She Was Asking For It, I Tell Ya!

In a series of man-in-the-street interviews, “German” culture-enrichers explain what a virtuous woman must do if she wants to avoid being raped.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling (and added material):

Video transcript:

00:00   So, for example, if a German woman wears a really short skirt and a low cut top,
00:07   would it be her own fault if something happened to her?
00:11   It is her own fault. —Yes, sure. It’s her own fault.
00:15   It is her fault if she gets raped by strangers.
00:20   Are scantly dressed women to blame if they are raped? —Yes, clearly. Absolutely. 100%.
00:25   What would they have to wear in order to be safe?
00:29   Definitely something so that you can’t see their a**, y’know? 100%.
00:34   And if anything happens, the women are to blame. —That’s right, it’s their fault, definitely.
00:38   Are scantly dressed women to blame if they are raped? —Yes. —Yes.
00:43   What should they wear? —Something that goes down to here. —Down to the shoes.
00:48   A woman with a skirt and something underneath also. Ankle length.
00:54   Showing their legs or wearing revealing clothes, it’s their own fault? —Sure, they’ll get raped.
00:59   Are scantly dressed women to blame if they are raped? —Yes. —Yes, of course.
01:04   What do they need to wear then? —Normal clothes. Covered up.
01:07   How long should a skirt be? —Until the wedding, just the face.
01:11   Nobody, absolutely no one, has the right to touch a woman against her will. Whether she
01:15   is dressed scantily or even if she is running around nude. Could this be the reason why
01:19   the number of rapes has increased in Germany? Maybe because the culprits have
01:23   no sense of guilt, because women are the ones walking around dressed in a revealing manner.
01:27   Here in Germany we have equal rights and human dignity. If anyone is unfamiliar with
01:32   these values and this way of thinking, they’re free to learn about them and apply them.
01:35   Anyone who doesn’t want to or even refuses to has no business being in this country, I think.
01:40   So ladies, do you prefer to be surrounded by people who say it’s your own fault when you’re
01:44   thrown to the ground and raped? When you are suffering the most horrible moments in your
01:48   lives these people couldn’t give a s*** how you feel! This kind of attitude is intolerable and
01:54   anyone with healthy common sense doesn’t want these kinds of people in their environment.
01:58   Your opinion? You know what to do. Thanks to Ruhrpot Roulette for the video.

25 thoughts on “She Was Asking For It, I Tell Ya!

  1. Yes and no to the execration of the interviewees by the interviewer.

    Yes, because all these German Turks with relatively good German and decades of life in Germany (some of the men are over 50) would doubt less extend their judgement also to any woman however dressed who is unaccompanied by her mahram,

    No, because inasmuch as this website is anti-globalist, it is the self-marketizing of one’s own “brand” since the mid-70s that has led to young women dressing in 2019 in a way calculated to outcompete other women in attracting suitable men and/or to exercise sexual power as part of corporate mainstream feminism.

    Currently, all 3 top positions in the CIA, the enforcer of Globalisation, are now occupied by women. Killary be praised! (irony:off)

    Compare in old photos the female dress code of the West in 1960: the difference pre-1914-1930 is only that of above the ankle dresses post -1918, but the difference 1970 to 2019 is much more blatant.

    As the philosopher Slavoj Zizek wrote, the West forces women into the meat market, Islam forces them out.

    The interviewer in the video seems to be an unqualified supporter of the maximum intra-female sexual competition via clothing; the French novelist Michel Houllebecq wrote about the psychological damage of the 1968 sex revolution in his “Whatever” (1994): “The thesis is that the sexual revolution of the Sixties created not communism but capitalism in the sexual market, that the unattractive underclass is exiled while the privileged initiates are drained by corruption, sloth, and excess.”

    My question is whether the devotees of such competition are well-suited to fighting for their own Western culture? Or only for their own meat market value, with what that implies for the survival of the culture?

