Multiculturalism Claims Another Victim

Multiculturalism claims another victim

by H. Numan

Something big in the news in Thailand and Germany: a female German tourist was brutally raped and murdered on the lovely island of Koh Chang in Thailand. The victim was Mariam Beelte, 27. Her body was discovered under a pile of stone. Her rapist and murderer was a Thai man, Ronnakorn Romruen, 24. He has admitted his crime. He was strongly under the influence of methamphetamine, which has been confirmed by tests. In other words: he was high as a kite. He’s currently under arrest and may very well face the death penalty. The latter is not reported in Germany.

Yesterday I spoke with a German friend who asked me if Thailand has become more dangerous over the last five years. Because that is being reported by the Reichsministerium für Volksaufklärung und Propaganda the German media.

No, it hasn’t. Not noticeably so. Much unlike Western Europe, which is fast going doing the drain. I haven’t been there for a long time — and very much hope to not be there for a long time to come. Far too dangerous, far too dirty and generally very unsafe. Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome or Madrid. It doesn’t matter. Those cities are highly unsafe now. However, multiculturalism is the cure for all problems, so that cannot be it. Therefore, Thailand must have become much more unsafe. And that is widely reported.

Before I moved to Thailand 25 years ago I read anything I could find about it. So I would understand the country I was moving to. Travel guides, books written by people living there, history books, anything. Most of them warned travelers to be very careful. Thailand, they said, was a very safe country provided you stay on the beaten track. Leave that well-trodden path, and you’re on your own. Women in particular were cautioned never to travel alone, and especially not in remote areas.

Nothing to do with Thai men in particular, mind you. All travel guides included this caution. A woman traveling alone at night on a deserted beach wasn’t asking for trouble, but screaming for it. Thailand, Spain, Portugal, Africa, even boring old Germany and Holland — anywhere. A woman alone shouldn’t travel off the beaten path. That’s simply asking for trouble.

And then came multiculturalism. Together with its evil sister extreme feminism. Women can do anything they want. Provided it pays well, and the top positions only. Otherwise we aren’t really interested. Only white men do nasty things. They are the source of all evil — down with the male patriarchy! All cultures are equal, people are generally good, friendly and nice. The world is your unicorn.

Those warnings disappeared from the guides. Because those ‘liberated’ women felt restrained by it. They couldn’t do what they wanted — which probably is getting shag… silly. Traditional values are so old fashioned. If a woman wants a tattoo, she expresses her individuality! Forgetting that when everyone gets tattooed is more a kind of a uniform and the very opposite of individuality.

Now with regard to tattoos, in America they are nicknamed ‘slut stamps’. Tattooed women greatly resent that. They surely aren’t sluts, they claimed. So researchers did some research and… confirmed it! Young women who tattoo themselves are generally much easier to ‘get acquainted with’ than women not advertising on their bodies they are wide open to anything.

What those delusional young people completely fail to understand is that the world is a very dangerous place. It always was, and very likely always will be. Mohammedanism really hates the West. Wake up and smell the coffee! Only multiculturalism-infected youngsters don’t wake up and don’t drink coffee. They drink decaf macchiato with extra soymilk grown by environmentally friendly farmers sprinkled with fairy dust. Late in the morning, because getting up for work is for yokels and male patriarchs. Not for them.

A group of tourists had the imbecilic idea to cycle through Tajikistan. Two Americans, one Swiss and one Dutch. They were brutally murdered. A Danish and a Norwegian girl committed suicide traveled alone in the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco and were brutally raped and murdered. In both cases ISIS was blamed. But the locals didn’t blink even an eye. Some reports say they cheered and made useful suggestions to prolong the fun.

That’s definitely not the case on Koh Chang, though. The locals are now desperate. Because of that silly girl most tourists have left immediately and most bookings are canceled. They beg tourists to come back. It was just one misfit who had his way, and he has been arrested. Please come back!

I can’t blame the tourists nor the local population. I blame the silly woman for it, and multiculturalism. For its highly dangerous selfish and unproven ideology.

