future is Called the Islamist Invasion”

Javier Ortega Smith is the Secretary General of the VOX party in Spain, which is routinely dubbed by the media as “far-right”, meaning that it opposes mass immigration, Islam, and the EU. As a consequence of its stance on these issues, the party is rapidly gaining popularity.

The following video shows Mr. Ortega Smith laying out his position on Islam. He is reportedly being investigated by judicial authorities for possible prosecution for saying all these doubleplus ungood things.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   The Prosecutor of Valencia is investigating Ortega Smith for these words.
00:03   Contrary to everything, we will be stronger in the face of the common enemy
00:09   that has a very clear name, and I will not neglect to say it every time [I speak]
00:14   Our common enemy, the enemy of Europe,
00:18   the enemy of liberty, the enemy of progress,
00:22   the enemy of democracy, the enemy of the family,
00:26   the enemy of life, the enemy of the future is called the Islamist invasion.
00:30   And we have to — [applause]
00:42   At risk is what we understand, what we know as civilization
00:50   is seriously threatened, but we are not alone.
00:55   As I tell you, you know each time more Europeans are standing up,
00:59   because they are suffering in their cities, their streets and their neighborhoods,
01:03   which means the first application of sharia, and
01:07   and they are not willing that their cathedrals should be demolished to be
01:12   replaced by [obligatory] mosques. They are not willing
01:16   that their women should have to cover their faces with a black cloth
01:21   and be treated ten steps back — worse than camels.
01:25   They are not willing that what we understand to be civilization should come to an end.
01:29   For respect for rights and liberty. For this…

4 thoughts on “VOX Leader: “The Enemy of the Future is Called the Islamist Invasion”

  1. Slowly the ‘reconquista’ gathers pace. One side grows at the expense of the other side – they say nothing is inevitable in history, but this is.

  2. bia for I have been looking aghast at the creation of Eurabia for more than a decade and it always surprises me when an individual such as Mr. Ortega-Smith finds the courage to Name the Beast. Bravo, indeed!

    To Matt Bracken, above: I have read “Tet, Take Two” a dozen times and I believe that your essay on how the coming Conflict will roll out is entirely correct. The date (Summer 2016, I believe) was wrong, but only due to the apparent lack of testosterone in the Men of Europe. Please keep writing! Here in the U.S., your is also one of a very small number of Voices raised publicly against the nightmare that is Islam. Not “Islamic Jihad;” Islam. Not “Fundamentalist Islam” but Islam, pure and simple.

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