There Must Be Fifty Ways to Brexit

So, Miz May, you wanna list of some exit routines? Just askin’…

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Some background from Tucker Carlson

3 thoughts on “There Must Be Fifty Ways to Brexit

  1. How does Mr Assange’s own country, Australia, feel about the treatment of one of their fellow countrymen, both now and over the past seven years. Are they happy to see him treated this way? Are they doing anything to help and support him?

    Total silence.

  2. Assange is being charged with abetting the stealing of classified US documents by Brad Manning. The encouragement Assange is supposed to have offered consists of saying “The wet eye never stops weeping” or something like that.

    The claim is also that the documents stolen by Manning and published by Wikileaks contain the names of undercover operatives and informants whose lives were put at risk for murder and probable dismemberment by the Taliban and other like-minded Islamic butcher groups. It is, however, not illegal to publish classified information that came into your hands through legal means.

    The nonpartisan anger towards Assange, whatever the merits of the case, are obviously driven by anger at the thought he may have damaged Hillary’s chances to win the Presidency. Both Democrats and never-Trumpers, along with general cuck Republicans, share this anger. Cuck Republicans are those Republicans who think they can draw traditional Democrat voters such as blacks, Hispanics, and third-world migrants and their offspring, to vote Republican by advocating left-Democrat positions as fervently as the Democrats.

    Tucker brought up the very sensible question of why Assange is being hounded for a Delphic (very fuzzy) maybe-encouragement for further theft of documents, but there is no accountability for whoever assigned an obviously deeply-unstable person like Brad Manning a top-security clearance.

    To be truthful, all other things being equal, I wouldn’t mind a bit of legal hounding of a person publishing the raw names of intelligence informants. One of the unfortunate consequences of the attempted Justice Department coup and the deeply partisan Mueller team, is that law enforcement can no longer be trusted with such discretionary powers.

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