Pierre Cassen: “The Pride of Our History is in the Process of Burning Down!”

Pierre Cassen is the founder of Riposte Laïque. He is one of the most prominent Counterjihad activists in France, and has been prosecuted and convicted for “inciting hate” with his words and actions.

Mr. Cassen recorded the following video after yesterday’s horrific fire at the cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris. Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Good day again, my friends, or rather good evening,
00:04   my friends! The hour is grave. Usually I don’t
00:08   make more than one video a day, but I just got a phone call from a friend,
00:12   in tears, who said: Pierre, Pierre, Notre-Dame is burning!
00:16   It’s terrible! They will all take away from us! Nothing will be left for us!
00:20   I will try to stay as calm as possible in the face of the cold rage
00:24   in my chest. At the moment I’m speaking to you, we don’t know anything about whether it’s
00:28   an accident or a criminal act. We don’t know anything about that.
00:32   I would like to say that if it’s an accident, it’s a crime that such an accident
00:36   could happen to a jewel of France and its history.
00:40   If it’s a criminal act, it’s simply the continuation of
00:45   criminal acts which, for several years, have been touching
00:49   our churches, our patrimony. I’m therefore going to make a couple of reminders.
00:53   In 2018 we had 1063 anti-Christian acts.
00:57   Out of those 1063 anti-Christian acts,
01:01   two churches were vandalized PER DAY! Two churches vandalized
01:05   while at the same time there were only 100 anti-Moslem acts
01:09   and by contrast 541 anti-Semitic acts. I remind
01:13   you that this government, this regime, also — incidentally — including
01:17   the pope, including the cardinals, shut their mouths, say nothing
01:21   when our churches are being vandalized, and in contrast the minute there is a mosque
01:25   that has a pot of pork sausage in front of it, there’s immediately, first of all:
01:29   Arrest and prison for the person who did it, and additionally a visit
01:33   from the prefect, apologies from the whole of France, the stigmatization of racism,
01:38   and so on, and so on. It’s an absolutely unbearable double standard!
01:42   I would just like to remind you that Notre-Dame de Paris
01:46   was vandalized two or three years ago by females, friends
01:50   of Caroline Fourest [French feminist writer], received in all the important TV studios and in all
01:54   the living rooms of the Republic [entertained by French elite]; Notre-Dame vandalized:
01:58   Urine everywhere and all, and it made
02:02   the elites laugh, it made our journalists laugh, it made our Leftists laugh,
02:06   it made our rulers laugh, who kept quiet, who never uttered a word of protest!
02:10   I remind you that the very same females were acquitted
02:14   by a justice [system], which just sentenced and which never ceases condemning
02:18   people for “hate incitement” when it’s about another religion.
02:23   I remind you that at the Basilica of the Kings,
02:27   one of the finials of our history, in Saint-Denis [also Paris], was recently vandalized,
02:31   a couple of days ago, by an illegal Moslem, who arrived in France only two days earlier!
02:35   I would like to remind you that in the week of March 12th-19th
02:39   twelve French churches were vandalized! I remind you that morons like [Jean-Michel] Apathie
02:44   [leftist journo] dream of demolishing the Versailles Palace, when
02:47   some [Ian] Brossat [communist former deputy mayor of Paris] dreams of demolishing the Sacré
02:50   Coeur. I remind you that all of that is the fruit of the methodical work of the negation
02:55   of our patrimony, of the destruction of our history
02:59   of the repudiation of France, of the decommissioning of
03:03   all that’s beautiful and magnificent in our history! Therefore I cannot stand
03:08   what is going on! That Macron said tonight that
03:12   he is postponing his speech because of Notre-Dame, we would prefer to hear from him
03:16   during 1063 anti-Christian acts, about which he doesn’t give a f***,
03:20   preferring — of course — the others! So yes, the situation
03:24   is grave, the situation is scandalous, it’s
03:28   the pride of our history that is in the process of burning down! And I accuse all the quislings
03:32   of being responsible for the fire at Notre-Dame, which — in a way —
03:36   incarnates the destruction of France against which he [Macron] is hounding so much
03:40   every day! Have a nice evening, my friends.
03:44   We’re not giving up.

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  1. I’m rural I know but bit tube does not load…ever. I have yet to see a bit tube video link load from GoV. ?

    • It is unfortunate. The B lets them load in bits for a very long time – hours, it seems. His rule is that if he can’t see it first, it doesn’t go up.

      Vlad has been banned from YouTube for being the doubleplus ungood whatever.

      These newer places are definitely beta mode, but I think they will improve with time…

    • Yes, BitTube is a pain in the #!&^%#?! out here in the rural hinterland. But there’s nothing I can do — Vlad had to find a platform besides YouTube.

      I put a link to the video underneath each embed. Some people say the videos play more easily on BitTube than when they are embedded at another site.

    • There seems to also be a problem with some browsers, try switching it up, it might work better. Computers also work better than phones.
      Other than that you’ll just have to wait until they build a more solid network over time.
      In the meantime let’s at least apreciate there’s an alternative media source that protects free speech – I’d prefer a low quality buffering free video to a propaganda server any day.

  2. “We’re not giving up.” we need more French with this mindset! Best of luck to you, friends.

  3. My version of old “windblows seven” hardly plays anything at all anymore. I have to cut/paste videos into “Pale Moon” to play them. It’s a pain–but it works. (Having a second screen is a HUGE help, here.)

    Ya gotta WORK for your news, now. THEY don’t make things easy, anymore.

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