The Not-So-Sweet Smell of ISIS in Cologne

The following report from Cologne describes the trial of a Tunisian who says he is a fighter for the Islamic State. As is the case with other German defendants mentioned in the media, we aren’t allowed to learn the suspect’s surname. However, we do know the case has a Mohammed Coefficient of 100%.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating this article from the Rheinische Post:

Trial against ISIS supporters in Cologne:
“If I had wanted to, I would have slaughtered him”

by Claudia Hauser
April 1, 2019

[Photo caption (not shown, a useless pixilated image): The defendant on Monday in the Cologne district court.]

Cologne — He describes himself as a fighter for the terrorist group “Islamic State” and confesses to the Cologne district court to nearly killing an acquaintance. Mohamed J. shows no remorse — on the contrary.

When on October 9, 2018 police in Cologne’s Kalk district searched for a man who had just nearly killed another with a knife, they spotted him in the adjoining room of a mosque on Taunusstrasse. Mohamed J. was kneeling in the prayer room, his eyes closed, the bloodstained folding knife beside him. “He was strangely calm and relaxed,” says one of the police on Monday on the witness stand in the Cologne district court. “It did not look like he just stabbed someone.”

Mohamed J. reacts exactly the same on the first day of the trial. The 31-year-old Tunisian has to answer for attempted manslaughter. The man he stabbed had emergency surgery and survived. He sits opposite him on Monday in room 32, but leaves the courtroom later, when the defendant speaks about the crime.

“This is not my lawyer”

Mohamed J. does not get up when the judges and jury members of the 21st Grand Criminal Court enter the courtroom. He also does not remove his black skullcap and does not pay any attention to his public defender. “This is not my lawyer,” he says. “I am a fighter for the Islamic State and only accept Sharia law. I defend myself.” He doffs his cap at the direction of the presiding judge.

The accused admits to the crime. He is said to have stabbed his 28-year-old victim eight times. Mohamed J. says he only remembers five to six stabs, and that he deliberately did not kill the man. “If I had wanted to do that, I would have killed him,” he says. “If I think back now, I should have cut off his head and taken his head home with me.” But at that time he had given him “a chance” and only wanted to “educate” the victim. For hours the chamber tries asking in order to get an answer to the question about the motive. The accused alleged that the victim had said that he himself belonged to the terrorist group “Islamic State”. “I published his photo on Facebook, because he is a liar,” says the defendant. “He then insulted me and I beat him up.”

The prosecution assumes that the later victim was afraid of police investigations. The man is said to have pursued illicit activities — he participates in the case with the prosecution as a co-plaintiff, but is currently in custody for theft, according to his lawyer.

The defendant at times rants on and his lawyer can only watch. He has never killed anyone, says Mohamed J., “but I’ll do that as soon as I’m free again. I love and honor ISIS. I’m not afraid of anything.” On the day of the crime he was looking for an argument “man against man” with his opponent, but the latter pulled out a pepper spray. “Then I put the knife in him.”

He always has a pocket knife and a stun gun with him anyway. “The police had taken a military knife from me. I have no rights in this country, so I protect myself,” says Mohamed J.

A verdict is expected in mid-May.

One thought on “The Not-So-Sweet Smell of ISIS in Cologne

  1. I know I’m preaching to the choir, but it is a losing proposition for countries to import immigrants with totally different values and totally different view on life. The defendant is pretty obviously a loser in any culture, without any chance at all to find a woman stupid enough to marry him. In his old culture, he would be dispatched without fuss either by the police or by relatives, without expending a lot of effort or resources.

    In the West, where human life is assumed to mean something, people like the defendant are jailed, housed, provided public defenders and multiple appeals which are all very expensive. But, the defendant knows his genes are garbage and is pretty much programmed to accept his fate in his traditional society. Parenthetically, he would be far better off in his mother country, where he can at least understand the system that rightfully eliminates his existence.

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