    A clue here is that various Green Anglosphere female politicans at the same time oppose “slut shaming” and support “slut walks”, while having their photos taken at other times with cute little 9 -year old Arab female hijabistas.

    • They are only virtue signaling when they have their photos taken with hijab’ed (marriage-aged according to the prophet) 9 yr old girls. Even the dumbest amongst them, and that is admittedly setting the bar pretty low, realize that they would not want to live the life of an afghani or saudi woman.

    • Reconquista, if sexually incontinent males attack ANY woman, however she is (or isn’t) dressed, this is entirely their responsibility.

      • Mark… you know that men are more “hormonal” driven persons.
        If you don’t know the feeling, then you don’t know how is it to be a 18 years old young man.
        I do understand that men must know the limits…but I also think that women should not push over the limits.
        When I see a beautiful woman dressed nice, but not like a “Playboy” character, I get a message…When I see a woman walking on the street almost naked… a different message.
        Anyway, today, I usually tend to believe that a woman walking almost naked on the street is actually a AIDS delivery device…first in, first served.
        Then…if is acceptable for women to walk the street with their “hardware” clearly visible, it should be accepted that also men can walk almost naked on the street…with their “hardware” visible…

      • Sorry…you meant…men ATTACK women ?
        Well…yes…ATTACKING a woman is wrong…
        But trying your luck using words … it is not wrong, specially when a woman expose her self as a product.

        • oh…trying your luck…when you are a single man…when you have family and you do this, you are no longer a man…

    • Very well spoken by Reconquista. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

    • Actually, it’s pretty standard evolutionary process that individuals are always trying for the best mate they can get, using whatever means they have at hand. Women and men have different functions, as well as different anatomy and physiology. Men look for the most attractive women. Often, attractiveness strongly with both genetic fitness and ability to bear children. Attractive people are shown, on the average, to have fewer dysfunctional gene mutations than less attractive people.

      Women, in a community that doesn’t condone rape, and very few human communities have until the development of Islam, are the gatekeepers, the one who chooses from among the competing males. Women look for which males are most likely to be able to feed, shelter and house them best. Most women will not marry a male who is lower status than they are, accounting for the high rate of non-marriage among women professors and executives.

      In other words, it’s a Darwinian competition for the best mate. Women are not exempted, whether you call it a meat market or not. In fact, the best opportunities for women to make profitable meet-ups are in a religious-oriented, cohesive community, which would probably encourage modest, but not bizarre like the burkha, behavior.

      But, if a woman chooses to defy the Darwinian odds, more power to her. If she’s right, she’ll be rewarded with children. If she’s wrong, her initiative will be discarded into the trash pile of evolution. Notice that Charlize Theron, who projects every detail of a highly-desirable mate by her appearance, is crazy as a bat and complains that no male will date her.

    • “As the philosopher Slavoj Zizek wrote, the West forces women into the meat market, Islam forces them out.”
      – Exactly why women in the Middle East are much safer than in the West. Zizek might want to spend some time in Cairo with his much younger wife and see what happens.

    • Dorothy Cummings, in that LifeSiteNews article about the leggings case in Notre Dame, remembered that gentleness for men is substantially to refrain from using their physical superiority to force women to have sex with them. It’s what was called a “gentleman.” She then argued that gentleness for women is substantially to refrain from using their seductive superiority to shatter men’s self-esteem. It’s what was called a “lady.”

      Similarly, Olavo de Carvalho, the Brazilian philosopher, once said that just as a woman has no defense against an enraged man, a man has no defense against a desired woman that despises him.

  2. The West is finished. We brought this on ourselves by our selfishness and amoral decadence. Western civilisation is finished and Islam triumphant. And in truth we justly deserve our fate- the results of our own indifference and cowardice. I have not the slightest sympathy now. We have done nothing since 2001 to stop this Third World invasion and we simply abused those that did make a stand.