A couple of years ago I had a similar experience. I worked for a bicycle tour company and handled the bookings. Children were more than welcome, but babies not so much. Not because we didn’t like them, far from it. Mainly because it’s not a good idea to do a bicycle tour with a 12 month old baby. It’s far too hot, not fun for the child and not fun for the other guests. We had seats for toddlers, but not for babies.

A Dutch woman applied for a tour, and asked for more information. Her program was pretty serious. For a marine in training, that is. She wrote that she was a single mother with a baby of 12 months. She planned to do zip lining, a jungle tour, a long hike, rock climbing, several bicycle tours and much more.

I politely discouraged her from doing a tour with us, and suggested less strenuous activities for sake of her infant. Her response was very modern and multicultural: it was her child, and she could @#$%$# do whatever she wanted with it! After that she emailed my boss (who was sitting next to me) to complain about my rude manners, and suggested I should be fired for it. We had a good laugh about it and let it go. We both felt very sorry for the poor child, but what could we do? This ‘mother’ shouldn’t have a baby. Nor a pet, for that matter. A pet rock would suit her much better.

But it demonstrates clearly what multiculturalism really is: exceptionally selfish. What you want matters, regardless what the cost of it is to yourself and others. The German woman died a horrible death. The local economy is destroyed, at least temporarily. In order to save face, Thailand is now tarred as a highly unsafe country.

I think the surgeon general should place a warning on multiculturalism:

“This ideology is totally disproven, and highly dangerous to you as well as your surroundings. It may very well kill you.”

— H. Numan

18 thoughts on “Multiculturalism Claims Another Victim

  1. So the feminist tourist was not getting what she wanted, became upset, and was fit to be Thai-ed

    • But multiculturalism is liberalism, in every way. It is a major pillar to liberalism, as jihad is a major pillar to Islam.

  2. Not really. She walked alone in a deserted place. She was proposed by a chap who was high as a kite. She didn’t want it, but he got his way anyway. Had it been a Thai girl, it would have been reported on page 20 of the Pattaya times.

  3. Excellent article. I have only lived in Thailand for six years but I have been travelling for many more. I used to go to Morocco a lot in the 1970s. It was sunny, they sold beer and was extremely interesting. On the debit side, there were many predatory young men who tried to force themselves on unwary tourists with a view to getting their hands into a man’s pockets and a woman’s underwear. When thwarted they tended to get aggressive but would only do so when the odds were 5 to 1 in their favour. I was much younger then and, having been brought up in Portsmouth, I was used to such scenarios. Generally, after I’d decked the first two, the other three lost interest, word would get around and I would be left alone as would anyone I was with.

    Moroccan men did have an ulterior motive. In those days, they would ensnare a vulnerable European woman, court and marry her and then use her to get into Europe. They were very successful as conditions in Germany, France, Belgium and Holland, pre-2015- have shown.

    Thailand is completely different. Providing a visitor conducts him or herself reasonably and treats local people with respect, they will be well received. I live about half-hours drive from Chiang Mai but my visits there have become increasingly rare as the tourist population has grown. Unfortunately many of them go around scantily dressed displaying a multitude of tatoos, and generally behaving like football hooligans. It is no coincidnce that they get themselves into difficulty.

    I am a Thai resident now. I do not want to live anywhere else and I can do without holiday makers giving foreigners a bad name.

  4. Very good post, succinctly put.

    “multiculturalism really is: exceptionally selfish.
    What you want matters, regardless what the cost of it is to yourself and others.”

    “This ideology is totally disproven, and highly dangerous to you as well as your surroundings. It may very well kill you.”

    It is the new ideologies, that twist and remove commonsense, implications, consequences, despite all the “security systems”, “safety and health” that are so far removed from what I what I recall my grand parents, seniors, veterans, and my parents lived by.
    Sure there should be some improvements, but it is the effect of first, immediately empty the baby bath, and do not worry about the baby in the process, as new systems are vastly superior, and are their good after-all.

    And so governments, while looking good, virtual signalling good intentions, often follow another agenda.

    • Good post. Left on their own, locals often act to ensure the safety of their community, although their methods may be a bit unappetizing by Western standards. That’s the beauty of real “diversity”. Diversity is great, but in its own region, not in mine.

