The Desecration of the Basilica of Saint-Denis

Vandalizing and torching churches has become a popular pastime lately in France. The ethnicity of the perpetrators is often unknown, but one always suspects that cultural enrichment plays a part.

Which is definitely the case with the recently-arrived Pakistani who left his DNA while vandalizing the Basilica of Saint-Denis. Oz-Rita has translated an article about the appearance of the “youth” in court.

Translator’s notes:

St. Denis is nearly exclusively inhabited now by Arabs/Muslims/Blacks — a no-go zone. The Basilica of Saint-Denis is the final resting place of the Kings of France.

The translated article from Le Parisien:

Saint-Denis: the alleged vandal of the Basilica will be judged in May

[Photo caption: The accused is suspected of damaging two doors, several stained glass windows and the organ of the Basilica of Saint-Denis at the beginning of March. LP/Gwenael Bumblebee]

A 41-year-old man appeared this Friday before the Court in Bobigny on charges of damaging the organ in the Basilica. The hearing has been postponed until May 10.

A dialogue of the deaf. “I don’t know how I’m involved in this case,” the defendant told the Bobigny court on Friday. Suspected of damaging two doors, several stained glass windows and the organ of the Basilica of Saint-Denis in March, this 41-year-old man is being brought to trial for an immediate appearance.

When asked whether he would prefer to postpone the date of his trial to prepare his defence, as provided for in the procedure, he replied that he “does not understand the French judicial system.”

Incriminated by his DNA

The 40-year-old was arrested on Thursday at the detention centre in Vincennes (Val-de-Marne), incriminated by his DNA found in the Basilica. A Pakistani national, he arrived in France two months ago and does not speak French. He has already been cautioned by the law twice for damaging property in February.

Annoyed, the president of the court suggests that “the situation is not very difficult to understand” and reiterates her question. “How can I explain if I don’t understand it?” he persists.

Pre-trial detention

The magistrate ended up wondering whether he “deliberately did not understand”. The court finally decided to postpone the trial until 10 May, and to place the accused in pre-trial detention until that date.

A psychiatric assessment was ordered.

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1. by carinlzkaac

Degraded the Basilica where the Kings of France sleep… I hope the punishment will be heavy

2. by Scrol

As this individual will not be solvent, it is the taxpayer who will pay yet again

15 thoughts on “The Desecration of the Basilica of Saint-Denis

  1. Not having been to Paris recently, things may have changed (you cannot turn your back and already they mess up ;)) but the appearance of Pakistanis on what looks like the “Parisian jihadi scene” is new to me. That scene in France, traditionally, is/was mainly populated by Maghrebians and sub-Saharian muslims. Perhaps the reason that in this case we are spared the euphemism of “Youth” and told that the vandal hails from the coutry of the increasingly ugly Imran Kahn, is that French journalists have not yet caught on to the fact that Pakistan is very muslim too.

    PS: I see the elegant editor’s hand of the Baron on the translation (perhaps people don’t know how much work he does, editing every translations and all sub-titles). I thank you especially for this “Incriminated by his DNA” . For the life of me I could not find the word “Incriminated” and seeing it here compares to the satisfaction one feels if one can scratch an annoying itch. 🙂

  2. The way things are today cannot persist for much longer. The third-world parasites are not able or willing to share territory with westerners. It’s really just a question of which group will eradicate the other.

    If the westerners collectively grow backbones and defend their homeland, I hope they will remember to round-up of their globalist overlords and destroy them, as well. Your idiotic politicians and the bankers driving them are what got this whole immigration mess started. They’re doing this in an effort to maintain the “endless growth” economic model, which simply does not work. So if you do fight back, remember to [intemperate recommendation redacted] who masterminded all of this in the first place.

  3. Given the propensity of these newcomers to vandalize the treasures of their new home, you’d think loathing of immigrants would be much more virulent. I mean, the restraint!!

  4. The Moslems love destroying kafir artefacts and places. A chum of mine-now dead who was in “Intelligence” told me that they reckoned the destruction by arson of the Cutty Sark Tea Clipper in Greenwich was done by Jihadis. It was kept quiet at the time for fear of public wrath.

    I once had a heated argument with an incomer who demanded the country immediately comp;y with his god’s law. We carefully explained to him that England had its own Common laws and that as a Christian country but he simply became very angry and abusive… with death threats if we did not apply his ideology immediately.

    It was quite intimidating in respect of the ferocity of his demands. This is what we are dealing with….

  5. Europe commits suicide by placing stupid women into positions of power. Since law and order collapsed, what’s stopping the muzzie armies from from full on attack? All they need are a few hundred rifles and grenades to capture Paris.

    • What are you saying, I am quite sure there would be intense and proud back fire. I mean from the many other minority islamic sects who also want to take power. Just in case anything like that would happen Micron is ready to fully recognize them and surrender first.

  6. That cathedral is where Charles “The Hammer” Martel is buried. I guaranty that was not lost on any local mohammedan out for destruction of symbols Western Christian Civilization. That is what they live and die for. Wake up Europe.

    • Although an unbeliever, I love to visit old churches and cathedrals. I was at Saint-Denis ten years ago; it is, so to speak, the prototype of the north European* Gothic style. Sadly such attacks are increasingly common:

      *On a visit to Barcelona, whose Church of the Holy Family (“La Sagrada Familia”), still under construction, is, imho, a stunning and moving reinterpretation of the style, using modern construction methods, I met a Canadian architect and asked why the Gothic arch was not (generally) found in southern Europe. He explained that such structures needed to be supported by tall, straight tree trunks while under construction, and these don’t grow well south of the Alps.

    • Yes, moslem understanding of our own history is greater than that of our Western youth.

  7. Several supposedly learned professors said to me when I spoke of moslem violence and destruction in the West :

    “In a democratic society all oppressed people and those from war torn nations must be shown leniency when they find it difficult to suppress the stress of their experiences”.

    Liberals find it difficult to add limiting parameters to their platitudes especially after such supposedly compassionate statements and policies have been made and are generating votes and good-will with their voters and immigrant populations.

    They generally pretend horrible things are not committed under the protection of their platitudes or they simply broaden the scope of the platitude to forgive the increasing crimes.

    • I wonder whether similar excuses would have been offered for Germans who supported the Nazis because of their country’s humiliation under the terms of the Versailles Treaty?

  8. France needs to get serious about guarding their ancient churches. Even if the churches do not have large local congregations, they are still national treasures. It would not take much to put two guards around them at any time, with orders to shoot vandals.

  9. Where is our Coer de Lion when we need one. In Islamic countries they would either loose their right hand or be stoned for desecrating a

    What will good Christians do, give them a social work order which they will ignore.

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