    Britain is an Islamic country now in all but name and the population more or less replaced by Globalist policy. Walk around London if you wish for proof. I had hope for a while but it was in vain.

    The behaviour of the UK population over the total betrayal of Brexit is the truth to the state of affairs. Not a squeak of protest from the native population over the absolute betrayal by Comrade May and Co. Nothing to see here-move along. Britain is populated by effete self-interested, self absorbed morons. I pity future generations. I have nought but utter contempt for all of them. They deserve Wahabism and everything its stands for.

    Freedom so easily squandered will not be regained now. Britain is over! Kaput! Finished! Look at the hysteria of fake “Climate Change” on Waterloo Bridge? Police on skateboards and clueless idiots with dyed hair and cultic views the reverse of objective Reality. This is pure Quatermass….

    Islam too live is a fake surreality of self “Our Cult”. Now we even have repeat elections until the scum in control get their desired answer. I am finished with politics and the overgrown children that the mob on Waterloo Bridge and Westminster “Parliament” represent, I withdraw my consent and participation in any form of politics.

    Elections will soon become a thing of the past under Sharia. I will never leave my Christian faith. I am 66 years old and hopefully don’t have long to go. I’ve had enough. Years of loyalty to Queen and country betrayed by mincing ignorant pagan ninnies. It’s over.

    The sacking of my favourite philosophers Roger Scruton and others also reveals our civilisation is over. The worst was the slob from the “New Statesman” swigging uncouthly from a bottle of champagne. This is modern Britain in all its form. No manners, no grace, no intellect, no beauty, no respect, no empathy, the Age of The Ultra Slob.

    “Meism Rools OK!”

    In some ways Islam reflects the antithesis of modern “Igerlund” and the “Innit Kulture”. Ugh!

    • I think is wrong…The East Europe got out from communism not so long ago.. They knew nothing about what happen in capitalist world… They suffered long time under communists…many …too many…died fighting against communists… when young men and women were killed in East Europe, you enjoyed the best of a happy life. So…in my opinion the East Europeans will come to suffer again, not because their fault, but because of your happy life in UK. And now you complain… While east europeans are ready to fight, you are ready to surrender. History repeats…
      I think we all must acknowledge that the good life you had made you not care about what happen on your street… and after that, you must be ready to correct your error joining eastern europeans in their wish to help you and to secure their’s and your’s children future.
      You don’t have the right to give up. You can’t say to me that my children’s future is dead… I did nothing wrong…my parents did nothing wrong…my grandparents did nothing wrong…
      You are condemned to correct your error. You are condemned to help me correct your error.

      • The whole point is I do care. That is why I am angry…very angry.
        I have stood against Communism since 1969. I hate it.

    • My Dear Bishop, All is not lost, for it is always darkest before the dawn, the great awaking is now soon upon us as human nature once again asserts itself as it always does. Make no mistake, there is going to be blood and lots of it as the situation continues it’s downward spiral, and tribalism pushes us to our own, and that is when the strong and utterly ruthless amongst us with rise to the top and the weak, feckless, treasonous and ignorant are done away with. War is coming, so prepare yourself.

  3. There’s little I enjoy more than having a 12-year-old boy pronounce judgement on the length of my skirt, especially when he agrees that rape would be my deserved punishment if I strayed from his mandatory fashion laws.

    But one thing that does please me more than pre-pubescent males lecturing me is having an Arab sheik tell me that even if I totally covered myself in the black shroud of Islam, even my eyes, apparently, would still be a problem.

    The boy has had little life experience and there can’t be a lot of weight behind his assertions, so while I appreciate his advice, I’ll admit that the obviously learned sheik has more authority—so, it’s his advice that I’ll take to heart.

    As is my nature, and not wanting to be a problem to anyone, I’ve pondered a bit on this. Guess what? Thinking has a funny way of affecting my behaviour.