  5. “… Far too dangerous, far too dirty and generally very unsafe. Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome or Madrid. It doesn’t matter. Those cities are highly unsafe now. However, multiculturalism is the cure for all problems, so that cannot be it….”

    Indeed, those cities had multiculturalism before the problems. What worked for years, should work today. Right?

    I think the problem for those cities is that multiculturalism invites multi-tribalism.

  6. I really loved your article. A very sobering and balanced piece.

    What I liked most, is your pointing out the essentially selfish character of the woke ideology. “It’s my baby and I do what I want with it!” I am sure, this woman was violently “pro-choice”. “It’s my baby and I can kill it if I want to!”

    Western civilisation is really unique. None other in the world’s history committed suicide so cheerfully and so methodically. Let us piously hope that Thailand, not being a part of it, will somehow manage to survive.

    • I agree. This is all the more noticeable when looking at what “could be” – places that have taken in the good sides of Western culture prior to it developing its suicidal streak.

      Singapore, Eastern Europe, Hong Kong, Israel, etc. – are all flawed/diluted/mixed/odd from a traditional Western cultural perspective, but retain the vitality that the West used to have, in a semi-Western style that they picked up from contact with the West, back in the day. I’ll toss in Lebanon, as well. All of these places have borrowed some aspects of Western culture, and use them to great success, as the West itself if busy committing suicide.

      If Red State America ever decides to give up, it’s pretty much over for the traditional West, is what I’d say.

  7. I know you’re not going to like this but…When it is necessary to take the initiative and dig out information on what behavior in a country is safe and what is not, it becomes a good Darwinian test. In other words, the women who assumed without checking that solitary walks along a Thai beach were safe, actually deserve a Darwin award for removing their genes from the general gene pool.

    You stated you found the information yourself, although you had to root around a bit for it. So, why blame the papers and the culture? The individuals involved, and the parents who didn’t try to put a sense of danger in them, are not necessarily to be blamed, but they reaped the consequences of their behavior. Perhaps, after generations of sheltered, protected life, the population will trend back to a healthy sense of danger and insecurity.

  8. Small correction: in U.S. what is referred to as the ‘slut stamp’ is the tattoo at the top of the buttocks in the small of the back – usually exposed by a short shirt and/or low slung jeans. Neck tattoos are trashy and stupid. All other tattoos are just plain stupid.

    • ‘All others’ is redundant. Tattoos are plain stupid. Period. It looks fun and a good idea when you’re drunk and 20 years. It looks great the day after you sobered up.

      So you can regret it the rest of your life. What is cool when your 20 is embarrassing when you’re +30.

      • I am inclined to think that tattoos, piercings, hair dyed some unnatural colour, earrings and necklaces worn by men, the habit of being scantily dressed in public places, a taste for loud rhythmical music and songs with surprisingly primitive lyrics, etc. are a sign that we are going back to a sort of Papua culture.

        Of course, Papua New Guinea is an exciting place and its culture sure has its good sides. At the very least, it is very quaint and colourful. However, we must not forget that its most important elements include cannibalism, head hunting, black magic and rather humiliating attitude to women.

        A man I know personally went on a trip to PNG and he told me that it was one of the few countries where he (a big, strong and adventurous chap) felt really unsafe. He also told me a bit about the customary law of a local tribe. In case of a murder, the murderer’s clan is to pay a compensation to the victim’s clan. The biggest compensation is paid for a married man, a smaller one – for an umarried man, still smaller – for a black pig and a still smaller one – for a murdered woman. From another source (a rather old book by an Austrian ethnographer who lived with the Marind Anim tribe there) I know that a husband in that tribe could kill his wife whenever he wanted and nobody would even gossip about it, because the delicate Marind Anim found gossiping about other people’s family affairs too distasteful.

        Do we really want to turn into white Papuans?

  9. There is a reason men are generally strong and fast, and women are generally softer and slower. I am old school , but men are here to protect women. Sometimes if a woman wants to take on the role or greater independence of a man, it may not turn out well.

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