    That’s why this morning I applied an extra layer of mascara and took a little more care with my eyeliner, making sure to extend it out and up beyond the corners of my eyes. And just to get the sheik’s attention more, although I forgot to wear my black tent, I did roll my pant legs and my sleeves up, ready to work in the garden on this glorious spring day in southern Ontario—still free, last time I looked.

    • It’s actually a power play.

      The Muslims and Turks, still technically in a minority, are systematically extending their control over the German territory. It’s not so much whether a woman covers her eyes, as it is the fact that the Muslims can dictate the terms of public actions.

      As Malik stated in “The Quranic Concept of War” the first action of an aggressive war is to destroy the structure of the target country, and the confidence of its citizens that their government can protect them. So, the Muslims are flooding the streets showing they are free to enforce their declarations of proper clothing through street violence, and the police can’t or won’t take any actions to stop them.

      By the way, the stringent gun-control in European countries like Germany is not to guard against random, violent crimes by the over-socialized native German population, but to give free rein to revolutionary street gangs acting as proxies for a government wishing to achieve total control and zero opposition. An armed local citizenry can protect itself against criminal gangs, even when the police look the other way at gang violence. Generally, a government does not want to openly oppress its citizens, so it leaves the dirty work to semi-official gangs.

      A single woman walking by herself in Muslim-infested areas would do well to not call attention to herself. Some groups of native males have had great success in protecting civilians and challenging control of the streets, but the governments are increasingly prosecuting these self-defense groups. Which shows you the value of governments in the present.

      • I agree, RonaldB, it’s all about power. So far, I’ve been able to resist being a pawn in this struggle, but it’s disconcerting to see how many—otherwise enlightened—women are eager to conform to the Islamic dress code, just for one example of willing submission. A few days ago I spoke to two women who are planning an upcoming “vacation” to Iran. They readily told me that they will don the headscarf as soon as their flight lands, because “it’s their culture.” As I tried to explain to them the difference between culture and forced indoctrination, I was inwardly cringing all the while. I don’t think I convinced them of anything. They are so eager to be Dhimmis.

        In Turkey, as of the present, women don’t normally wear the niqab. But it’s becoming more common to see women dressed in this black shroud. Some attribute this to the arrival of the Syrian refugees, but I know that there’s been a general trend toward more Islam. Johnny Walker has disappeared from some major supermarkets there, for example. Erdogan had a hand in this but I believe it was only a matter of time until Ataturk’s reforms would be overturned.

        It’s disturbing to see these Turks in Germany who feel confident enough to boldly assert their version of rules that govern women’s lives. Where did this confidence come from? What gives them the assurance to dare apply their rules to all women? And how can they so lightly speak of rape, as though it were a legal punishment, and they are the judges and jury? Europeans have failed to uphold their own traditions and values, and this is evidence of that failure.

        There is no freedom unless a woman, no matter how she is dressed, can walk down a city street, in any ethnic area, at 3 a.m. and be safe.

        • The Iranian “culture” that mandates headscarves is very recent…dating from after the takeover by the Islamic revolutionaries. The women in Iran wear the hijab because they are forced to. And not just through social pressure: through the threat of being jailed or beaten. Such is the Iranian “culture” the ignorant US feminists love so much.

          Here is a photo of Iranian women protesting the beginnings of forced hijab.

          This Islamic revolutionaries did the same thing in previously liberal Iran that they did here: marked out their territory with force and violence and then expanded their territory to include everyone’s territory.

          • I explained all that to the two women planning a trip to Iran, emphasizing that as we were having that discussion there were many women in jail there for having dared remove their hijabs. But they just couldn’t see that by donning headscarves they were supporting the murderous regime there. Such is the power of pro-hijab propaganda here in Canada.

  4. Why is always rape with troglodytes; why not sex with consent? Despite living sexually liberal countries these repressed parasites cannot get beyond the caveman stage. Is it because the local women don’t want them?

  5. Many interesting comments here. I repeat: men ( indeed all adults) are solely responsible for their actions, whatever the “provocation”.

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